DC Animated Universe Timeline

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Starting with the critically acclaimed Batman: The Animated Series, the DC Animated Universe (DCAU) is what made many of us fall in love with DC’s characters.

What’s in the DC Animated Universe Timeline?

We have several DC animated universes. This timeline doesn’t cover all of them. But there is one that stands out above the rest. We present the DC Animated Universe, consisting of the Batman/Superman animated series, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, Batman Beyond, etc. There were tie-in comics to these series that, as of right now, we do not include in the timeline. These tie-in comics are complex, and don’t always line up perfectly with the continuity of the shows they are based on. However, we will hopefully include them in future updates.

Additionally, if you like this timeline, you might enjoy some of our others, like the DC Animated Movie Universe. And if you have any questions or helpful recommendations, you can contact us.

Where to start watching the DC Animated Universe?

We recommend you start with Batman: The Animated Series. This series came out in the ’90s, but remains a fantastic series nonetheless. Additionally, we highly recommend Justice League: Unlimited as another great entry in the series. But feel free to watch them all in chronological order for the best taste of what the DC Animated Universe timeline has to offer.

1BuySuperman TAS 1.01: The Last Son of Krypton, Part 1TV EpisodeDan Riba1996-09-06Superman: The Animated Series
2BuySuperman TAS 3.03: New Kids in TownTV EpisodeButch Lukic1998-10-31Superman: The Animated Series
3BuyBatman TAS 1.01: On Leather WingsTV EpisodeKevin Altieri1992-09-06Batman: The Animated Series
4BuyBatman TAS 1.02: Christmas with the JokerTV EpisodeKent Butterworth1992-11-13Batman: The Animated Series
5BuyBatman TAS 1.03: Nothing to FearTV EpisodeBoyd Kirkland1992-09-15Batman: The Animated Series
6BuyBatman TAS 1.04: The Last LaughTV EpisodeKevin Altieri1992-09-22Batman: The Animated Series
7BuyBatman TAS 1.05: Pretty PoisonTV EpisodeBoyd Kirkland1992-09-14Batman: The Animated Series
8BuyBatman TAS 1.06: The UnderdwellersTV EpisodeFrank Paur1992-10-21Batman: The Animated Series
9BuyBatman TAS 1.07: P.O.V.TV EpisodeKevin Altieri1992-09-18Batman: The Animated Series
10BuyBatman TAS 1.08: The ForgottenTV EpisodeBoyd Kirkland1992-10-08Batman: The Animated Series
11BuyBatman TAS 1.09: Be a ClownTV EpisodeFrank Paur1992-09-16Batman: The Animated Series
12BuyBatman TAS 1.10: Two-Face, Part 1TV EpisodeKevin Altieri1992-09-25Batman: The Animated Series
13BuyBatman TAS 1.11: Two-Face, Part 2TV EpisodeKevin Altieri1992-09-28Batman: The Animated Series
14BuyBatman TAS 1.12: It’s Never Too LateTV EpisodeBoyd Kirkland1992-09-10Batman: The Animated Series
15BuyBatman TAS 1.13: I’ve Got Batman in My BasementTV EpisodeFrank Paur1992-09-30Batman: The Animated Series
16BuyBatman TAS 1.14: Heart of IceTV EpisodeBruce W. Timm1992-09-07Batman: The Animated Series
17BuyBatman TAS 1.15: The Cat and the Claw, Part 1TV EpisodeKevin Altieri1992-09-05Batman: The Animated Series
18BuyBatman TAS 1.16: The Cat and the Claw, Part 2TV EpisodeDick Sebast1992-09-12Batman: The Animated Series
19BuyBatman TAS 1.17: See No EvilTV EpisodeDan Riba1993-02-24Batman: The Animated Series
20BuyBatman TAS 1.18: Beware the Gray GhostTV EpisodeBoyd Kirkland1992-11-04Batman: The Animated Series
21BuyBatman TAS 1.19: Prophecy of DoomTV EpisodeFrank Paur1992-10-06Batman: The Animated Series
22BuyBatman TAS 1.20: Feat of Clay, Part 1TV EpisodeDick Sebast1992-09-08Batman: The Animated Series
23BuyBatman TAS 1.21: Feat of Clay, Part 2TV EpisodeKevin Altieri1992-09-09Batman: The Animated Series
24BuyBatman TAS 1.22: Joker’s FavorTV EpisodeBoyd Kirkland1992-09-11Batman: The Animated Series
25BuyBatman TAS 1.23: VendettaTV EpisodeFrank Paur1992-10-05Batman: The Animated Series
26BuyBatman TAS 1.24: Fear of VictoryTV EpisodeDick Sebast1992-09-29Batman: The Animated Series
27BuyBatman TAS 1.25: The Clock KingTV EpisodeKevin Altieri1992-09-21Batman: The Animated Series
28BuyBatman TAS 1.26: Appointment in Crime AlleyTV EpisodeBoyd Kirkland1992-09-17Batman: The Animated Series
29BuyBatman TAS 1.27: Mad as a HatterTV EpisodeFrank Paur1992-10-12Batman: The Animated Series
30BuyBatman TAS 1.28: Dreams In DarknessTV EpisodeDick Sebast1992-11-03Batman: The Animated Series
31BuyBatman TAS 1.29: Eternal YouthTV EpisodeKevin Altieri1992-09-23Batman: The Animated Series
32BuyBatman TAS 1.30: Perchance To DreamTV EpisodeBoyd Kirkland1992-10-19Batman: The Animated Series
33BuyBatman TAS 1.31: The Cape and Cowl ConspiracyTV EpisodeFrank Paur1992-10-14Batman: The Animated Series
34BuyBatman TAS 1.32: Robin’s Reckoning, Part 1TV EpisodeDick Sebast1993-02-07Batman: The Animated Series
35BuyBatman TAS 1.33: Robin’s Reckoning, Part 2TV EpisodeDick Sebast1993-02-14Batman: The Animated Series
36BuyBatman TAS 1.34: The Laughing FishTV EpisodeBruce W. Timm1993-01-10Batman: The Animated Series
37BuyBatman TAS 1.35: Night of the NinjaTV EpisodeKevin Altieri1992-10-26Batman: The Animated Series
38BuyBatman TAS 1.36: Cat Scratch FeverTV EpisodeBoyd Kirkland1992-11-05Batman: The Animated Series
39BuyBatman TAS 1.37: The Strange Secret of Bruce WayneTV EpisodeFrank Paur1992-10-29Batman: The Animated Series
40BuyBatman TAS 1.38: Heart Of Steel, Part 1TV EpisodeKevin Altieri1992-11-16Batman: The Animated Series
41BuyBatman TAS 1.39: Heart Of Steel, Part 2TV EpisodeKevin Altieri1992-11-17Batman: The Animated Series
42BuyBatman TAS 1.40: If You’re So Smart, Why Aren’t You Rich?TV EpisodeEric Radomski1992-11-18Batman: The Animated Series
43BuyBatman TAS 1.41: Joker’s WildTV EpisodeBoyd Kirkland1992-11-19Batman: The Animated Series
44BuyBatman TAS 1.42: Tyger, TygerTV EpisodeFrank Paur1992-10-30Batman: The Animated Series
45BuyBatman TAS 1.43: Moon of the WolfTV EpisodeDick Sebast1992-11-11Batman: The Animated Series
46BuyBatman TAS 1.44: Day of the SamuraiTV EpisodeBruce W. Timm1993-02-23Batman: The Animated Series
47BuyBatman TAS 1.45: Terror in the SkyTV EpisodeBoyd Kirkland1992-11-12Batman: The Animated Series
48BuyBatman TAS 1.46: Almost Got ‘ImTV EpisodeEric Radomski1992-11-10Batman: The Animated Series
49BuyBatman TAS 1.47: Birds of a FeatherTV EpisodeFrank Paur1993-02-08Batman: The Animated Series
50BuyBatman TAS 1.48: What Is Reality?TV EpisodeDick Sebast1992-11-24Batman: The Animated Series
51BuyBatman TAS 1.49: I Am the NightTV EpisodeBoyd Kirkland1992-11-09Batman: The Animated Series
52BuyBatman TAS 1.50: Off BalanceTV EpisodeKevin Altieri1992-11-23Batman: The Animated Series
53BuyBatman TAS 1.51: The Man Who Killed BatmanTV EpisodeBruce W. Timm1993-02-01Batman: The Animated Series
54BuyBatman TAS 1.52: MudslideTV EpisodeEric Radomski1993-09-15Batman: The Animated Series
55BuyBatman TAS 1.53: Paging The Crime DoctorTV EpisodeFrank Paur1993-09-17Batman: The Animated Series
56BuyBatman TAS 1.54: ZatannaTV EpisodeDick Sebast, Dan Riba1993-02-02Batman: The Animated Series
57BuyBatman TAS 1.55: The MechanicTV EpisodeKevin Altieri1993-01-24Batman: The Animated Series
58BuyBatman TAS 1.56: Harley and IvyTV EpisodeBoyd Kirkland1993-01-18Batman: The Animated Series
59BuyBatman TAS 1.57: Shadow of the Bat, Part 1TV EpisodeFrank Paur1993-09-13Batman: The Animated Series
60BuyBatman TAS 1.58: Shadow of the Bat, Part 2TV EpisodeFrank Paur1993-09-14Batman: The Animated Series
61BuyBatman TAS 1.59: Blind as a BatTV EpisodeDan Riba1993-02-22Batman: The Animated Series
62BuyBatman TAS 1.60: The Demon’s Quest, Part 1TV EpisodeKevin Altieri1993-05-03Batman: The Animated Series
63BuyBatman TAS 1.61: The Demon’s Quest, Part 2TV EpisodeKevin Altieri1993-05-04Batman: The Animated Series
64BuyBatman TAS 1.62: His Silicon SoulTV EpisodeBoyd Kirkland1992-11-20Batman: The Animated Series
65BuyBatman TAS 1.63: Fire From OlympusTV EpisodeDan Riba1993-05-24Batman: The Animated Series
66BuyBatman TAS 1.64: Read My LipsTV EpisodeBoyd Kirkland1993-05-10Batman: The Animated Series
67BuyBatman TAS 1.65: The Worry MenTV EpisodeFrank Paur1993-09-16Batman: The Animated Series
68BuyBatman: Mask of the PhantasmFilmEric Radomski, Bruce W. Timm1993-12-25Batman: The Animated Series
69BuyBatman TAS 2.01: SideshowTV EpisodeBoyd Kirkland1994-05-03Batman: The Animated Series
70BuyBatman TAS 2.02: A Bullet for BullockTV EpisodeFrank Paur1995-09-14Batman: The Animated Series
71BuyBatman TAS 2.03: TrialTV EpisodeDan Riba1994-05-16Batman: The Animated Series
72BuyBatman TAS 2.04: AvatarTV EpisodeKevin Altieri1994-05-09Batman: The Animated Series
73BuyBatman TAS 2.05: House and GardenTV EpisodeBoyd Kirkland1994-05-02Batman: The Animated Series
74BuyBatman TAS 2.06.: The Terrible TrioTV EpisodeFrank Paur1995-09-11Batman: The Animated Series
75BuyBatman TAS 2.07: HarlequinadeTV EpisodeKevin Altieri1994-05-23Batman: The Animated Series
76BuyBatman TAS 2.08: Time Out of JointTV EpisodeDan Riba1994-10-08Batman: The Animated Series
77BuyBatman TAS 2.09: CatwalkTV EpisodeBoyd Kirkland1995-09-13Batman: The Animated Series
78BuyBatman TAS 2.10: BaneTV EpisodeKevin Altieri1994-09-10Batman: The Animated Series
79BuyBatman TAS 2.11: Baby DollTV EpisodeDan Riba1994-10-01Batman: The Animated Series
80BuyBatman TAS 2.12: The Lion and the UnicornTV EpisodeBoyd Kirkland1995-09-15Batman: The Animated Series
81BuyBatman TAS 2.13: ShowdownTV EpisodeKevin Altieri1995-09-12Batman: The Animated Series
82BuyBatman TAS 2.14: Riddler’s ReformTV EpisodeDan Riba1994-09-24Batman: The Animated Series
83BuyBatman TAS 2.15: Second ChanceTV EpisodeBoyd Kirkland1994-09-17Batman: The Animated Series
84BuyBatman TAS 2.16: Harley’s HolidayTV EpisodeKevin Altieri1994-10-15Batman: The Animated Series
85BuyBatman TAS 2.17: Lock-UpTV EpisodeDan Riba1994-11-19Batman: The Animated Series
86BuyBatman TAS 2.18: Make ‘Em LaughTV EpisodeBoyd Kirkland1994-11-05Batman: The Animated Series
87BuyBatman TAS 2.19: Deep FreezeTV EpisodeKevin Altieri1994-11-26Batman: The Animated Series
88BuyBatman TAS 2.20: Batgirl ReturnsTV EpisodeDan Riba1994-11-12Batman: The Animated Series
89BuyBatman & Mr. Freeze: SubZeroFilmBoyd Kirkland1998-03-17Film
90BuyGotham GirlsWeb2002-11-19Short
91BuySuperman TAS 1.02: The Last Son of Krypton, Part 2TV EpisodeScott Jeralds, Curt Geda1996-09-06Superman: The Animated Series
92BuySuperman TAS 1.03: The Last Son of Krypton, Part 3TV EpisodeBruce Timm, Dan Riba1996-09-06Superman: The Animated Series
93BuySuperman TAS 1.04: Fun and GamesTV EpisodeKazuhide Tomonaga1996-09-07Superman: The Animated Series
94BuySuperman TAS 1.05: A Little Piece of HomeTV EpisodeToshihiko Masuda1996-09-14Superman: The Animated Series
95BuySuperman TAS 1.06: Feeding TimeTV EpisodeDan Riba1996-09-21Superman: The Animated Series
96BuySuperman TAS 1.07: The Way of All FleshTV EpisodeKenji Hachizaki1996-10-19Superman: The Animated Series
97BuySuperman TAS 1.08: Stolen MemoriesTV EpisodeCurt Geda1996-11-02Superman: The Animated Series
98BuySuperman TAS 1.09: The Main Man, Part 1TV EpisodeDan Riba1996-11-09Superman: The Animated Series
99BuySuperman TAS 1.10: The Main Man, Part 2TV EpisodeDan Riba1996-11-16Superman: The Animated Series
100BuySuperman TAS 1.11: My GirlTV EpisodeYuichiro Yano1996-11-23Superman: The Animated Series
101BuySuperman TAS 1.12: Tools of the TradeTV EpisodeCurt Geda1997-02-01Superman: The Animated Series
102BuySuperman TAS 1.13: Two’s a CrowdTV EpisodeHiroyuki Aoyama1997-02-15Superman: The Animated Series
103BuySuperman TAS 2.01: Blasts From The Past, Part 1TV EpisodeDan Riba1997-09-08Superman: The Animated Series
104BuySuperman TAS 2.02: Blasts From The Past, Part 2TV EpisodeDan Riba1997-09-09Superman: The Animated Series
105BuySuperman TAS 2.03: The PrometheonTV EpisodeNobuo Tomizawa1997-09-12Superman: The Animated Series
106BuySuperman TAS 2.04: Speed DemonsTV EpisodeToshihiko Masuda1997-09-13Superman: The Animated Series
107BuyNew Batman Adventures 1.02: Sins of the FatherTV EpisodeCurt Geda1997-09-20New Batman Adventures
108BuyNew Batman Adventures 1.01: Holiday KnightsTV EpisodeDan Riba1997-09-13New Batman Adventures
109BuySuperman TAS 2.05: LivewireTV EpisodeCurt Geda1997-09-13Superman: The Animated Series
110BuySuperman TAS 2.06: Identity CrisisTV EpisodeCurt Geda1997-09-15Superman: The Animated Series
111BuySuperman TAS 2.07: TargetTV EpisodeCurt Geda1997-09-19Superman: The Animated Series
112BuySuperman TAS 2.08: MxyzpixilatedTV EpisodeDan Riba1997-09-20Superman: The Animated Series
113BuySuperman TAS 2.09: Action FiguresTV EpisodeKenji Hachizaki1997-09-20Superman: The Animated Series
114BuySuperman TAS 2.10: Double DoseTV EpisodeYuichiro Yano1997-09-22Superman: The Animated Series
115BuySuperman TAS 2.11: Solar PowerTV EpisodeKazuhide Tomonaga1997-09-26Superman: The Animated Series
116BuySuperman TAS 2.12: Brave New MetropolisTV EpisodeCurt Geda1997-09-27Superman: The Animated Series
117BuySuperman TAS 2.13: Monkey FunTV EpisodeCurt Geda1997-09-27Superman: The Animated Series
118BuySuperman TAS 2.14: Ghost in the MachineTV EpisodeHiroyuki Aoyama1997-09-29Superman: The Animated Series
119BuySuperman TAS 2.15: Father’s DayTV EpisodeDan Riba1997-10-03Superman: The Animated Series
120BuySuperman TAS 2.16: World’s Finest, Part 1 (Crossover)TV EpisodeToshihiko Masuda1997-10-04Superman: The Animated Series
121BuySuperman TAS 2.17: World’s Finest, Part 2 (Crossover)TV EpisodeToshihiko Masuda1997-10-04Superman: The Animated Series
122BuySuperman TAS 2.18: World’s Finest, Part 3 (Crossover)TV EpisodeToshihiko Masuda1997-10-04Superman: The Animated Series
123BuySuperman TAS 2.19: Bizarro’s WorldTV EpisodeHiroyuki Aoyama1997-10-10Superman: The Animated Series
124BuySuperman TAS 2.20: The Hand of FateTV EpisodeDan Riba1997-10-11Superman: The Animated Series
125BuySuperman TAS 2.21: PrototypeTV EpisodeCurt Geda1997-10-11Superman: The Animated Series
126BuyNew Batman Adventures 1.03: Cold ComfortTV EpisodeDan Riba1997-10-11New Batman Adventures
127BuyNew Batman Adventures 1.04: Double TalkTV EpisodeCurt Geda1997-11-01New Batman Adventures
128BuyNew Batman Adventures 1.05: You Scratch My BackTV EpisodeButch Lukic1997-11-15New Batman Adventures
129BuyNew Batman Adventures 1.06: Never FearTV EpisodeKenji Hachizaki1997-11-22New Batman Adventures
130BuySuperman TAS 2.22: The Late Mr. KentTV EpisodeKenji Hachizaki1997-11-01Superman: The Animated Series
131BuySuperman TAS 2.23: Heavy MetalTV EpisodeCurt Geda1997-11-08Superman: The Animated Series
132BuySuperman TAS 2.24: Warrior QueenTV EpisodeCurt Geda1997-11-22Superman: The Animated Series
133BuySuperman TAS 2.25: Apokolips… Now!, Part 1TV EpisodeDan Riba1998-02-07Superman: The Animated Series
134BuySuperman TAS 2.26: Apokolips… Now!, Part 2TV EpisodeDan Riba1998-02-14Superman: The Animated Series
135BuyNew Batman Adventures 1.07: Joker’s MillionsTV EpisodeDan Riba1998-02-21New Batman Adventures
136BuyNew Batman Adventures 1.08: Growing PainsTV EpisodeAtsuko Tanaka1998-02-28New Batman Adventures
137BuySuperman TAS 2.27: Little Girl Lost, Part 1TV EpisodeCurt Geda1998-05-02Superman: The Animated Series
138BuySuperman TAS 2.28: Little Girl Lost, Part 2TV EpisodeCurt Geda1998-05-02Superman: The Animated Series
139BuyNew Batman Adventures 1.09: Love is a CrocTV EpisodeButch Lukic1998-04-25New Batman Adventures
140BuyNew Batman Adventures 1.10: Torch SongTV EpisodeCurt Geda1998-05-09New Batman Adventures
141BuyNew Batman Adventures 1.11: The Ultimate ThrillTV EpisodeDan Riba1998-05-23New Batman Adventures
142BuyNew Batman Adventures 1.12: Over the EdgeTV EpisodeYuichiro Yano1998-06-13New Batman Adventures
143BuyNew Batman Adventures 1.13: Mean SeasonsTV EpisodeHiroyuki Aoyama1998-07-11New Batman Adventures
144BuyNew Batman Adventures 1.14: CrittersTV EpisodeDan Riba1998-09-14New Batman Adventures
145BuyNew Batman Adventures 1.15: Cult of the CatTV EpisodeButch Lukic1998-09-19New Batman Adventures
146BuyNew Batman Adventures 1.16: Animal ActTV EpisodeCurt Geda1998-09-26New Batman Adventures
147BuyNew Batman Adventures 1.17: Old WoundsTV EpisodeCurt Geda1998-10-03New Batman Adventures
148BuyNew Batman Adventures 1.18: The Demon WithinTV EpisodeAtsuko Tanaka1998-10-03New Batman Adventures
149BuyNew Batman Adventures 1.19: Legends of the Dark KnightTV EpisodeDan Riba1998-10-10New Batman Adventures
150BuySuperman TAS 3.01: Where There’s SmokeTV EpisodeDan Riba1998-09-19Superman: The Animated Series
151BuySuperman TAS 3.02: Knight TimeTV EpisodeCurt Geda1998-10-10Superman: The Animated SeriesCrossover
152BuyNew Batman Adventures 1.20: Girls’ Night OutTV EpisodeCurt Geda1998-10-17New Batman AdventuresCrossover
153BuySuperman TAS 3.04: ObsessionTV EpisodeDan Riba1998-11-14Superman: The Animated Series
154BuySuperman TAS 3.05: Little Big Head ManTV EpisodeShin-Ichi Tsuji1998-11-21Superman: The Animated Series
155BuySuperman TAS 3.06: Absolute PowerTV EpisodeButch Lukic1999-01-16Superman: The Animated Series
156BuyNew Batman Adventures 1.21: Mad LoveTV EpisodeButch Lukic1998-10-24New Batman Adventures
157BuyNew Batman Adventures 1.22: ChemistryTV EpisodeButch Lukic1998-10-31New Batman Adventures
158BuyNew Batman Adventures 1.23: Beware the CreeperTV EpisodeDan Riba1998-11-07New Batman Adventures
159BuyNew Batman Adventures 1.24: Judgment DayTV EpisodeCurt Geda1999-01-16New Batman Adventures
160BuySuperman TAS 3.07: In Brightest Day…TV EpisodeButch Lukic1999-02-06Superman: The Animated Series
161BuySuperman TAS 3.08: Superman’s PalTV EpisodeKazumi Fukushima1999-02-20Superman: The Animated Series
162BuySuperman TAS 3.09: A Fish StoryTV EpisodeShin-Ichi Tsuji1999-05-08Superman: The Animated Series
163BuySuperman TAS 3.10: UnityTV EpisodeShin-Ichi Tsuji1999-05-15Superman: The Animated Series
164BuySuperman: Brainiac AttacksFilmCurt Geda2006-06-20Film
165BuySuperman TAS 3.11: The Demon RebornTV EpisodeDan Riba1999-09-18Superman: The Animated Series
166BuySuperman TAS 3.12: Legacy, Part 1TV EpisodeCurt Geda2000-02-05Superman: The Animated Series
167BuySuperman TAS 3.13: Legacy, Part 2TV EpisodeDan Riba2000-02-12Superman: The Animated Series
168BuyStatic Shock 1.01: Shock to the SystemTV EpisodeJames Tucker2000-09-23Static Shock
169BuyStatic Shock 1.02: AftershockTV EpisodeDan Riba2000-09-30Static Shock
170BuyStatic Shock 1.03: The BreedTV EpisodeDenys Cowan2000-10-07Static Shock
171BuyStatic Shock 1.04: GroundedTV EpisodeJames Tucker2000-10-14Static Shock
172BuyStatic Shock 1.05: They’re Playing My SongTV EpisodeDan Riba2000-11-11Static Shock
173BuyStatic Shock 1.06: The New KidTV EpisodeDenys Cowan2000-11-18Static Shock
174BuyStatic Shock 1.07: Child’s PlayTV EpisodeJames Tucker2000-12-02Static Shock
175BuyStatic Shock 1.08: Sons of the FathersTV EpisodeDan Riba2000-12-09Static Shock
176BuyStatic Shock 1.09: Winds of ChangeTV EpisodeJames Tucker2000-12-16Static Shock
177BuyStatic Shock 1.10: Bent Out of ShapeTV EpisodeDan Riba2001-01-27Static Shock
178BuyStatic Shock 1.11: JuniorTV EpisodeDenys Cowan2001-02-10Static Shock
179BuyStatic Shock 1.12: ReplayTV EpisodeDenys Cowan2001-03-03Static Shock
180BuyStatic Shock 1.13: TantrumTV EpisodeJames Tucker2001-05-12Static Shock
181BuyJustice League 1.01: Secret Origins, Part 1TV EpisodeDan Riba, Butch Lukic2001-11-17Justice League
182BuyJustice League 1.02: Secret Origins, Part 2TV EpisodeDan Riba, Butch Lukic2001-11-17Justice League
183BuyJustice League 1.03: Secret Origins, Part 3TV EpisodeDan Riba, Butch Lukic2001-11-17Justice League
184BuyJustice League 1.04: In Blackest Night, Part 1TV EpisodeButch Lukic2001-11-19Justice League
185BuyJustice League 1.05: In Blackest Night, Part 2TV EpisodeButch Lukic2001-11-26Justice League
186BuyJustice League 1.06: The Enemy Below, Part 1TV EpisodeDan Riba2001-12-03Justice League
187BuyJustice League 1.07: The Enemy Below, Part 2TV EpisodeDan Riba2001-12-10Justice League
188BuyJustice League 1.08: Paradise Lost, Part 1TV EpisodeDan Riba2002-01-21Justice League
189BuyJustice League 1.09: Paradise Lost, Part 2TV EpisodeDan Riba2002-01-28Justice League
190BuyJustice League 1.10: War World, Part 1TV EpisodeButch Lukic2002-02-23Justice League
191BuyJustice League 1.11: War World, Part 2TV EpisodeButch Lukic2002-03-03Justice League
192BuyStatic Shock 2.01: The Big LeaguesTV EpisodeDave Chlystek2002-01-26Static ShockCrossover
193BuyStatic Shock 2.02: Power PlayTV EpisodeJoe Sichta2002-02-02Static Shock
194BuyStatic Shock 2.03: Brother-Sister ActTV EpisodeJoe Sichta2002-02-09Static Shock
195BuyStatic Shock 2.04: Static ShaqTV EpisodeDenys Cowan2002-02-16Static Shock
196BuyStatic Shock 2.05: Frozen OutTV EpisodeDave Chlystek2002-02-23Static Shock
197BuyStatic Shock 2.06: SunspotsTV EpisodeDenys Cowan2002-03-02Static Shock
198BuyJustice League 1.12: The Brave and the Bold, Part 1TV EpisodeDan Riba2002-03-10Justice League
199BuyJustice League 1.13: The Brave and the Bold, Part 2TV EpisodeDan Riba2002-03-17Justice League
200BuyStatic Shock 2.07: Pop’s GirlfriendTV EpisodeDenys Cowan2002-03-09Static Shock
201BuyJustice League 1.14: Fury, Part 1TV EpisodeButch Lukic2002-04-07Justice League
202BuyJustice League 1.15: Fury, Part 2TV EpisodeButch Lukic2002-04-14Justice League
203BuyStatic Shock 2.08: Bad StretchTV EpisodeJoe Sichta2002-03-23Static Shock
204BuyStatic Shock 2.09: Attack of the Living Brain PuppetsTV EpisodeDave Chlystek2002-04-06Static Shock
205BuyJustice League 1.16: Legends, Part 1TV EpisodeDan Riba2002-04-21Justice League
206BuyJustice League 1.17: Legends, Part 2TV EpisodeDan Riba2002-04-28Justice League
207BuyJustice League 1.18: Injustice for All, Part 1TV EpisodeButch Lukic2002-09-06Justice League
208BuyJustice League 1.19: Injustice for All, Part 2TV EpisodeButch Lukic2002-09-13Justice League
209BuyStatic Shock 2.10: DupedTV EpisodeDenys Cowan2002-04-27Static Shock
210BuyStatic Shock 2.11: JimmyTV EpisodeJoe Sichta2002-05-04Static Shock
211BuyJustice League 1.20: A Knight of Shadows, Part 1TV EpisodeButch Lukic2002-09-20Justice League
212BuyJustice League 1.21: A Knight of Shadows, Part 2TV EpisodeButch Lukic2002-09-27Justice League
213BuyJustice League 1.22: Metamorphosis, Part 1TV EpisodeDan Riba2002-10-04Justice League
214BuyJustice League 1.23: Metamorphosis, Part 2TV EpisodeDan Riba2002-10-11Justice League
215BuyJustice League 1.24: The Savage Time, Part 1TV EpisodeDan Riba, Butch Lukic2002-11-09Justice League
216BuyJustice League 1.25: The Savage Time, Part 2TV EpisodeDan Riba, Butch Lukic2002-11-09Justice League
217BuyJustice League 1.26: The Savage Time, Part 3TV EpisodeDan Riba, Butch Lukic2002-11-09Justice League
218BuyStatic Shock 3.01: Hard as NailsTV Episode2003-01-25Static ShockCrossover
219BuyStatic Shock 3.02: GearTV Episode2003-02-01Static Shock
220BuyStatic Shock 3.03: Static in AfricaTV EpisodeVictor Dal Chele2003-02-08Static Shock
221BuyStatic Shock 3.04: She-BangTV EpisodeVictor Dal Chele2003-02-15Static Shock
222BuyStatic Shock 3.05: The Usual SuspectTV Episode2003-02-22Static Shock
223BuyStatic Shock 3.06: A League of Their Own, Part 1TV EpisodeVictor Dal Chele2003-03-01Static ShockCrossover
224BuyStatic Shock 3.07: A League of Their Own, Part 2TV Episode2003-03-08Static ShockCrossover
225BuyStatic Shock 3.08: ShowtimeTV Episode2003-03-22Static Shock
226BuyStatic Shock 3.09: ConsequencesTV EpisodeDenys Cowan2003-04-05Static Shock
227BuyStatic Shock 3.10: Romeo in the MixTV Episode2003-04-19Static Shock
228BuyStatic Shock 3.11: Trouble SquaredTV EpisodeDave Chlystek2003-04-26Static Shock
229BuyStatic Shock 3.12: Toys in the HoodTV Episode2003-05-03Static Shock
230BuyStatic Shock 3.13: The Parent TrapTV Episode2003-05-24Static ShockCrossover
231BuyStatic Shock 3.14: FlashbackTV Episode2003-06-07Static Shock
232BuyStatic Shock 3.15: Blast From the PastTV Episode2003-06-21Static Shock
233BuyJustice League 2.01: Twilight, Part 1TV EpisodeDan Riba, Butch Lukic2003-07-05Justice League
234BuyJustice League 2.02: Twilight, Part 2TV EpisodeDan Riba, Butch Lukic2003-07-05Justice League
235BuyJustice League 2.03: Tabula Rasa, Part 1TV EpisodeDan Riba2003-10-04Justice League
236BuyJustice League 2.04: Tabula Rasa, Part 2TV EpisodeDan Riba2003-10-04Justice League
237BuyJustice League 2.05: Only a Dream, Part 1TV EpisodeButch Lukic2003-10-11Justice League
238BuyJustice League 2.06: Only a Dream, Part 2TV EpisodeButch Lukic2003-10-11Justice League
239BuyJustice League 2.07: Maid of Honor, Part 1TV EpisodeDan Riba2003-10-18Justice League
240BuyJustice League 2.08: Maid of Honor, Part 2TV EpisodeDan Riba2003-10-18Justice League
241BuyBatman: Mystery of the BatwomanFilmCurt Geda2003-10-21Film
242BuyChase MeShort FilmCurt Geda2003-10-21Short
243BuyJustice League 2.09: Hearts and Minds, Part 1TV EpisodeButch Lukic2003-10-25Justice League
244BuyJustice League 2.10: Hearts and Minds, Part 2TV EpisodeButch Lukic2003-10-25Justice League
245BuyJustice League 2.11: A Better World, Part 1TV EpisodeDan Riba2003-11-01Justice League
246BuyJustice League 2.12: A Better World, Part 2TV EpisodeDan Riba2003-11-01Justice League
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248BuyJustice League 2.14: Eclipsed, Part 2TV EpisodeDan Riba2003-11-08Justice League
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262Static Shock 4.04: Fallen HeroTV EpisodeChuck Drost2004-02-07Static ShockCrossover
263Static Shock 4.05: Army of DarknessTV EpisodeMark Howard2004-02-14Static Shock
264Static Shock 4.06: No Man’s IslandTV EpisodeMark Howard2004-02-21Static Shock
265Static Shock 4.07: Hoop SquadTV EpisodeVictor Dal Chele2004-02-28Static Shock
266Static Shock 4.08: Now You See Him…TV EpisodeChuck Drost2004-03-13Static Shock
267Static Shock 4.09: Where the Rubber Meets the RoadTV EpisodeChuck Drost2004-03-27Static Shock
268Static Shock 4.10: LinkedTV EpisodeVictor Dal Chele2004-05-01Static Shock
269Static Shock 4.11: Wet and WildTV EpisodeMark Howard2004-05-08Static Shock
270Static Shock 4.12: KidnappedTV EpisodeVictor Dal Chele2004-05-15Static Shock
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