Black Company Reading Order

The Black Company fantasy series could well be called the defining dark fantasy series. It paved the way for many other such dark fantasies. This is the Black Company reading order. Enjoy!

What’s on the Black Company Reading Order?

This is the unofficial Black Company reading order, featuring the books by Glen Cook. As always, we arrange them in internal chronological order. The series also includes a number of short stories.

Like our other timelines, if you know additional details on the chronology of this timeline, let us know and we’ll add it to the list.

And if you enjoyed this timeline, you might enjoy some of our others. For example, we recommend checking out the Malazan timeline for another epic fantasy like this one. In addition, you can contact us on our contact page with any input you’d like to add. Just let know how we can improve!  Thank you, and we hope you enjoy this Black Company reading order.

Where to start reading the Black Company series?

This is one instance where the answer to this question is simple. Start at the beginning. The chronological and release date order for these books coincide (for the most part).

1BuyThe Black CompanyNovelGlen CookBooks of the North1984-05-01
2BuyPort of ShadowsNovelGlen CookBooks of the North2018-09-11A reworking of the short stories "Tides Elba", "Smelling Danger", and "Bone Candy".
3BuyShadows LingerNovelGlen CookBooks of the North1984-10-01
4BuyShaggy Dog BridgeShort StoryGlen CookBooks of the North2013-05-28Published in Fearsome Journeys: The New Solaris Book of Fantasy
5BuyBone EatersShort StoryGlen CookBooks of the North2015-03-01Published in Operation Arcana
6BuyThe White RoseNovelGlen CookBooks of the North1985-04-01
7BuyThe Silver SpikeNovelGlen CookSpin-off1989-09-01
8BuyShadow GamesNovelGlen CookBooks of the South1989-06-01
9BuyDreams of SteelNovelGlen CookBooks of the South1990-04-01
10BuyBleak SeasonsNovelGlen CookBooks of the Glittering Stone1996-04-01
11BuyShe Is the DarknessNovelGlen CookBooks of the Glittering Stone1997-09-01
12BuyWater SleepsNovelGlen CookBooks of the Glittering Stone1999-03-01
13BuySoldiers LiveNovelGlen CookBooks of the Glittering Stone2000-07-01
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