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How Was Captain America Created?
Very few comic book characters in the entire history of the medium can claim to have the degree of influence, impact and symbolism that Captain America has enjoyed throughout so many decades in the industry. Steve Rodgers is not only one of the most important characters of Marvel Comics, but also a symbol of American...
How Was Batman Created?
Batman is not only one of the most popular, influential and relevant characters in the history of the superhero genre, but quite likely the most famous in these modern times. The character has become extremely popular in the last couple of years through multiple successful videogames, movies and a lot more, turning into a pop...
How was Superman created?
Superman is not only the most important superhero in the history of the medium, but he is also the first superhero and the one that started this movement of characters with superpowers that protected the weak and the innocent from various types of evil. Regardless of what you think about the character of Superman, the...
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