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Shakespeare Plays and Media List
William Shakespeare has had more influence on stories around the world than any other non-religious figure. His plays have been translated into many languages, adapted an infinite number of times, and entered our pop-culture in more ways than we know. This is the Shakespeare timeline.
The Bible and Book of Mormon in Chronological Order
Though the Bible is largely the only book of scripture for most of Christianity, there are some who believe that God continues to talk to his people through additional revelation, such as those who identify as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Here is that scriptures included, chronologically, alongside the Bible....
The Bible in Chronological Order
The Bible has been a source of faith and hope for a lot of people, inspiring millions around the globe for centuries. But did you know that must of the books/chapters of the Bible are not in historical order? That’s what we’re trying to examine, the chronological order of the chapters in the Bible.
List of Arthurian Texts and Modern Media
If there is one literary figure responsible for most of what we now consider modern fantasy, it’s that of King Arthur. While we can’t possibly list all of the media in the Arthurian Legends, we can list some of the most significant. This is the Arthurian media timeline.
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