Belgariad Reading Order

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Belgariad has long been one of the top epic fantasy series, often shelved right next to the Lord of the Rings or the Wheel of Time. There are several series and even some prequels, so here is your timeline and reading order for the Belgariad series.

What’s on the Belgariad Reading Order?

The Belgariad reading order includes all of the Belgariad books written by David Eddings. It consists of two prequels, five main books, and five books in a sequel series.

Unfortunately, Mr. Eddings passed away in 2009, so additions to this timeline are not likely will probably not happen. However, given the number of books in this multi-part series, we thought we should include it here with our list of timelines.

Don’t forget to let us know if we missed something, or if we should make any changes. We’re always looking to correct any mistakes. You can let us know on our contact page.

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Where to start reading Belgariad?

Though the Belgariad several prequels, the best place to start should probably be the first book written in the series. That would be Pawn of Prophecy, the first in the Belgariad series. Then you can read the prequels if you want.

Or just read the books in publication order. Thank you for visiting, and we hope you enjoy this Belgariad reading order.

1BuyBelgarath the SorcererNovelDavid EddingsPrequels1996-06-01
2BuyPolgara the SorceressNovelDavid EddingsPrequels1998-05-26
3BuyPawn of ProphecyNovelDavid EddingsBelgariad1982-04-01
4BuyQueen of SorceryNovelDavid EddingsBelgariad1982-11-01
5BuyMagician’s GambitNovelDavid EddingsBelgariad1983-06-01
6BuyCastle of WizardryNovelDavid EddingsBelgariad1984-05-01
7BuyEnchanters’ End GameNovelDavid EddingsBelgariad1984-12-01
8BuyGuardians of the WestNovelDavid EddingsMalloreon1987-04-01
9BuyKing of the MurgosNovelDavid EddingsMalloreon1988-04-01
10BuyDemon Lord of KarandaNovelDavid EddingsMalloreon1988-09-01
11BuySorceress of DarshivaNovelDavid EddingsMalloreon1989-12-01
12BuyThe Seeress of KellNovelDavid EddingsMalloreon1991-05-01
13BuyThe Rivan CodexNovelDavid Eddings1998-09-14Background information

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