The Slaying of Sir Lamorak

In the Arthurian legends, King Arthur was said to have many knights. Some of these are exceptionally famous, such as Lancelot, Percival, and Gawain. But Arthur also had plenty of lesser-known knights. Let’s take a look at the available information about one of these somewhat more obscure knights: Sir Lamorak. Family Lamorak was the son … Read more

Lot of Lothian

Lot of Lothian

Some characters in the Arthurian legends can be identified as probably-historical people from some of the oldest available records. The reasonably well-known character Lot of Lothian is one such individual. He appears as one of Arthur’s knights in the romance tales, but unlike many characters from those tales, Lot was not the product of a … Read more

The Battle of Agned

The Battle of Agned

The Battle of Agned was said to have been Arthur’s eleventh battle against the Saxons. It is a particularly interesting battle, because different versions of the Historia Brittonum contain different information about it. It is also the only one of the twelve battles, apart from Badon, that may have independent support for its historicity. Let’s … Read more

The Britons

The Britons with two dragons

The Britons are the inhabitants of the island of Britain. As such, they make up the primary characters involved in the legends of King Arthur. This makes them very interesting to us, so in this article we will examine their origins, their history, and their culture. Origins At least as early as the ninth century, the Britons had a very interesting foundation story. According to … Read more


Mordred from Merlin Show

King Arthur’s greatest enemy was not a Saxon leader. After all, Arthur defeated the Saxons. Rather, his greatest enemy was the person who actually caused the downfall of his kingdom – Mordred. Let’s find out who this Mordred was, what he did, and what we can say about him historically. Earliest Appearance Mordred appears in one of the very … Read more



Something that many Arthurian researchers are interested in is discovering where it was that Arthur fought his battles. Normally, his twelve battles against the Saxons (as recorded in the Historia Brittonum) are the subject of investigation, but there is another major battle that Arthur is recorded as having. This is the Battle of Camlann, first … Read more



There are several characters from the Arthurian legends who can be identified as real individuals of the fifth and sixth centuries. Owain is one of these individuals. He appears in the legends as one of Arthur’s allies, generally known as ‘Sir Ywain’ in the later romances. Let us now take a look at what we know about … Read more


Urien in battle

Some of the characters from the Arthurian legends can be identified as definitely historical figures. One of Arthur’s most famous knights, Sir Uriens of Gorre, is one of them. Let us take a look at some of the historical facts about this character, as well as the way he is presented in the legends. The … Read more