Fantasy Literature

The Runelords Reading Order
David Farland has been a mentor to many great fantasy authors of today, including Brandon Sanderson. In the Runelords series, he’s at his best, displaying a true mastery of storytelling. This is the Runelords reading order.
Oz Reading Order
The wonderful world of Oz has long been a place for children to escape, long before the 1939 film took us there on the big screen. And the tradition of Oz-related books has continued long into the present. This is the Oz reading order.
The Old Kingdom Reading Order
The Old Kingdom is one of those series that was at the forefront of young adult fantasy literature, even before Harry Potter was as popular as he was. This is the Old Kingdom reading order.
Malazan Reading Order
The Malazan books have become one of the most acclaimed and popular epic fantasy stories in recent years. Written primarily by Steven Erikson, this series is ongoing, so enjoy them as they come!
Magic Sequence Reading Order
Andre Norton has been known as a prolific and incredible writer. One of her lesser-known works make the perfect YA fantasy series. This is the Magic Sequence reading order.
The Inheritance Cycle Reading Order
Christopher Paolini launched a new phenomena when he released the first book in his series: Eragon. He was only 15 when he wrote it, and his family was also among the early pioneers of self-publishing. Since then the series has released four books, a feature film, and looks to be continuing in the future. This...
Incarnations of Immortality Reading Order
Piers Anthony has written a lot of things, but one of his lesser-known epics is the Incarnations of Immorality series. We present to you the reading order for that series. Enjoy!
Discworld Reading Order
The late Sir Terry Pratchett is the undisputed king of humerous fantasy, and his Discworld universe is by far the most expansive of his writings. It’s a great way to experience his writing. What’s in the Discworld Reading Order? While there are many recommended ways to read the Discworld series, written by the late Terry...
Camp Half-Blood Reading Order
Once upon a time, there was Percy Jackson the demigod son of Poseidon who reintroduced audiences around the world to ancient Greek and Roman mythology. But soon he was joined by other heroes in a shared universe of other demigods in separate yet connected series. This is the Camp Half-Blood reading order and timeline. Enjoy!
Dragonlance Chronological Reading Order
Dungeons & Dragons has given us a lot of great story content over the years. One of the greatest of these D&D settings is that of Dragonlance, a world built primarily by authors Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman.
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