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Blade is probably known best from the 90s films that starred Wesley Snipe, even though that portrayal doesn’t deal too heavily with the rest of the Marvel universe. Yet the character has a long legacy there as well. This is the Blade reading order.

What’s on the Blade Reading Order?

This timeline assembles all of the major storylines that involve Blade. While it might not contain every single story with the character, it does look at the primary comics.

Blade is a hybrid of human and vampire, taking some of the strengths of the latter, but none of their weaknesses. His crusade is to rid the world of other vampires, and he’s one of the darker Marvel characters, though he has appeared in many other franchises, including that of Spider-man.

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1BuyTomb Of Dracula Vol. 1Graphic NovelGerry Conway2010-07-14The Early Seventies
2BuyTomb Of Dracula Vol. 2Graphic NovelMarv Wolfman2010-10-13The Early Seventies
3BuyEssential Marvel Horror Vol. 1Graphic NovelGary Friedrich2006-10-18The Late Seventies
4BuyTomb Of Dracula: Day Of Blood, Night Of Redemption Book 1Graphic NovelMarv Wolfman1991-01-01The Early Nineties
5BuyTomb Of Dracula: Day Of Blood, Night Of Redemption Book 2Graphic NovelMarv Wolfman1991-01-01The Early Nineties
6BuyTomb Of Dracula: Day Of Blood, Night Of Redemption Book 3Graphic NovelMarv Wolfman1991-01-01The Early Nineties
7BuyTomb Of Dracula: Day Of Blood, Night Of Redemption Book 4Graphic NovelMarv Wolfman1991-01-01The Early Nineties
8BuyRise Of The Midnight SonsGraphic NovelAndy Kubert1993-07-01The Early Nineties
9BuyBlade: Black And WhiteGraphic NovelChris Claremont2004-12-08The Late Nineties
10BuyBlade: Sins Of The FatherGraphic Novel2001-03-12The Late Nineties
11BuyBlade Vol. 1: Undead AgainGraphic NovelMarc Guggenheim2007-05-30Civil War Era
12BuyBlade Vol. 2: Sins Of The FatherGraphic NovelMarc Guggenheim2007-10-17Civil War Era
13BuyCaptain Britain And MI:13 Vol. 2: Hell Comes To BirminghamGraphic NovelPaul Cornell2009-06-24Secret Invasion Era
14BuyCaptain Britain And MI:13 Vol. 3: Vampire StateGraphic NovelPaul Cornell2009-09-23Dark Reign - Fear Itself
15BuyX-Men: Curse Of The MutantsGraphic NovelVictor Gischler2011-08-31Dark Reign - Fear Itself
16BuyX-Men: Curse Of The Mutants: Mutants Vs. VampiresGraphic NovelPeter David2011-08-31Dark Reign - Fear Itself
17BuyMighty Avengers Vol. 1: No Single HeroGraphic NovelAl Ewing2014-04-01Marvel Now!
18BuyMighty Avengers Vol. 2: Family BondingGraphic NovelAl Ewing2014-08-12Marvel Now!
19BuyMighty Avengers Vol. 3: Original Sin – Not Your Father’s AvengersGraphic NovelAl Ewing2014-12-23Marvel Now!
20BuyWolverines Vol. 2: Claw, Blade and FangGraphic NovelCharles Soule2015-06-09Marvel Now!
21BuySpirits of Vengeance: War at the Gates of HellGraphic NovelVictor Gischler2018-05-08Marvel Legacy
22BuyDoctor Strange: DamnationGraphic NovelDonny Cates2018-07-17Marvel Legacy
23BuyAvengers by Jason Aaron Vol. 3: War of the VampiresGraphic NovelJason Aaron2019-06-05Fresh Start
24BuyAvengers by Jason Aaron Vol. 4: War of the RealmsGraphic NovelJason Aaron2019-11-27Fresh Start
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