Best 1950s Films

The 1950s brought us the baby boom, post-war prosperity, Rock and Roll, and a lot of good movies, including Ben-Hur, Cinderella, Rear Window, On the Waterfront and Many more. This is our selection of the best 1950s films of all time!


This timeline assembles all of the best movies from the 1950s. These include all the winners of the Best Picture Oscar, as well as others noted for their critical reception, financial success, and lasting status.

The 1950s really began to capitalize on the film medium. With industry booming after World War II, films began to branch out, and we got a slew of what we would not call blockbusters, films with huge budgets that still hold up today.

We hope you enjoy this dive into film history. Film historians should enjoy this compilation of influential, popular, and critically acclaimed films. Enjoy!

As always, if you see something you think we should add or change, give us a shout out in the comment section below. And if you liked this timeline, you might like some of our others, such as the Shakespeare timeline.

And if you see any film you think we should add, don’t hesitate to let us know!

1BuyCinderellaFilmClyde Geronimi, Hamilton Luske, Wilfred Jackson1950-03-041950s
2BuyRocketship X-MFilmKurt Neumann1950-05-261950s
3BuyThe Asphalt JungleFilmJohn Huston1950-06-011950s
4BuySunset BoulevardFilmBilly Wilder1950-08-101950s
5BuyRashomonFilmAkira Kurosawa1950-08-251950s
6BuyAll About EveFilmJoseph L. Mankiewicz1950-10-131950s
7BuyThe Thing from Another WorldFilmChristian Nyby1951-04-271950s
8BuyAce in the HoleFilmBilly Wilder1951-06-141950s
9BuyStrangers on a TrainFilmAlfred Hitchcock1951-06-301950s
10BuyA Streetcar Named DesireFilmElia Kazan1951-09-181950s
11BuyThe Day the Earth Stood StillFilmRobert Wise1951-09-181950s
12BuyAn American in ParisFilmVincente Minnelli1951-11-111950s
13BuyWhen Worlds CollideFilmRudolph Maté1951-11-221950s
14BuyThe African QueenFilmJohn Huston1951-12-261950s
15BuyThe Greatest Show on EarthFilmCecil B. DeMille1952-01-101950s
16BuySingin' in the RainFilmGene Kelly, Stanley Donen1952-04-111950s
17BuyHigh NoonFilmFred Zinnemann1952-07-241950s
18BuyThe Quiet ManFilmJohn Ford1952-08-211950s
19BuyIkiruFilmAkira Kurosawa1952-10-091950s
20BuyPeter PanFilmClyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson, Hamilton Luske1953-02-051950s
21BuyThe Wages of FearFilmHenri-Georges Clouzot1953-04-221950s
22BuyHouse of WaxFilmAndre DeToth1953-04-251950s
23BuyIt Came from Outer SpaceFilmJack Arnold1953-05-271950s
24BuyRoman HolidayFilmWilliam Wyler1953-07-211950s
25BuyFrom Here to EternityFilmFred Zinnemann1953-08-051950s
26BuyThe War of the WorldsFilmByron Haskin1953-08-131950s
27BuyThe RobeFilmHenry Koster1953-09-161950s
28BuyTokyo StoryFilmYasujirō Ozu1953-11-031950s
29BuyHondoFilmJohn Farrow1953-11-271950s
30BuySeven SamuraiFilmAkira Kurosawa1954-04-261950s
31BuyDial M for MurderFilmAlfred Hitchcock1954-05-291950s
32BuySeven Brides for Seven BrothersFilmStanley Donen1954-07-221950s
33BuyOn the WaterfrontFilmElia Kazan1954-07-281950s
34BuyRear WindowFilmAlfred Hitchcock1954-09-011950s
35BuyWhite ChristmasFilmMichael Curtiz1954-10-141950s
36BuyGodzillaFilmIshirō Honda1954-11-031950s
37BuyDiaboliqueFilmHenri-Georges Clouzot1955-01-291950s
38BuyMartyFilmDelbert Mann1955-04-111950s
39BuyLady and the TrampFilmClyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson, Hamilton Luske1955-06-221950s
40BuyTo Catch a ThiefFilmAlfred Hitchcock1955-08-031950s
41BuyOklahoma!FilmFred Zinnemann1955-10-111950s
42BuyRebel Without a CauseFilmNicholas Ray1955-10-271950s
43BuyGuys and DollsFilmJoseph L. Mankiewicz1955-11-031950s
44BuyInvasion of the Body SnatchersFilmDon Siegel1956-02-051950s
45BuyForbidden PlanetFilmFred M. Wilcox1956-03-031950s
46BuyThe Man Who Knew Too MuchFilmAlfred Hitchcock1956-05-161950s
47BuyThe SearchersFilmJohn Ford1956-05-161950s
48BuyThe King and IFilmWalter Lang1956-06-281950s
49BuyAround the World in 80 DaysFilmMichael Anderson1956-10-171950s
50BuyThe Ten CommandmentsFilmCecil B. DeMille1956-11-081950s
51BuyGiantFilmGeorge Stevens1956-11-241950s
52BuyThe Wrong ManFilmAlfred Hitchcock1956-12-221950s
53BuyThe Seventh SealFilmIngmar Bergman1957-02-161950s
54BuyThe Incredible Shrinking ManFilmJack Arnold1957-02-221950s
55Buy12 Angry MenFilmSidney Lumet1957-04-101950s
56BuyThe Nights of CabiriaFilmFederico Fellini1957-05-101950s
57BuyThe Bridge on the River KwaiFilmDavid Lean1957-12-141950s
58BuyWitness for the ProsecutionFilmBilly Wilder1957-12-171950s
59BuyPaths of GloryFilmStanley Kubrick1957-12-251950s
60BuyWild StrawberriesFilmIngmar Bergman1957-12-261950s
61BuyTouch of EvilFilmOrson Welles1958-04-231950s
62BuyVertigoFilmAlfred Hitchcock1958-05-091950s
63BuyGigiFilmVincente Minnelli1958-05-151950s
64BuySleeping BeautyFilmClyde Geronimi1959-01-291950s
65BuyRio BravoFilmHoward Hawks1959-03-181950s
66BuySome Like it HotFilmBilly Wilder1959-03-291950s
67BuyThe 400 BlowsFilmFrançois Truffaut1959-05-041950s
68BuyNorth by NorthwestFilmAlfred Hitchcock1959-07-281950s
69BuyBen-HurFilmWilliam Wyler1959-11-181950s
70BuyOn the BeachFilmStanley Kramer1959-12-171950s
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