Classics Collections

The Classics Collections are part of an initiative to assembled various public-domain texts in consist, branded collections. These collections are available here as free ebooks, but are also available in print using print-on-demand technology so that they never go out of print. Enjoy perusing through the following collections. We plan to have many more in the near future.

The Arthurian Collection

The Arthurian Collection contains public domain Arthurian texts, from some of the earliest mentions of the character, to more recent texts that are in the public domain. All of these texts are branded to look similar to each other, formatted to look professional, and designed so they will look great as a single branded collection on your shelf.

The Celtic Collection

The Celtic Collection is similar to the Arthurian Collection, but focusing specifically on Celtic texts, including those that don’t involve Arthur. Like the Arthurian Collection, they are similarly branded, formatted, and designed so that they look great on your shelf, and also fit with the Arthurian books from a branding perspective.

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