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The Argoverse Timeline
An independently published shared universe from MythBank creator, Jason Hamilton.
Mass Effect Timeline in Chronological Order
The Mass Effect franchise started in 2007, but has since grown to include multiple games, comics, novels, and even an anime film. It’s become one of the most innovative RPG game franchises of all time, and one of our favorites here at All Timelines. This is the Mass Effect timeline.
Lord of the Rings Timeline
Tolkien is well known as the father of modern fantasy. See his books, their adaptations, and other stories told within Middle-earth.
The Wizarding World (Harry Potter) Timeline
Harry Potter has soared to be one of the most universally loved stories of all time. Almost everyone has read the books, and the series is responsible for many people (including this writer) falling in love with reading and writing. Enjoy this Wizarding World timeline.
Forgotten Realms Chronological Reading Order
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