Batman and the Outsiders Reading Order

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Batman always was a bit of a loner on the Justice League. So it makes sense that he would form his own team of outsiders.

What’s on this Outsiders Reading Order?

The Outsiders are a team of superheroes that, as the name suggests, don’t really fit in elsewhere. They were formed by Batman as his own little group, and kept a secret from the Justice League.

This timeline attempts to assemble all of the major storylines that involve the Outsiders. While it might not contain every single story with the character, it does look at the primary comics.

Where to Start?

You can start anywhere you like on this timeline. You can start with the classic stuff, or move on to the more recent comics. When you see the Volumes begin to start over with number 1, that’s often a good place to start.

As always, if you like this timeline, you might enjoy some of our others, including our massive collection of DC timelines in our DC Comics Hub. And if you see something that needs to be added or changed, be sure to let us know over on our contact page. We love to hear all your feedback! In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this Outsiders Reading Order.

1BuyShowcase Presents: Batman and the OutsidersGraphic NovelMike W. Barr, Marv Wolfman2007-09-12Bronze Age
2BuyOutsiders: Looking for TroubleGraphic NovelGeoff Johns, Judd Winick2004-02-01The 2000s
3BuyOutsiders: Sum of All EvilGraphic NovelJudd Winick2004-12-01The 2000s
4BuyOutsiders: WantedGraphic NovelJudd Winick2005-11-01Identity Crisis
5BuyTeen Titans/Outsiders: The InsidersGraphic NovelGeoff Johns, Judd Winick2008-01-18Identity Crisis
6BuyTeen Titans/Outsiders: The Death and Return of Donna TroyGraphic NovelJudd Winick, Phil Jimenez, Chuck Kim2006-05-26Identity Crisis
7BuyOutsiders: Crisis InterventionGraphic NovelStuart Moore, Jen Van Meter, Judd Winick2006-04-19Infinite Crisis
8BuyOutsiders: The Good FightGraphic NovelJudd Winick2007-01-0352/One Year Later
9BuyOutsiders: Pay as You GoGraphic NovelJudd Winick, Carlo Barberi, Freddie E. Williams II2007-07-0452/One Year Later
10BuyOutsiders/Checkmate: CheckoutGraphic NovelGreg Rucka, Judd Winick2008-01-30Countdown to Final Crisis
11BuyOutsiders: Five of a KindGraphic NovelMarc Andreyko, Mike W. Barr, Tony Bedard, Nunzio DeFilippis, Christina Weir, G. Willow Wilson2008-03-05Countdown to Final Crisis
12BuyBatman and the Outsiders: The ChrysalisGraphic NovelChuck Dixon2008-10-14Countdown to Final Crisis
13BuyBatman and the Outsiders: The SnareGraphic NovelChuck Dixon2009-02-24Countdown to Final Crisis
14BuyOutsiders: The DeepGraphic NovelPeter Tomasi2009-11-17Final Crisis
15BuyOutsiders: The HuntGraphic NovelPeter Tomasi2010-05-18Blackest Night
16BuyOutsiders: Road to HellGraphic NovelDan DiDio2010-11-30Blackest Night
17BuyOutsiders: The Great DivideGraphic NovelJoe Bennett2011-08-23Brightest Day/Flashpoint
18BuyGreen Arrow Vol. 5: The Outsiders WarGraphic NovelJeff Lemire2014-10-14New 52 Vol. 5 - Forever Evil

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