Shakespeare Plays and Media List

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William Shakespeare has had more influence on stories around the world than any other non-religious figure. His plays have been translated into many languages, adapted an infinite number of times, and entered our pop-culture in more ways than we know. This is the Shakespeare timeline.

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Mount Etna

Mount Etna holds a very special and unique place in the King Arthur mythos, which is why there are a few visions, interpretations and myths related to this location. There have been many debates about Mount Etna and the place that it holds in King Arthur’s legacy, but one of the biggest theories is that … Read more

The Welsh Triad

The Welsh Triads are otherwise known as the Triads of the Island of Britain (Britain is also referred to as Prydain).

The word Triads is gotten from the word “Tri” which means three. In literature the Triad is a rhetorical form whereby Items/ objects are grouped together in threes, with a heading or title that shows the point of similarity. For instance “Three things cannot be controlled; the speed of light; the flow of a torrent; and the tongue of a fool.”

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Vortigern, called “Gurthigern” by monk Gildas, was a 5th century ruler known for inviting the Saxons to Britain in order to stop the Picts and Scots from their incursions and allowing them to control the land. Vortigern is not a name per se; it means “Supreme Lord”. His actual name is unknown as are many … Read more


Igraine is the mother of Arthur, formerly Duchess of Tintagel and later the Queen of England. According to the Welsh tradition, her name was Eigyr or Eigr. She’s the daughter of a prince. She also has a son named Gormant and seven brothers and two sisters. In the English tradition she had three husbands before … Read more

The Picts

The Picts are a group of people who lived in Northern Britain during the Roman times and the traditional Arthur period. The Picts were some of the very first settlers of Scotland. There are myths that tell of their lineage, being apparently descended from the Celtic goddess “Brighid”. The first king of Scotland, Kenneth I, … Read more