Batgirl Reading Order

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Batgirl has been through a lot throughout DC’s pages. But whether she’s in a wheelchair or out fighting crime, she’s still one of the best crime-fighters in Gotham.

What’s on this Batgirl Reading Order?

This timeline assembles all of the major stories that feature Batgirl, aka Barbara Gordon, and places them in chronological order. While it might not include every story that we see this character, this timeline does its best to get the important ones.

Batgirl is one of our personal favorites here at All Timelines. If she were a real person, she would probably be a lot of fun to be around.

Where to Start?

You can start anywhere you like on this timeline. You can start with the classic stuff, or move on to the more recent comics. When you see the Volumes begin to start over with number 1, that’s often a good place to start.

As always, if you like this timeline, you might enjoy some of our others, including our massive collection of DC timelines in our DC Comics Hub. And if you see something that needs to be added or changed, be sure to let us know over on our contact page. We love to hear all your feedback! In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this Batgirl Reading Order.

1BuyShowcase Presents: BatgirlGraphic NovelGardner Fox, Cary Bates, Bob Haney, Mike Friedrich, Frank Robbins, Dennis O'Neil, Elliot S. Maggin2007-07-01Bronze Age
2BuyBatman: The Killing JokeGraphic NovelAlan Moore2008-03-19Millennium
3BuyBatman: Sword of AzraelGraphic NovelDennis O'Neil1993-06-10The 1990s
4BuyBirds of Prey Vol. 1Graphic NovelChuck Dixon, Jordan B. Gorfinkel1999-02-01Underworld Unleashed
5BuyBirds of Prey: Old Friends, New EnemiesGraphic NovelChuck Dixon2003-02-01DC One Million
6BuyBatgirl: Silent RunningGraphic NovelScott Peterson, Kelley Puckett2001-03-23DC One Million
7BuyBatgirl: A Knight AloneGraphic NovelKelley Puckett2001-11-01DC One Million
8BuyNightwing: The Hunt for OracleGraphic NovelChuck Dixon2003-02-01DC One Million
9BuyBatgirl/Robin: Year OneGraphic NovelChuck Dixon, Scott Beatty2013-06-25DC One Million
10BuyBatgirl: Death WishGraphic NovelKelley Puckett, Chuck Dixon2003-08-01The 2000s
11BuyBatgirl: Fists of FuryGraphic NovelKelley Puckett, Jonathan Peterson2004-05-01The 2000s
12BuyBirds of Prey: Of Like MindsGraphic NovelGail Simone2004-03-01The 2000s
13BuyBirds of Prey: Sensei and StudentGraphic NovelGail Simone2005-02-01The 2000s
14BuyBatman: War Games Act One: OutbreakGraphic NovelDevin Grayson, Andersen Gabrych, A.J. Lieberman, Bill Willingham, Dylan Horrocks, Ed Brubaker2005-03-01The 2000s
15BuyBatman: War Games Act Two: TidesGraphic NovelAndersen Gabrych, A.J. Lieberman, Devin Grayson, Bill Willingham, Dylan Horrocks, Ed Brubaker2005-07-01The 2000s
16BuyBatman: War Games Act Three: EndgameGraphic NovelBill Willingham, A.J. Lieberman, Dylan Horrocks, Ed Brubaker2005-10-01The 2000s
17BuyBirds of Prey: Between Dark and DawnGraphic NovelGail Simone2006-03-08The 2000s
18BuyRobin/Batgirl: Fresh BloodGraphic NovelBill Willingham, Andersen Gabrych2005-10-01Identity Crisis
19BuyBatgirl: Kicking AssassinsGraphic NovelAndersen Gabrych2006-01-01Identity Crisis
20BuyBirds of Prey: The Battle WithinGraphic NovelGail Simone2006-10-11Identity Crisis
21BuyBatgirl: Destruction’s DaughterGraphic NovelAndersen Gabrych2006-09-20Infinite Crisis
22BuyBirds of Prey: Perfect PitchGraphic NovelGail Simone2007-02-2152/One Year Later
23BuyBirds of Prey: Blood and CircuitsGraphic NovelGail Simone2007-08-0152/One Year Later
24BuyBirds of Prey: Dead of WinterGraphic NovelGail Simone2008-02-27Countdown to Final Crisis
25BuyBirds of Prey: Metropolis or DustGraphic NovelSean McKeever2008-10-14Countdown to Final Crisis
26BuyBirds of Prey: Club KidsGraphic NovelTony Bedard2009-01-13Countdown to Final Crisis
27BuyBatgirl: RedemptionGraphic NovelAdam Beechen2009-06-09Countdown to Final Crisis
28BuyBirds of Prey: Platinum FlatsGraphic NovelTony Bedard2009-08-04Countdown to Final Crisis
29BuyOracle: The CureGraphic NovelTony Bedard, Kevin VanHook2010-04-06Final Crisis
30BuyBatgirl: Batgirl RisingGraphic NovelBryan Q. Miller2011-06-07Blackest Night
31BuyBirds of Prey: End RunGraphic NovelGail Simone2011-05-17Brightest Day/Flashpoint
32BuyBatgirl: The FloodGraphic NovelBryan Q. Miller2011-05-24Brightest Day/Flashpoint
33BuyBirds of Prey: The Death of OracleGraphic NovelGail Simone2011-10-18Brightest Day/Flashpoint
34BuyBatgirl: The LessonGraphic NovelBryan Q. Miller2011-11-29Brightest Day/Flashpoint
35BuyBatgirl Vol. 1: The Darkest ReflectionGraphic NovelGail Simone2012-07-17New 52 Vol. 1
36BuyBirds of Prey Vol. 1: Trouble in MindGraphic NovelDuane Swierczynski2012-09-18New 52 Vol. 1
37BuyBatgirl Vol. 2: Knightfall DescendsGraphic NovelGail Simone2013-02-12New 52 Vol. 2 - Zero Month
38BuyBirds of Prey Vol. 2: Your Kiss Might KillGraphic NovelDuane Swierczynski2013-04-23New 52 Vol. 2 - Zero Month
39BuyBatgirl Vol. 3: Death of the FamilyGraphic NovelGail Simone, Scott Snyder, Ray Fawkes2013-10-29New 52 Vol. 3 - Death of the Family
40BuyBirds of Prey Vol. 3: A Clash of DaggersGraphic NovelDuane Swierczynski2013-12-24New 52 Vol. 3 - Death of the Family
41BuyBatgirl Vol. 4: WantedGraphic NovelGail Simone, Marguerite Bennett2014-05-27New 52 Vol. 5 - Forever Evil
42BuyBirds of Prey Vol. 4: The Cruelest CutGraphic NovelChristy Marx, James Tynion IV2014-07-22New 52 Vol. 5 - Forever Evil
43BuyBatgirl Vol. 5: DeadlineGraphic NovelGail Simone, Marguerite Bennett2015-06-02New 52 Vol. 6 - Futures End
44BuyBirds of Prey Vol. 5: Soul CrisisGraphic NovelChristy Marx2015-01-27New 52 Vol. 6 - Futures End
45BuyBatgirl Vol. 1: The Batgirl of BurnsideGraphic NovelCameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher2015-06-16New 52 Vol. 6 - Futures End
46BuyBatgirl Vol. 2: Family BusinessGraphic NovelCameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher2016-02-23New 52 Vol. 6 - Futures End
47BuyBatgirl Vol. 3: MindfieldsGraphic NovelCameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher2016-08-30New 52 Vol. 6 - Futures End
48BuyBatman: ThrillkillerGraphic NovelHoward Chaykin2018-07-10Elseworld
49BuyElseworld's Finest: Supergirl and BatgirlGraphic NovelBarbara Kesel, Matt Haley, Tom Simmons1997-01-01Elseworld
50BuyNightwing Vol. 1: Better Than BatmanGraphic NovelTim Seeley2017-01-31Rebirth
51BuyBatman: Night of the Monster MenGraphic NovelJames T Tynion IV, Steve Orlando, Tim Seeley, Tom King2017-02-28Rebirth
52BuyRavenGraphic NovelMarv Wolfman2017-05-16Rebirth
53BuyAll-Star Batman Vol. 2: Ends of the EarthGraphic NovelScott Snyder2017-09-12Rebirth
54BuyGotham Academy Second Semester Vol. 2: The Ballad of Olive SilverlockGraphic NovelBecky Cloonan, Brenden Fletcher, Karl Kerschl2017-12-05Rebirth
55BuyBatgirl Vol. 3: Summer of LiesGraphic NovelHope Larson2018-04-03Rebirth
56BuyBatgirl Vol. 4: Strange LoopGraphic NovelHope Larson2018-12-11Rebirth
57BuyBatgirl Vol. 5: Art of the CrimeGraphic NovelMairghread Scott2019-05-21Rebirth
58BuyBatgirl Vol. 6: Old EnemiesGraphic NovelMairghread Scott2019-12-24Rebirth

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