DC: Rebirth Reading Order
Following the Convergence event and DC You, Rebirth started a new timeline that brought in the Watchmen.┬áRead more about DC’s exciting new direction.
DC Icons Series Reading Order
Young adult books surrounding DC’s most legendary icons, we hope you enjoy this reading order of the DC Icons series.
The Amalgam Universe Timeline (DC vs. Marvel)
The Amalgam Universe is a mashup of Marvel and DC characters. This timeline includes those stories as well as the Marvel vs. DC stories that have popped up from time to time.
DC’s Silver Age Reading Order
The Silver age brought us some of the more recognizable versions of our favorite characters, such as the Flash or Green Lantern.
DC’s Golden Age Reading Order
Ever wanted to read through the very beginnings of your favorite DC characters like Batman and Superman? This is where you start.
DC’s Elseworlds Reading Order
The Elseworlds are a series of stories that don’t fit in regular continuity, but some of them are very interesting…
DC’s Bronze Age Reading Order
The Bronze Age is where authors and artists really began to dig deeper into these characters, giving us some of the most classic stories we have.
DC: New 52 Reading Order
After Flashpoint, the DC Universe was rebooted into the New 52. Here is the reading order for that era.
DC: Earth One Universe Timeline
The Earth One universe is a new interpretation of DC’s characters, set in a more realistic world. Start over with your favorite characters!
DC Comics: Dark Knight Universe Timeline
The Dark Knight Universe contains one of the most classic Dark Knight comics around. Delve into this darker universe by Frank Miller.
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