Captain America Reading Order
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Steve Rogers is known around the world as Captain America, the symbol of American idealism for truth and justice. Welcome to the Captain America reading order.

What’s on the Captain America Reading Order?

This timeline assembles all of the major storylines that involve Captain America. While it might not contain every single story with the character, it does look at the primary comics.

Captain America was one of the earliest characters created in the Marvel Universe, used heavily as a propaganda tool during World War II, and featured in many stories that take place during that time. In order to bring him into the modern age, it was revealed that he was frozen in ice for many years, only to be thawed out at a later date, a story device that was used again in the MCU film.

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1BuyMarvel Masterworks: Golden Age Captain America Vol. 1Graphic NovelJoe Simon2005-03-23The Golden Age
2BuyCaptain America: The Classic Years Vol. 1Graphic NovelJoe Simon1998-07-01The Golden Age
3BuyMarvel Masterworks: Golden Age Captain America Vol. 2Graphic NovelJoe Simon1954-01-01The Golden Age
4BuyCaptain America: The Classic Years Vol. 2Graphic NovelJoe Simon2000-06-01The Golden Age
5BuyCaptain America: The Classic YearsGraphic NovelJoe Simon1990-01-01The Golden Age
6BuyMarvel Masterworks: Golden Age Captain America Vol. 3Graphic NovelVarious2009-01-28The Golden Age
7BuyMarvel Masterworks: Golden Age Captain America Vol. 4Graphic NovelDon Rico2010-05-26The Golden Age
8BuyMarvel Masterworks: Golden Age Captain America Vol. 5Graphic NovelVarious2011-06-29The Golden Age
9BuyCaptain America / Black Panther: Flags Of Our FathersGraphic NovelReginald Hudlin2010-10-27The Golden Age
10BuyCaptain America: The 1940s Newspaper StripGraphic NovelKarl Kesel2010-12-01The Golden Age
11BuyCaptain America: America FirstGraphic NovelHoward Chaykin2010-12-22The Golden Age
12BuyCaptain America Pocket BookGraphic Novel1979-04-01The Silver Age
13BuyMarvel Masterworks: Captain America Vol. 1Graphic NovelStan Lee2010-03-10The Silver Age
14BuyMarvel Masterworks: Captain America Vol. 2Graphic Novel2003-06-01The Silver Age
15BuyEssential Captain America Vol. 1Graphic NovelStan Lee2008-01-30The Silver Age
16BuyMarvel Masterworks: Captain America Vol. 3Graphic Novel2006-08-09The Early Seventies
17BuyCaptain America Omnibus Vol. 1Graphic NovelStan Lee2011-05-25The Early Seventies
18BuyCaptain America: Collector’s EditionGraphic Novel1981-01-01The Early Seventies
19BuyCaptain America: Sentinel Of Liberty (Fireside)Graphic NovelStan Lee1979-10-30The Early Seventies
20BuyMarvel Masterworks: Captain America Vol. 4Graphic NovelStan Lee2008-03-19The Early Seventies
21BuyEssential Captain America Vol. 2Graphic NovelStan Lee2010-09-01The Early Seventies
22BuyMarvel Masterworks: Captain America Vol. 5Graphic NovelStan Lee2010-06-16The Early Seventies
23BuyEssential Captain America Vol. 3Graphic NovelStan Lee2010-09-15The Early Seventies
24BuyEssential Captain America Vol. 4Graphic NovelSteve Gerber2010-09-29The Early Seventies
25BuyCaptain America And The Falcon: NomadGraphic NovelSteve Englehart2007-01-10The Early Seventies
26BuyEssential Captain America Vol. 5Graphic NovelJack Kirby2010-07-07The Late Seventies
27BuyCaptain America And The Falcon: MadbombGraphic NovelJack Kirby2016-02-11The Late Seventies
28BuyCaptain America: Bicentennial BattlesGraphic NovelJack Kirby2005-06-15The Late Seventies
29BuyCaptain America by Jack Kirby Omnibus Vol. 1Graphic NovelJack Kirby2011-03-30The Late Seventies
30BuyCaptain America And The Falcon: The SwineGraphic NovelJack Kirby2006-11-29The Late Seventies
31BuyEssential Captain America Vol. 6Graphic NovelJack Kirby2011-04-06The Late Seventies
32BuyCaptain America Battles Baron BloodGraphic NovelRoger Stern1982-01-01The Early Eighties
33BuyCaptain America: The Secret Story Of Marvel’s Star-Spangled Super HeroGraphic Novel1981-09-01The Early Eighties
34BuyCaptain America: War And RemembranceGraphic NovelRoger Stern2007-07-18The Early Eighties
35BuyCaptain America: Deathlok LivesGraphic NovelJ.M. DeMatteis1993-01-01The Early Eighties
36BuyCaptain America: The CaptainGraphic NovelMark Gruenwald2011-03-30The Late Eighties
37BuyCaptain America: The Bloodstone HuntGraphic NovelMark Gruenwald2010-11-24The Early Nineties
38BuyCaptain America: Streets Of PoisonGraphic NovelMark Gruenwald1994-09-01The Early Nineties
39BuyThe Adventures Of Captain America, Sentinel Of Liberty Book 1: First Flight Of The EagleGraphic NovelFabian Nicieza1991-01-01The Early Nineties
40BuyThe Adventures Of Captain America, Sentinel Of Liberty Book 2: Betrayed by Agent XGraphic NovelFabian Nicieza1991-11-01The Early Nineties
41BuyThe Adventures Of Captain America, Sentinel Of Liberty Book 3: Battleground: ParisGraphic NovelFabian Nicieza1991-12-01The Early Nineties
42BuyThe Adventures Of Captain America, Sentinel Of Liberty Book 4: Angels Of Death, Angels Of HopeGraphic NovelFabian Nicieza1992-01-01The Early Nineties
43BuyCaptain America: Man And WolfGraphic NovelMark Gruenwald2011-02-02The Early Nineties
44BuyGhost Rider / Captain America: FearGraphic NovelHoward Mackie1992-01-01The Early Nineties
45BuyPunisher / Captain America: Blood And Glory Book 1Graphic NovelKlaus Janson1992-09-01The Early Nineties
46BuyPunisher / Captain America: Blood And Glory Book 2Graphic NovelD. G. Chichester1992-10-01The Early Nineties
47BuyPunisher / Captain America: Blood And Glory Book 3Graphic NovelKlaus Janson1993-01-01The Early Nineties
48BuyCaptain America: Fighting Chance Vol. 1: DenialGraphic NovelMark Gruenwald2009-06-17The Mid-Nineties
49BuyTales Of Suspense Featuring Captain America / Iron ManGraphic NovelJames Robinson1994-01-01The Mid-Nineties
50BuyCaptain America / Nick Fury: Blood TruceGraphic NovelHoward V Chaykin1995-02-01The Mid-Nineties
51BuyCaptain America: Fighting Chance Vol. 2: AcceptanceGraphic NovelMark Gruenwald2009-07-15The Mid-Nineties
52BuyCaptain America: Operation Rebirth (1999 Edition)Graphic NovelMark Waid1999-07-21The Mid-Nineties
53BuyCaptain America: Man Without A CountryGraphic NovelMark Waid1998-04-01The Mid-Nineties
54BuyCaptain America: Operation RebirthGraphic NovelMark Waid2008-07-16The Mid-Nineties
55BuyHeroes Reborn: Captain AmericaGraphic NovelJeph Loeb2006-12-06The Mid-Nineties
56BuyCaptain America: To Serve And ProtectGraphic NovelStan Lee2001-01-01The Late Nineties
57BuyCaptain America: American NightmareGraphic NovelMark Waid2011-06-22The Late Nineties
58BuyIron Man / Captain AmericaGraphic NovelGeorge Tuska2010-06-09The Late Nineties
59BuyCaptain America: Sentinel Of LibertyGraphic NovelMark Waid2011-03-30The Late Nineties
60BuyNew Avengers Vol. 2: SentryGraphic NovelBrian Michael Bendis2006-07-262004 and 2005
61BuyCaptain America: Winter Soldier Ultimate CollectionGraphic NovelEd Brubaker2010-04-14Pre-Civil War
62BuyCaptain America: Winter Soldier Vol. 2Graphic NovelEd Brubaker2006-10-25Pre-Civil War
63BuyCaptain America: Red Menace Vol. 1Graphic NovelEd Brubaker2006-07-26Pre-Civil War
64BuyCivil War: The Road To Civil WarGraphic NovelBrian Michael Bendis2007-02-21Road to Civil War
65BuyYoung AvengersGraphic NovelAllan Heinberg2010-07-21Road to Civil War
66BuyCaptain America: Red Menace Vol. 2Graphic NovelEd Brubaker2006-12-06Road to Civil War
67BuyCivil WarGraphic NovelMark Millar2007-04-11Civil War Era
68BuyCivil War CompanionGraphic NovelMark Millar2007-06-13Civil War Era
69BuyCivil War: Captain AmericaGraphic NovelEd Brubaker2007-05-06Civil War Era
70BuyCaptain America by Ed Brubaker Omnibus Vol. 1Graphic NovelEd Brubaker2007-10-03Civil War Era
71BuyFallen Son: The Death Of Captain AmericaGraphic NovelJeph Loeb2008-04-23Civil War Era
72BuyThe Death Of Captain America Vol. 1: The Death Of The DreamGraphic NovelEd Brubaker2008-06-25World War Hulk Era
73BuyCaptain America: The ChosenGraphic NovelDavid Morrell2008-12-24World War Hulk Era
74BuyThe Death Of Captain America Vol. 2: The Burden Of DreamsGraphic NovelEd Brubaker2008-10-01World War Hulk Era
75BuyThe Legacy Of Captain AmericaGraphic NovelJoe Simon2011-04-13World War Hulk Era
76BuyAmerican Dream: Beyond CourageGraphic NovelTom Defalco2008-10-15Secret Invasion Era
77BuyThe Death Of Captain America OmnibusGraphic NovelEd Brubaker2009-12-09Secret Invasion Era
78BuyThe Death Of Captain America Vol. 3: The Man Who Bought AmericaGraphic NovelEd Brubaker2009-03-11Secret Invasion Era
79BuySecret InvasionGraphic NovelBrian Michael Bendis2009-01-21Secret Invasion Era
80BuyCaptain America: The Man with No FaceGraphic NovelEd Brubaker2009-09-30Dark Reign - Fear Itself
81BuyCaptain America: Road To RebornGraphic NovelEd Brubaker2010-02-03Dark Reign - Fear Itself
82BuyCaptain America: Theater Of WarGraphic NovelPaul Jenkins2010-08-18Dark Reign - Fear Itself
83BuyCaptain America Lives OmnibusGraphic NovelEd Brubaker2011-03-30Dark Reign - Fear Itself
84BuyCaptain America: RebornGraphic NovelEd Brubaker2010-10-06Dark Reign - Fear Itself
85BuyCaptain America: Two AmericasGraphic NovelEd Brubaker2010-11-24Dark Reign - Fear Itself
86BuyCaptain America: Forever AlliesGraphic NovelRoger Stern2011-11-16Dark Reign - Fear Itself
87BuyCaptain America: No EscapeGraphic NovelEd Brubaker2011-06-22Dark Reign - Fear Itself
88BuyAvengers Vol. 1Graphic NovelBrian Michael Bendis2011-08-10Dark Reign - Fear Itself
89BuyCaptain America: Steve Rogers: Super-SoldierGraphic NovelEd Brubaker2011-08-03Dark Reign - Fear Itself
90BuyCaptain America: PatriotGraphic NovelKarl Kesel2011-02-16Dark Reign - Fear Itself
91BuyAvengers PrimeGraphic NovelBrian Michael Bendis2011-04-01Dark Reign - Fear Itself
92BuyCaptain America: Allies And EnemiesGraphic NovelKathyrn Immonen2011-05-18Dark Reign - Fear Itself
93BuyCaptain America: The Trial Of Captain AmericaGraphic NovelEd Brubaker2011-05-11Dark Reign - Fear Itself
94BuyCaptain America: Man Out Of TimeGraphic NovelMark Waid2011-06-22Dark Reign - Fear Itself
95BuyCaptain America And The Korvac SagaGraphic NovelBen McCool2011-05-25Dark Reign - Fear Itself
96BuyCaptain America: Hail HydraGraphic NovelJonathan Maberry2011-07-20Dark Reign - Fear Itself
97BuyX-Men/Steve Rogers: Escape From the Negative ZoneGraphic NovelJames Asmus2011-07-20Dark Reign - Fear Itself
98BuyFear ItselfGraphic NovelMatt Fraction2012-01-04Fear Itself
99BuyWinter Soldier Vol.1: The Longest WinterGraphic NovelEd Brubaker2012-10-03Fear Itself
100BuyCaptain America Vol.1Graphic NovelRick Remender2013-07-02Between Battle Scars and Avengers vs. X-Men
101BuyCaptain America & Bucky: Old WoundsGraphic NovelEd Brubaker2012-06-13Between Battle Scars and Avengers vs. X-Men
102BuyCaptain America Vol.2Graphic NovelEd Brubaker2012-05-23Between Battle Scars and Avengers vs. X-Men
103BuyCaptain America and Iron ManGraphic NovelCullen Bunn2012-01-01Between Battle Scars and Avengers vs. X-Men
104BuyCaptain America Vol.3Graphic NovelEd Brubaker2012-10-24Between Battle Scars and Avengers vs. X-Men
105BuyCaptain America and Black WidowGraphic NovelCullen Bunn2013-02-26Between Battle Scars and Avengers vs. X-Men
106BuyAvengers: X-SanctionGraphic NovelJeph Loeb2012-05-16Avengers vs. X-Men
107BuyAvengers vs. X-MenGraphic NovelBrian Michael Bendis2012-11-21Avengers vs. X-Men
108BuyCaptain America Vol. 1: Castaway in Dimension Z, Book 1Graphic NovelRick Remender2013-07-02Marvel Now!
109BuyCaptain America Vol. 3: Loose NukeGraphic NovelRick Remender2014-04-29Marvel Now!
110BuyCaptain America Vol. 4: The Iron NailGraphic NovelRick Remender2014-09-02Marvel Now!
111BuyCaptain America Vol. 5: The Tomorrow SoldierGraphic NovelRick Remender2015-01-06Marvel Now!
112BuyCaptain America & the Mighty Avengers Vol. 1: Open for BusinessGraphic NovelAl Ewing2015-07-07Marvel Now!
113BuyAll-New Captain America Vol. 1: Hydra AscendantGraphic NovelRick Remender2015-07-14Marvel Now!
114BuyCaptain America & the Mighty Avengers Vol. 2: Last DaysGraphic NovelAl Ewing2015-11-03Secret Wars
115BuyAll-New All-Different Avengers Vol. 1: The Magnificent SevenGraphic NovelMark Waid2016-05-10All New, All Different Marvel
116BuyUncanny Avengers: Unity Vol. 1: Lost FutureGraphic NovelGerry Duggan2016-05-03All New, All Different Marvel
117BuyCaptain America: Sam Wilson Vol. 1: Not My Captain AmericaGraphic NovelNick Spencer2016-05-03Avengers Standoff!
118BuyAvengers: Standoff!Graphic NovelNick Spencer2016-07-12Avengers Standoff!
119BuyCaptain America: Steve RogersGraphic NovelNick Spencer2016-12-20Avengers Standoff!
120BuyCaptain America Vol. 1Graphic NovelNick Spencer2016-12-20All New, All Different Marvel
121BuyCivil War IIGraphic NovelBrian Michael Bendis2017-02-14Civil War 2
122BuyCivil War II: Captain America Sam WilsonGraphic NovelNick Spencer2016-10-18Civil War 2
123BuyAvengers: Unleashed Vol. 1: Kang War OneGraphic NovelMark Waid2017-07-03Marvel Now 2.0
124BuyU.S.Avengers Vol. 1: American Intelligence MechanicsGraphic NovelAl Ewing2017-08-01Marvel Now 2.0
125BuySecret Empire PreludeGraphic NovelRick Remender2017-05-09Secret Empire
126BuyCaptain America Volume 4: The Iron NailGraphic NovelRick Remender2015-04-21Secret Empire
127BuyCaptain America Volume 5: The Tomorrow SoldierGraphic NovelRick Remender2015-01-06Secret Empire
128BuyAll-New Captain America: Fear HimGraphic NovelDennis Hopeless2015-06-30Secret Empire
129BuyCaptain America: Sam Wilson Vol. 2: StandoffGraphic NovelNick Spencer2016-10-18Secret Empire
130BuyCaptain America: Steve Rogers Vol. 1: Hail HydraGraphic NovelNick Spencer2016-12-20Secret Empire
131BuyCaptain America: Sam Wilson Vol. 3: Civil War IIGraphic NovelNick Spencer2017-01-24Secret Empire
132BuyCaptain America: Steve Rogers Vol. 2: The Trial of Maria HillGraphic NovelNick Spencer2017-04-25Secret Empire
133BuyCaptain America: Sam Wilson Vol. 4: #TakeBackTheShieldGraphic NovelNick Spencer2017-05-02Secret Empire
134BuyCaptain America: Sam Wilson Vol. 5Graphic NovelNick Spencer2017-08-22Secret Empire
135BuyUncanny Avengers: Unity Vol. 4: Red SkullGraphic NovelGerry Duggan2017-08-08Secret Empire
136BuyCaptain America: Steve Rogers Vol. 3Graphic NovelNick Spencer2017-08-15Secret Empire
137BuySecret EmpireGraphic NovelNick Spencer2017-11-07Secret Empire
138BuyCaptain America: Divided We FallGraphic NovelNick Spencer2017-10-03Secret Empire
139BuySecret Empire: United We StandGraphic NovelDerek Landy2017-10-24Secret Empire
140BuyCaptain America by Waid & Samnee: Home of the BraveGraphic NovelMark Waid2018-06-19Marvel Legacy
141BuyAmerica Vol. 2: Fast and FuertonaGraphic NovelGabby Rivera2018-04-24Marvel Legacy
142BuyCaptain America by Mark Waid: Promised LandGraphic NovelMark Waid2018-09-11Marvel Legacy
143BuyCaptain America by Ta-Nehisi Coates Vol. 1Graphic NovelTa-Nehisi Coates2020-03-25Fresh Start
144BuyCaptain America by Ta-Nehisi Coates Vol. 2: Captain of NothingGraphic NovelTa-Nehisi Coates2019-09-25Fresh Start
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