Brutus of Britain

Brutus of Britain

Most nations have a legendary founding figure, and Britain is no different. According to the earliest legendary account of the origins of the island, the man who led his nation to ancient Britain and founded the first kingdoms there was named Brutus. Family Let’s first take a look at the legendary family of this man. … Read more

Aurelius Ambrosius

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Relatively few characters from the Arthurian legends can be definitely confirmed as historical. Aurelius Ambrosius is one of them. He was Arthur’s legendary uncle and he had a large part to play in the founding of Arthur’s dynasty and also in the war against the Saxons. Family The earliest account which gives direct details about Ambrosius’s lineage … Read more

The Romans in Arthurian Lore

Roman fort at Camelon

The Romans had an enormous impact on the Arthurian legends. Not only do they appear in the legends themselves, but their historical actions are intimately connected to what occurred in Arthur’s time. For that reason, it is certainly worth examining this nation in closer detail. Their Origin The Romans were Latins (an Italic tribe) who … Read more

The Fall of the Roman Empire in Britain

Hadrian's Wall marked the edge of the Roman Empire in Britain

After almost 400 years, Roman rule in Britain finally came to an end. However, just as the start of Roman governance in the island was a gradual process, the end likewise took place gradually. First of all, it is important to acknowledge that it is not perfectly understood, and new discoveries are still being made which clarify how it … Read more

Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh

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One of the most famous real-world locations that is said to have a connection to King Arthur is Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh. This is the name of an extinct volcano in Holyrood Park, a royal park composed of a number of different peaks. Arthur’s Seat is the highest of these peaks. It is also the highest point in all of … Read more

The Saxon Invasion of Britain

The arrival of the Saxons into Britain is one of the most important events in the whole history of the British Isles, and in fact, the world. If the Saxons had never taken over control of what is now England, then the entire subsequent history of the country would likely have been completely different. Given the impact that the … Read more

The Siege of Mount Badon

Few events in the Arthurian legends can lay claim to being undoubtedly historical. One of these rare events is the siege of Mount Badon. This battle was described by Gildas, the only contemporary insular source for the Arthurian period that we have. Let us first have a look at the background of this event and see … Read more

Where Was Camelot?

llanmelin wood hillfort

There are many legendary locations around the world that people have sought after for hundreds, or even thousands, of years. One of the most famous of these locations is Camelot, Arthur’s grand city, often presented as the capital of his kingdom. There are numerous theories as to where this grand city really was, if it … Read more

Was King Arthur Roman?

King Arthur as a Roman, portrayed by Clive Owen.

In some portrayals of the Arthurian legends, such as the 2004 film King Arthur, the eponymous war leader is depicted as a Roman officer. Generally, this is held to be more accurate than simply making him a native chieftain or king. However, is this actually a plausible concept, or is it just adding another inaccuracy to the tales? Reasons He … Read more