Something that many Arthurian researchers are interested in is discovering where it was that Arthur fought his battles. Normally, his twelve battles against the Saxons (as recorded in the Historia Brittonum) are the subject of investigation, but there is another major battle that Arthur is recorded as having. This is the Battle of Camlann, first … Read more

Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh

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One of the most famous real-world locations that is said to have a connection to King Arthur is Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh. This is the name of an extinct volcano in Holyrood Park, a royal park composed of a number of different peaks. Arthur’s Seat is the highest of these peaks. It is also the highest point in all of … Read more

Mount Etna

Mount Etna holds a very special and unique place in the King Arthur mythos, which is why there are a few visions, interpretations and myths related to this location. There have been many debates about Mount Etna and the place that it holds in King Arthur’s legacy, but one of the biggest theories is that … Read more


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Avalon is an important location to those familiar with the Arthurian legends.

In Geoffrey of Monmouth’s Historia Regum Britanniae, he described Avalon as an island where King Arthur’s sword, Excaliber, was forged and also where Arthur was taken after the battle of Camlann to have his wounds healed.

Later the same author described the island in Vita Merlini as the “island of apples.” Morgan Le Fay and her eight sisters–all of them talented in healing arts– ruled the island.

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Camelot is the castle connected to the famous King Arthur. Camelot’s first appearance was in the early 12th century French Romances. In French Arthurian romances, its spelling had been changed a lot because the origin of the name is unknown. Its different spellings include Camalot, Camaalloth, Camahaloth, Kamaalot, Camaalot, Kamelot, Kaamelot, Cameloth, Camelot, Gamalot and … Read more