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Welcome to the ultimate hub of DC Comics timelines and other various timelines related to this superhero universe. This list compiles all of the DC trade paperbacks in a chronological reading order. Additionally, this page also includes fan favorites like the DC Extended Universe or the Arrowverse shows. We hope you enjoy! let us know on our contact page if there’s another DC timeline you would like to see. In addition, don’t forget to visit our Marvel pagefor a similar list of Marvel Comics.


These are the most important timelines that deal with the comics, including the all-inclusive main continuity timeline, our recommended reading timeline, and more!

DC Comics Main Continuity Timeline

The ultimate DC reading order, this DC Comics Main Continuity timeline assembles all the main DC graphic novels together into one place.

DC Events Timeline and Recommended Reading

Reading everything is pretty much impossible. But if you want the best of the best, and the most important events, use this DC reading order.

Vertigo Comics Reading Order

An imprint of DC Comics, Vertigo has been the home for more adult content in comic form. Though many characters have weaved themselves in and out of DC continuity.

DC Timelines by Category

Though most of DC Comics are…well, comics, there are many timelines that fit better under different media types, such as film, television, and video games. Here are some of those timelines. You’ll also find individual timelines for certain eras, alternate timelines, characters, and teams.

These are the main film-based timelines set in DC Universes. Whether you’re a fan of the DC Extended Universe or the old Nolan films, or even the animated movie universe, you’ll find those here.

DC Animated Movie Universe Timeline
DC Extended Universe Timeline
Nolanverse Timeline
DC Classic Films Timeline

DC has been very successful on television. These timelines assemble various television franchises based on DC character. From the animated Batman: The Animated Series, to the more modern Arrowverse, you’ll find a wealth of content here.

The Arrowverse Episode Viewing Order
DC Animated Universe Timeline
The Batman ’66, Green Hornet, and Wonder Woman ’77 Timeline
Smallville Episode Order
Young Justice Timeline
Gotham Universe Episode Order

These are the main video-game-based timelines for the DC Universe. Right now, there are only two main video game franchises that fit into this category, but who knows, there will probably be more to come.

The Arkham Universe Timeline
DC: Injustice Timeline

The main continuity timeline above can be a lot to take in. That’s why we’ve broken it down into some of these smaller timelines. These also include a few alternate universe timelines that you might be interested in, such as the Amalgam universe, or the Earth One universe.

DC: Rebirth Reading Order
DC: New 52 Reading Order
DC’s Elseworlds Reading Order
DC’s Golden Age Reading Order
DC Comics: Dark Knight Universe Timeline
DC’s Silver Age Reading Order
DC Icons Series Reading Order
The Amalgam Universe Timeline (DC vs. Marvel)
DC: Crisis – Zero Hour Timeline
DC: Earth One Universe Timeline
DC: Infinite Crisis – Flashpoint Timeline
DC: Underworld Unleashed – Infinite Crisis Timeline
DC’s Bronze Age Reading Order

Perhaps you’re drawn to one character in particular. That is why we have a variety of character timelines available here, arranged in alphabetical order. We hope you enjoy!

Hellblazer Reading Order
Suicide Squad Reading Order
Sandman Reading Order
Cyborg Reading Order
Joker Reading Order
Aquaman Reading Order
Shazam Reading Order
Damian Wayne Reading Order
Justice League Reading Order
Batgirl Reading Order
DC: Superman Reading Order
Justice Society Reading Order
Batman and the Outsiders Reading Order
Superboy Reading Order
DC’s Lucifer Reading Order
Legion of Superheroes Reading Order
Batman Beyond Reading Order
Supergirl Reading Order
DC’s Trinity Reading Order
Lobo Reading Order
Batman Reading Order
Swamp Thing Reading Order
Deathstroke Reading Order
Martian Manhunter Reading Order
Batwoman Reading Order
Teen Titans Reading Order
Green Arrow Reading Order
New Gods Reading Order
Black Canary Reading Order
The Flash Reading Order
Green Lantern Reading Order
Nightwing Reading Order
Blue Beetle Reading Order
Watchmen Reading Order
Harley Quinn Reading Order
Red Hood Reading Order
Booster Gold Reading Order
Wonder Woman Reading Order
Hawkman Reading Order
Red Robin Reading Order
Catwoman Reading Order
World’s Finest Reading Order

Additional Resources

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