Game Timelines

Ubisoft Universe Timeline
Combining the Assassin’s Creed, Watch Dogs, and Far Cry timelines, we have the Ubisoft Universe, a collection of games that may or may not be in the same universe.
Warcraft Timeline and Chronology
Warcraft started as a strategy game and quickly evolved into one of the most expansive and popular gaming franchises of all time, particularly with World of Warcraft, the RPGMMO. This is the Warcraft timeline.
Gears of War Timeline
What started as a bloody franchise known for letting you literally slice enemies with a chainsaw located, literally, on your gun, Gears of War has quickly become a franchise that many enjoy. Particularly if you’re one of those people that needs a violent outlet. This is the Gears of War timeline. What’s on the Gears...
Marvel Games Universe Timeline
The Marvel Games Universe launched with the release of Spider-Man for the PS4, which most will consider to be just about the perfect superhero game. Marvel was quick to confirm it would be the first in a series of games all set within the same universe. This is the Marvel Games Universe timeline.
Half-Life Universe Timeline
We all thought Half-life was an amazing, innovative game. Then our minds were blown with not only its sequel, but a seemingly new franchise as well, Portal. Then our minds are blown again as it’s hinted that the two universes are one and the same. This is the Half-life/Portal universe timeline.
The Elder Scrolls Timeline
A series that has never shied away from ambition, the Elder Scrolls games have taken the immersion of Dungeons and Dragons, and combined it with video gaming, in some of the most massive games yet. This is the Elder Scrolls timeline.
Bioshock Timeline
Though the amount of media related to Bioshock is small, the franchise still remains one of the most visionary and innovative in the gaming industry. And there are other pieces of media besides the games. This is the Bioshock timeline.
Mass Effect Timeline in Chronological Order
The Mass Effect franchise started in 2007, but has since grown to include multiple games, comics, novels, and even an anime film. It’s become one of the most innovative RPG game franchises of all time, and one of our favorites here at All Timelines. This is the Mass Effect timeline.
Myst Timeline and Chronology
While many younger people might not remember, the original Myst game used to be the best-selling game, until the Sims outsold it in 2002. But for many years, this franchise was at the top of its game, and who knows, we might have more to add to this Myst timeline in the future.
StarCraft Timeline and Chronology
StarCraft has long captured the attention of gamers world-wide for over two decades. It has shown more lasting power than almost any other game. And there are also many books, comics, and other media tie-ins that make it perfect for this site. This is the StarCraft timeline.
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