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DC Comics Main Continuity Timeline

dc main continuity reading order banner art

The ultimate DC reading order, this DC Comics Main Continuity timeline assembles all the main DC graphic novels together into one place.

What’s on the DC Comics Main Continuity Timeline?

This is by far one of the most massive timelines on this site. It includes all of the major trade paperbacks that are part of the DC Comics main continuity. That continuity has been rebooted multiple times, but each reboot is more of a se-boot. Each new reality follows the previous reality like a sequel, with some crossover even. If you’re a fan of DC Comics, we hope you enjoy this reading order. Good luck managing to get through all of it!

Where to Start?

A timeline like this can be intimidating. While it can be nice to start at the beginning, we only recommend this to get a feel for what the original comics were like. Otherwise, we’d recommend checking out some of our other timelines that break things down further. Visit our DC Comics Hub for all the timelines you could imagine, including a DC Events timeline, which is another good place to start.

Currently, we’ve divided the main continuity into multiple sections. See these links in order for the full continuity.

You can also see everything together here in one timeline: