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What are the MCU Phases?
When Marvel Studios decided to release a series of movies based on its main characters such as Captain America or Iron-man, they used the term MCU or Marvel Cinematic Universe to refer to this repertoire of productions that take place in the same universe, that is, the characters of these films that seemed independent of...
Are MCU Comics Canon?
The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been the largest and most popular film franchise of the last decade and that is no small accomplishment; they have managed to create a very wide and yet cohesive universe where many of their more celebrated comic book characters have come to life in the best possible manner. There is...
What are the best ways to read comics today?
Getting into comics in 2019 might be a somewhat daunting task given that there are so many stories, alternate universes, and even different starting points due to the multiple reboots that have been going on for decades, but just as important as that is the nature of how to read said comics. Since its inception...
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