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DC may not have had 100% success with their live-action film universe, but they’ve seen resounding success with their DC animated movie universe. Take a look!

What’s on the DC Animated Movie Universe Timeline?

The “official” DC Animated Movie Universe timeline consists of the films that started with Justice League: War and continued (with a few exceptions) since. In fact, most of the films on this timeline are not part of the official animated movie universe. However, we love to create our own fan continuities. We don’t like to leave anything out. So this timeline assembles all of the DC Animated Movies into one timeline. There are several continuities on this timeline, and we mark those in the ‘Series’ column. We mark the main continuity as “canon.”

Think about it this way. Think of each of the top films listed on this timeline as separate universes. With Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox an event occurs that merges and resets the timeline. At that point we get the main continuity. Additionally this timeline also includes films that you will find on other timelines, like the Arkham universe.

Where do I start?

Additionally, this timeline should actually provide a decent viewing order for these films. We also recommend watching them by release date. But if you only want to watch the canonical films in  he DC Animated Movie Universe timeline, you should start where the ‘Series’ column specifies films as canon.

1BuyDC Showcase: Jonah HexShort FilmJoaquim Dos Santos2010-07-27Standalones
2BuySuperman: DoomsdayFilmBruce Timm, Lauren Montgomery, Brandon Vietti2007-09-18SupermanFirst to be released.
3BuySuperman vs. The EliteFilmMichael Chang2012-06-12Superman
4BuySuperman: UnboundFilmJames Tucker2013-05-07Superman
5BuyWonder WomanFilmLauren Montgomery2009-03-03Wonder Woman
6BuyBatman: Year OneFilmSam Liu, Lauren Montgomery2011-10-18Batman
7BuyDC Showcase: CatwomanShort FilmLauren Montgomery2011-10-18BatmanOnly DC Showcase short film to follow a specific film (Year One)
8BuyBatman: Under the Red HoodFilmBrandon Vietti2010-07-27Batman
9BuyGotham by GaslightFilmSam Liu2018-01-23Batman
10BuyThe Dark Knight Returns, Parts 1FilmJay Oliva2012-09-25BatmanTakes place in the future.
11BuyThe Dark Knight Returns, Parts 2FilmJay Oliva2013-01-29Batman
12BuySuperman/Batman: Public EnemiesFilmSam Liu2009-09-29Superman/Batman
13BuySuperman/Batman: ApocalypseFilmLauren Montgomery2010-09-28Superman/Batman
14BuyGreen Lantern: First FlightFilmLauren Montgomery2009-07-28Green Lantern
15BuyGreen Lantern: Emerald KnightsFilmChristopher Berkeley, Lauren Montgomery2011-06-07Green Lantern
16BuyJustice League: Crisis on Two EarthsFilmSam Liu, Lauren Montgomery2010-02-23Justice LeagueBased on a storyline originally meant for the DC Animated Universe.
17BuyJustice League: DoomFilmLauren Montgomery2012-02-28Justice League
18BuyJustice League: The New FrontierFilmDave Bullock2008-02-26StandalonesNot part of any main universe.
19BuyDC Showcase: The SpectreShort FilmJoaquim Dos Santos2010-02-23Standalones
20BuyDC Showcase: Green ArrowShort FilmJoaquim Dos Santos2010-09-28Standalones
21BuySuperman/Shazam!: The Return of Black AdamShort FilmJoaquim Dos Santos2010-11-09Standalones
22BuyAll-Star SupermanFilmSam Liu2011-02-22StandalonesAn alternate version of Superman.
23BuyBatman: The Killing JokeFilmSam Liu2016-07-22StandalonesAn adaptation of the original comic.
24Justice League: Gods and monsters Chronicles (Season 1)WebSam Liu2015-06-12StandalonesAn alternate universe. Available online.
25BuyJustice League: Gods and MonstersFilmSam Liu2015-07-21StandalonesAn alternate universe.
26BuyJustice League: The Flashpoint ParadoxFilmJay Oliva2013-07-30CanonWhere all these timelines are reset and consolidated into one.
27BuyJustice League: WarFilmJay Oliva2014-01-21CanonThe beginning of the new timeline.
28BuySon of BatmanFilmEthan Spaulding2014-04-22Canon
29BuyJustice League: Throne of AtlantisFilmEthan Spaulding2015-01-13Canon
30BuyBatman vs. RobinFilmJay Oliva2015-04-07Canon
31BuyBatman: Bad BloodFilmJay Oliva2016-01-20Canon
32BuyJustice League vs. Teen TitansFilmSam Liu2016-03-26Canon
33BuyJustice League DarkFilmJay Oliva2017-01-24Canon
34BuyConstantine: City of DemonsWebDoug Murphy2018-03-24Canon
35BuyTeen Titans: The Judas ContractFilmSam Liu2017-04-18Canon
36BuySuicide Squad: Hell to PayFilmSam Liu2018-03-27Canon
37BuyThe Death of SupermanFilmSam Liu, James Tucker2018-07-24Canon

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