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The 1970s were a period of change and transition in the world of film. It saw the emergence of new and influencial filmmakers such as Stephen Spielberg, George Lucas, and Francis Ford Coppola. This is our list of the Best 1970s films.

What’s on the Best 1970s Films timeline?

This timeline assembles all of the best movies from the 1970s. These include all the winners of the Best Picture Oscar, as well as others noted for their critical reception, financial success, and lasting status, as well as a few cult favorites.

The 1970s was the start of a new golden age of film, one that would flourish primarily in the decade the followed, but which got its start in the 1970s. Spielberg’s Jaws became what is now considered the first true “blockbuster” film, George Lucas made a number of his early films, including Star Wars, and Francis Ford Coppola made a variety of films that are now considered legendary, such as The Godfather and Apocalypse Now. And besides these up-and-coming directors, there are many other films that will forever be remembered as highly important and influential in this decade.

We hope you enjoy this dive into film history. Film historians should enjoy this compilation of influential, popular, and critically acclaimed films. Enjoy!

As always, if you see something you think we should add or change, give us a shout out in the comment section below. And if you liked this timeline, you might like some of our others, such as the Shakespeare timeline.

And if you see any film you think we should add, don’t hesitate to let us know!

1BuyMASHFilmRobert Altman1970-03-181970s
2BuyAirportFilmGeorge Seaton, Henry Hathaway1970-03-251970s
3BuyPattonFilmFranklin J. Schaffner1970-04-021970s
4BuyFive Easy PiecesFilmBob Rafelson1970-09-121970s
5BuyLove StoryFilmArthur Hiller1970-12-161970s
6BuyLitle Big ManFilmArthur Penn1970-12-231970s
7BuyTHX 1138FilmGeorge Lucas1971-03-111970s
8BuyWilly Wonka & the Chocolate FactoryFilmMel Stuart1971-06-301970s
9BuyThe Omega ManFilmBoris Sagal1971-08-011970s
10BuyThe French ConnectionFilmWilliam Friedkin1971-10-091970s
11BuyFiddler on the RoofFilmNorman Jewison1971-11-031970s
12BuyDuelFilmSteven Spielberg1971-11-131970s
13BuyDiamonds Are ForeverFilmGuy Hamilton1971-12-171970s
14BuyDirty HarryFilmDon Siegel1971-12-231970s
15BuyA Clockwork OrangeFilmStanley Kubrick1972-02-021970s
16BuySilent RunningFilmDouglas Trumbull1972-03-101970s
17BuyWhat's Up, Doc?FilmPeter Bogdanovich1972-03-101970s
18BuySlaughterhouse-FiveFilmGeorge Roy Hill1972-03-151970s
19BuyThe GodfatherFilmFrancis Ford Coppola1972-03-241970s
20BuyDeliveranceFilmJohn Boorman1972-08-181970s
21BuyJeremiah JohnsonFilmSydney Pollack1972-09-101970s
22BuySolarisFilmAndrei Tarkovsky1972-09-261970s
23BuyThe Poseidon AdventureFilmRonald Neame1972-12-131970s
24BuyThe GetawayFilmSam Peckinpah1972-12-161970s
25BuyCharlotte's WebFilmCharles A. Nichols1973-03-011970s
26BuyHigh Plains DrifterFilmClint Eastwood1973-04-071970s
27BuyPaper MoonFilmPeter Bogdanovich1973-05-091970s
28BuySoylent GreenFilmRichard Fleischer1973-05-091970s
29BuyLive and Let DieFilmGuy Hamilton1973-06-271970s
30BuyAmerican GraffitiFilmGeorge Lucas1973-08-111970s
31BuyWestworldFilmMichael Crichton1973-08-151970s
32BuyEnter the DragonFilmRobert Clouse1973-08-191970s
33BuyMean StreetsFilmMartin Scorsese1973-10-141970s
34BuySleeperFilmWoody Allen1973-12-171970s
35BuyPapillonFilmFranklin J. Schaffner1973-12-191970s
36BuyMagnum ForceFilmTed Post1973-12-251970s
37BuyThe StingFilmGeorge Roy Hill1973-12-251970s
38BuyThe ExorcistFilmWilliam Friedkin1973-12-261970s
39BuyBadlandsFilmTerrence Malick1974-01-051970s
40BuyBlazing SaddlesFilmMel Brooks1974-02-071970s
41BuyThe ConversationFilmFrancis Ford Coppola1974-04-121970s
42BuyChinatownFilmRoman Polanski1974-06-201970s
43BuyThe Wicker ManFilmRobin Hardy1974-08-071970s
44BuyThe Longest YardFilmRobert Aldrich1974-08-301970s
45BuyThe Texas Chain Saw MassacreFilmTobe Hooper1974-10-111970s
46BuyEarthquakeFilmMark Robson1974-11-151970s
47BuyMurder on the Orient ExpressFilmSidney Lumet1974-11-241970s
48BuyYoung FrankensteinFilmMel Brooks1974-12-151970s
49BuyThe Godfather, Part IIFilmFrancis Ford Coppola1974-12-181970s
50BuyThe Man with the Golden GunFilmGuy Hamilton1974-12-201970s
51BuyThe Towering InfernoFilmJohn Guillermin1975-01-011970s
52BuyThe Stepford WivesFilmBryan Forbes1975-02-121970s
53BuyThe Return of the Pink PantherFilmBlake Edwards1975-05-211970s
54BuyMonty Python and the Holy GrailFilmTerry Gilliam, Terry Jones1975-05-251970s
55BuyJawsFilmSteven Spielberg1975-06-201970s
56BuyThe Rocky Horror Picture ShowFilmJim Sharman1975-08-311970s
57BuyThree Days of the CondorFilmSydney Pollack1975-09-251970s
58BuyOne Flew Over the Cuckoo's NestFilmMilos Forman1975-11-191970s
59BuyBarry LyndonFilmStanley Kubrick1975-12-181970s
60BuyThe Man Who Would Be KingFilmJohn Huston1975-12-191970s
61BuyTaxi DriverFilmMartin Scorsese1976-02-091970s
62BuyAll the President's MenFilmAlan J. Pakula1976-04-091970s
63BuyLogan's RunFilmMichael Anderson1976-06-231970s
64BuyThe Outlaw Josey WalesFilmClint Eastwood1976-06-301970s
65BuyThe ShootistFilmDon Siegel1976-07-211970s
66BuyMarathon ManFilmJohn Schlesinger1976-10-081970s
67BuyCarrieFilmBrian De Palma1976-11-161970s
68BuyNetworkFilmSidney Lumet1976-11-271970s
69BuyRockyFilmJohn G. Avildsen1976-12-031970s
70BuyA Star is BornFilmFrank Pierson1976-12-171970s
71BuyAnnie HallFilmWoody Allen1977-04-201970s
72BuyStar WarsFilmGeorge Lucas1977-05-251970s
73BuySmokey and the BanditFilmHal Needham1977-05-271970s
74BuyThe Spy Who Loved MeFilmLewis Gilbert1977-08-031970s
75BuyClose Encounters of the Third KindFilmSteven Spielberg1977-12-141970s
76BuySaturday Night FeverFilmJohn Badham1977-12-161970s
77BuyGreaseFilmRandal Kleiser1978-06-161970s
78BuyAnimal HouseFilmJohn Landis1978-07-281970s
79BuyMidnight ExpressFilmAlan Parker1978-10-061970s
80BuyHalloweenFilmJohn Carpenter1978-10-271970s
81BuySupermanFilmRichard Donner1978-12-151970s
82BuyInvasion of the Body SnatchersFilmPhilip Kaufman1978-12-221970s
83BuyThe WarriorsFilmWalter Hill1979-02-091970s
84BuyThe Deer HunterFilmMichael Cimino1979-02-231970s
85BuyMad MaxFilmGeorge Miller1979-04-121970s
86BuyManhattanFilmWoody Allen1979-04-251970s
87BuyDawn of the DeadFilmGeorge A. Romero1979-05-241970s
88BuyRocky IIFilmSylvester Stallone1979-06-151970s
89BuyAlienFilmRidley Scott1979-06-221970s
90BuyEscape from AlcatrazFilmDon Siegel1979-06-221970s
91BuyThe Muppet MovieFilmJames Frawley1979-06-221970s
92BuyMoonrakerFilmLewis Gilbert1979-06-291970s
93BuyThe Amityville HorrorFilmStuart Rosenberg1979-07-271970s
94BuyApocalypse NowFilmFrancis Ford Coppola1979-08-151970s
95BuyLife of BrianFilmTerry Jones1979-08-171970s
96BuyStar Trek: The Motion PictureFilmRobert Wise1979-12-081970s
97BuyThe JerkFilmCarl Reiner1979-12-141970s
98BuyKramer vs. KramerFilmRobert Benton1979-12-191970s
99BuyThe Black HoleFilmGary Nelson1979-12-211970s
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