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Dive into the history of film with this unique look at the best 1930s films of all time. Need something to watch this weekend?

What’s on this Best 1930s Films Timeline?

This timeline assembles all of the best films of the 1930s, based on a few criteria. Namely, we include films that have had a lasting impact, were critically acclaimed, or hugely popular at the time. This includes all the films that won Best Picture at the Oscars.

The 1930s brought us some major classics, including big ones like Gone with the Wind, the Wizard of Oz, the Universal Monster movies, King Kong, and the first full-length animated movie: Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Needless to say, it’s a decade that cemented film in our culture forever.

We hope you enjoy this dive into film history. Film historians should enjoy this compilation of influencial, popular, and critically acclaimed films. Enjoy! As always, if you see something you think we should add or change, give us a shout out in the comment section below. And if you liked this timeline, you might like want to continue with our best 1940s films timeline.

1BuyAll Quiet on the Western FrontFilmLewis Milestone1930-04-211930s
2Animal CrackersFilmVictor Heerman1930-08-231930s
3BuyThe Big TrailFilmRaoul Walsh1930-11-011930s
4BuyHell's AngelsFilmHoward Hughes1930-11-151930s
5BuyThe Blue AngelFilmJosef von Sternberg1930-12-051930s
6BuyCimarronFilmWesley Ruggles1931-01-261930s
7BuyCity LightsFilmCharlie Chaplin1931-01-301930s
8BuyDraculaFilmTod Browning1931-02-141930s
9BuyMFilmFritz Lang1931-05-111930s
10BuyTabu: A Story of the South SeasFilmF.W. Murnau1931-08-011930s
11BuyFrankensteinFilmJames Whale1931-11-211930s
12BuyDr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeFilmRouben Mamoulian1931-12-311930s
13BuyFreaksFilmTod Browning1932-02-201930s
14BuyTarzan the Ape ManFilmW. S. Van Dyke1932-03-251930s
15BuyScarfaceFilmHoward Hawks, Richard Rosson1932-04-091930s
16BuyGrand HotelFilmEdmund Goulding1932-04-121930s
17BuyThe Most Dangerous GameFilmIrving Pichel, Ernest B. Schoedsack1932-09-161930s
18BuyTrouble in ParadiseFilmErnst Lubitsch1932-10-211930s
19BuyThe MummyFilmKarl Freund1932-12-221930s
20BuyThe Bitter Tea of General YesFilmFrank Capra1933-01-031930s
21Buy42nd StreetFilmLloyd Bacon, Busby Berkeley1933-03-111930s
22BuyKing KongFilmMerian C. Cooper, Ernest B. Schoedsack1933-04-071930s
23BuyCavalcadeFilmFrank Lloyd1933-04-151930s
24BuyThe GhoulFilmT. Hayes Hunter1933-08-011930s
25BuyThe Invisible ManFilmJames Whale1933-11-131930s
26BuyDuck SoupFilmLeo McCarey1933-11-171930s
27BuyIt Happened One NightFilmFrank Capra1934-02-221930s
28BuyViva VillaFilmJack Conway1934-04-101930s
29BuyThe Blue LightFilmLeni Riefenstahl1934-05-081930s
30BuyThe Thin ManFilmW. S. Van Dyke1934-05-251930s
31BuyThe Man Who Knew Too MuchFilmAlfred Hitchcock1934-12-011930s
32BuyBright EyesFilmDavid Butler1934-12-281930s
33BuyThe Little ColonelFilmDavid Butler1935-02-221930s
34BuyTriumph of the WillFilmLeni Riefenstahl1935-03-281930s
35BuyBride of FrankensteinFilmJames Whale1935-04-201930s
36BuyThe InformerFilmJohn Ford1935-05-091930s
37BuyWerewolf of LondonFilmStuart Walker1935-05-131930s
38BuyCurly TopFilmIrving Cummings1935-07-261930s
39BuyThe 39 StepsFilmAlfred Hitchcock1935-08-021930s
40BuyAnna KareninaFilmClarence Brown1935-08-301930s
41BuyMutiny on the BountyFilmFrank Lloyd1935-11-081930s
42BuyA Night at the OperaFilmSam Wood1935-11-151930s
43BuyThe Littlest RebelFilmDavid Butler1935-11-221930s
44BuyCaptain BloodFilmMichael Curtiz1935-12-281930s
45BuyModern TimesFilmCharlie Chaplin1936-02-051930s
46BuyFlash GordonFilmFrederick Stephani1936-04-061930s
47BuyDesireFilmFrank Borzage1936-04-111930s
48BuyMr. Deeds Goes to TownFilmFrank Capra1936-04-161930s
49BuyCaptain JanuaryFilmDavid Butler1936-04-241930s
50BuyFuryFilmFritz Lang1936-06-051930s
51BuySecret AgentFilmAlfred Hitchcock1936-06-151930s
52BuySan FranciscoFilmW. S. Van Dyke1936-06-261930s
53BuyThe Great ZiegfeldFilmRobert Z. Leonard1936-09-041930s
54BuyA Star Is BornFilmWilliam A. Wellman1937-04-201930s
55BuyMake Way for TomorrowFilmLeo McCarey1937-05-091930s
56BuyWee Willie WinkieFilmJohn Ford1937-06-251930s
57BuyThe Life of Emile ZolaFilmWilliam Dieterle1937-08-111930s
58BuyHeidiFilmAllan Dwan1937-10-151930s
59BuyThe Awful TruthFilmLeo McCarey1937-10-211930s
60BuySnow White and the Seven DwarvesFilmDavid Hand, William Cottrell, Wilfred Jackson, Larry Morey, Perce Pearce, Ben Sharpsteen1937-12-211930s
61BuyBringing Up BabyFilmHoward Hawks1938-02-161930s
62BuyJezebelFilmWilliam Wyler1938-03-101930s
63BuyRebecca of Sunnybrook FarmFilmAllan Dwan1938-03-181930s
64BuyThe Adventures of Robin HoodFilmMichael Curtiz, William Keighley1938-05-141930s
65BuyPort of ShadowsFilmMarcel Carné1938-05-181930s
66BuyYou Can't Take it with YouFilmFrank Capra1938-09-011930s
67BuyPygmalionFilmAnthony Asquith, Leslie Howard1938-10-061930s
68BuyThe Lady VanishesFilmAlfred Hitchcock1938-10-071930s
69BuyJesse JamesFilmHenry King1939-01-271930s
70BuyBuck RogersFilmFord Beebe, Saul A. Goodkind1939-02-021930s
71BuyStagecoachFilmJohn Ford1939-03-031930s
72BuyThe Little PrincessFilmWalter Lang1939-03-101930s
73BuyThe Hound of the BaskervillesFilmSidney Lanfield1939-03-311930s
74BuyWuthering HeightsFilmWilliam Wyler1939-04-131930s
75BuyGoodbye, Mr. ChipsFilmSam Wood1939-05-151930s
76BuyRules of the GameFilmJean Renoir1939-07-071930s
77BuyThe Wizard of OzFilmVictor Fleming, King Vidor, George Cukor, Richard Thorpe, Norman Taurog1939-08-251930s
78BuyMr. Smith Goes to WashingtonFilmFrank Capra1939-10-171930s
79BuyThe Roaring TwentiesFilmRaoul Walsh1939-10-231930s
80BuyThe Cat and the CanaryFilmElliott Nugent1939-11-101930s
81BuyTower of LondonFilmRowland V. Lee1939-11-171930s
82BuyGone with the WindFilmVictor Fleming1939-12-151930s
83BuyGulliver's TravelsFilmDave Fleischer1939-12-221930s
84BuyDestry Rides AgainFilmGeorge Marshall1939-12-291930s
85BuyThe Hunchback of Notre DameFilmWilliam Dieterle1939-12-291930s
86BuyOf Mice and MenFilmLewis Milestone1939-12-301930s

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