Amazing Stories Magazine Issues

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The launch of the first Amazing Stories magazine is considered the start of the modern era of science fiction. It spawned a hugely popular genre that, though niche at its time, has now become mainstream. This is the Amazing Stories timeline.

What is Amazing Stories Magazine?

Amazing Stories is a science fiction magazine that began in 1926 and has lasted, almost unbroken, to the present. It is one of the most successful sci-fi magazines of all time, and paved the way for other magazines in its genre, not to mention so many sci-fi properties that were inspired by pulp fiction.

The magazine has launched the career of many authors including the following who had their first story published in the magazine: John W. Campbell, Isaac Asimov, Ursula K. Le Guin, and more!

What’s in this List of Amazing Stories Magazines?

This list contains every issue of Amazing Stories that has ever been published. However, in some cases, details are scant, and all we have is the issue volume, number, and release date. Wherever possible, we’ve collected as many PDF scans of the issues that we can. If you don’t see a PDF here, that likely means that we were unable to find it online. As we find more resources with more information on the different issues out there, we will include them here.

And if you have more information about this magazine or other pulp magazines, be sure to let us know and we can update the page accordingly. And don’t forget to check out our Pulp Magazine Central Hub. Thank you for visiting!

1Amazing Stories Vol. 1 No. 1MagazineHugo Gernsback1926-04-01Frank R. Paul
2Amazing Stories Vol. 1 No. 2MagazineHugo Gernsback1926-05-01Frank R. Paul
3Amazing Stories Vol. 1 No. 31MagazineHugo Gernsback1926-06-01Frank R. Paul
4Amazing Stories Vol. 1 No. 4MagazineHugo Gernsback1926-07-01Frank R. Paul
5Amazing Stories Vol. 1 No. 5MagazineHugo Gernsback1926-08-01Frank R. Paul
6Amazing Stories Vol. 1 No. 6MagazineHugo Gernsback1926-09-01Frank R. Paul
7Amazing Stories Vol. 1 No. 7MagazineHugo Gernsback1926-10-01Frank R. Paul
8Amazing Stories Vol. 1 No. 8MagazineHugo Gernsback1926-11-01Frank R. Paul
9Amazing Stories Vol. 1 No. 9MagazineHugo Gernsback1926-12-01Frank R. Paul
10Amazing Stories Vol. 1 No. 10MagazineHugo Gernsback1927-01-01Frank R. Paul
11Amazing Stories Vol. 1 No. 11MagazineHugo Gernsback1927-02-01Frank R. Paul
12Amazing Stories Vol. 1 No. 12MagazineHugo Gernsback1927-03-01Frank R. Paul
13Amazing Stories Vol. 2 No. 1MagazineHugo Gernsback1927-04-01Frank R. Paul
14Amazing Stories Vol. 2 No. 2MagazineHugo Gernsback1927-05-01Frank R. Paul
15Amazing Stories Annual Vol. 1MagazineHugo Gernsback1927-06-01Frank R. Paul
16Amazing Stories Vol. 2 No. 3MagazineHugo Gernsback1927-06-01Frank R. Paul
17Amazing Stories Vol. 2 No. 4MagazineHugo Gernsback1927-07-01Frank R. Paul
18Amazing Stories Vol. 2 No. 5MagazineHugo Gernsback1927-08-01Frank R. Paul
19Amazing Stories Vol. 2 No. 6MagazineHugo Gernsback1927-09-01Frank R. Paul
20Amazing Stories Vol. 2 No. 7MagazineHugo Gernsback1927-10-01Frank R. Paul
21Amazing Stories Vol. 2 No. 8MagazineHugo Gernsback1927-11-01Frank R. Paul
22Amazing Stories Vol. 2 No. 9MagazineHugo Gernsback1927-12-01Frank R. Paul
23Amazing Stories Vol. 2 No. 10MagazineHugo Gernsback1928-01-01Frank R. Paul
24Amazing Stories Quarterly Vol. 1 No. 1MagazineHugo Gernsback1928-01-01Frank R. Paul
25Amazing Stories Vol. 2 No. 11MagazineHugo Gernsback1928-02-01Frank R. Paul
26Amazing Stories Quarterly Vol. 1 No. 2MagazineHugo Gernsback1928-03-01Frank R. Paul
27Amazing Stories Vol. 2 No. 12MagazineHugo Gernsback1928-03-01Frank R. Paul
28Amazing Stories Vol. 3 No. 1MagazineHugo Gernsback1928-04-01Frank R. Paul
29Amazing Stories Vol. 3 No. 2MagazineHugo Gernsback1928-05-01Frank R. Paul
30Amazing Stories Quarterly Vol. 1 No. 3MagazineHugo Gernsback1928-06-01Frank R. Paul
31Amazing Stories Vol. 3 No. 3MagazineHugo Gernsback1928-06-01Frank R. Paul
32Amazing Stories Vol. 3 No. 4MagazineHugo Gernsback1928-07-01Frank R. Paul
33Amazing Stories Vol. 3 No. 5MagazineHugo Gernsback1928-08-01Frank R. Paul
34Amazing Stories Quarterly Vol. 1 No. 4MagazineHugo Gernsback1928-09-01Frank R. Paul
35Amazing Stories Vol. 3 No. 6MagazineHugo Gernsback1928-09-01
36Amazing Stories Vol. 3 No. 7MagazineHugo Gernsback1928-10-01Frank R. Paul
37Amazing Stories Vol. 3 No. 8MagazineHugo Gernsback1928-11-01Frank R. Paul
38Amazing Stories Vol. 3 No. 9MagazineHugo Gernsback1928-12-01Frank R. Paul
39Amazing Stories Vol. 3 No. 10MagazineHugo Gernsback1929-01-01Frank R. Paul
40Amazing Stories Quarterly Vol. 2 No. 1MagazineHugo Gernsback1929-01-01Frank R. Paul
41Amazing Stories Vol. 3 No. 11MagazineHugo Gernsback1929-02-01Frank R. Paul
42Amazing Stories Quarterly Vol. 2 No. 2MagazineHugo Gernsback1929-03-01Frank R. Paul
43Amazing Stories Vol. 3 No. 12MagazineHugo Gernsback1929-03-01Frank R. Paul
44Amazing Stories Vol. 4 No. 1MagazineHugo Gernsback1929-04-01Frank R. Paul
45Amazing Stories Vol. 4 No. 2MagazineArthur H. Lynch1929-05-01Frank R. Paul
46Amazing Stories Quarterly Vol. 2 No. 3MagazineArthur H. Lynch1929-06-01
47Amazing Stories Vol. 4 No. 3MagazineArthur H. Lynch1929-06-01Frank R. Paul
48Amazing Stories Vol. 4 No. 4MagazineArthur H. Lynch1929-07-01Leo Morey
49Amazing Stories Vol. 4 No. 5MagazineArthur H. Lynch1929-08-01Wesso
50Amazing Stories Quarterly Vol. 2 No. 4MagazineArthur H. Lynch1929-09-01H. Wesso
51Amazing Stories Vol. 4 No. 6MagazineArthur H. Lynch1929-09-01Wesso
52Amazing Stories Vol. 4 No. 7MagazineArthur H. Lynch1929-10-01Wesso
53Amazing Stories Vol. 4 No. 8MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1929-11-01Wesso
54Amazing Stories Vol. 4 No. 9MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1929-12-01Leo Morey
55Amazing Stories Quarterly Vol. 3 No. 1MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1930-01-01H. Wesso
56Amazing Stories Vol. 4 No. 10MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1930-01-01Leo Morey
57Amazing Stories Vol. 4 No. 11MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1930-02-01Leo Morey
58Amazing Stories Quarterly Vol. 3 No. 2MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1930-03-01Leo Morey
59Amazing Stories Vol. 4 No. 12MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1930-03-01Leo Morey
60Amazing Stories Vol. 5 No. 1MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1930-04-01Leo Morey
61Amazing Stories Vol. 5 No. 2MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1930-05-01Leo Morey
62Amazing Stories Quarterly Vol. 3 No. 3MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1930-06-01Leo Morey
63Amazing Stories Vol. 5 No. 3MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1930-06-01Leo Morey
64Amazing Stories Vol. 5 No. 4MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1930-07-01Leo Morey
65Amazing Stories Vol. 5 No. 5MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1930-08-01Wesso
66Amazing Stories Quarterly Vol. 3 No. 4MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1930-09-01Leo Morey
67Amazing Stories Vol. 5 No. 6MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1930-09-01Leo Morey
68Amazing Stories Vol. 5 No. 7MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1930-10-01Leo Morey
69Amazing Stories Vol. 5 No. 8MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1930-11-01Leo Morey
70Amazing Stories Vol. 5 No. 9MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1930-12-01Leo Morey
71Amazing Stories Quarterly Vol. 4 No. 1MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1931-01-01Leo Morey
72Amazing Stories Vol. 5 No. 10MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1931-01-01Leo Morey
73Amazing Stories Vol. 5 No. 11MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1931-02-01Leo Morey
74Amazing Stories Quarterly Vol. 4 No. 2MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1931-03-01Leo Morey
75Amazing Stories Vol. 5 No. 12MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1931-03-01Leo Morey
76Amazing Stories Vol. 6 No. 1MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1931-04-01Leo Morey
77Amazing Stories Vol. 6 No. 2MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1931-05-01Leo Morey
78Amazing Stories Quarterly Vol. 4 No. 3MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1931-06-01Leo Morey
79Amazing Stories Vol. 6 No. 3MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1931-06-01Leo Morey
80Amazing Stories Vol. 6 No. 4MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1931-07-01Leo Morey
81Amazing Stories Vol. 6 No. 5MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1931-08-01Leo Morey
82Amazing Stories Quarterly Vol. 4 No. 4MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1931-09-01Leo Morey
83Amazing Stories Vol. 6 No. 6MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1931-09-01Leo Morey
84Amazing Stories Vol. 6 No. 7MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1931-10-01Leo Morey
85Amazing Stories Vol. 6 No. 8MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1931-11-01Leo Morey
86Amazing Stories Vol. 6 No. 9MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1931-12-01Leo Morey
87Amazing Stories Quarterly Vol. 5 No. 1MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1932-01-01Leo Morey
88Amazing Stories Vol. 6 No. 10MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1932-01-01Leo Morey
89Amazing Stories Vol. 6 No. 11MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1932-02-01Leo Morey
90Amazing Stories Quarterly Vol. 5 No. 2MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1932-03-01Leo Morey
91Amazing Stories Vol. 6 No. 12MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1932-03-01Leo Morey
92Amazing Stories Vol. 7 No. 1MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1932-04-01Leo Morey
93Amazing Stories Vol. 7 No. 2MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1932-05-01Leo Morey
94Amazing Stories Vol. 7 No. 3MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1932-06-01Leo Morey
95Amazing Stories Vol. 7 No. 4MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1932-07-01Leo Morey
96Amazing Stories Vol. 7 No. 5MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1932-08-01Leo Morey
97Amazing Stories Quarterly Vol. 5 No. 3MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1932-09-01Leo Morey
98Amazing Stories Vol. 7 No. 6MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1932-09-01Leo Morey
99Amazing Stories Vol. 7 No. 7MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1932-10-01Leo Morey
100Amazing Stories Vol. 7 No. 8MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1932-11-01Leo Morey
101Amazing Stories Vol. 7 No. 9MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1932-12-01Leo Morey
102Amazing Stories Quarterly Vol. 6 No. 4MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1933-01-01A. Sigmond
103Amazing Stories Vol. 7 No. 10MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1933-01-01
104Amazing Stories Vol. 7 No. 11MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1933-02-01A. Sigmond
105Amazing Stories Vol. 7 No. 12MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1933-03-01A. Sigmond
106Amazing Stories Vol. 8 No. 1MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1933-04-01
107Amazing Stories Vol. 8 No. 2MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1933-05-01A. Sigmond
108Amazing Stories Vol. 8 No. 3MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1933-06-01A. Sigmond
109Amazing Stories Vol. 8 No. 4MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1933-07-01
110Amazing Stories Vol. 8 No. 5MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1933-08-01Leo Morey
111Amazing Stories Quarterly Vol. 7 No. 2MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1933-09-01Leo Morey
112Amazing Stories Vol. 8 No. 6MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1933-10-01Leo Morey
113Amazing Stories Vol. 8 No. 7MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1933-11-01Leo Morey
114Amazing Stories Quarterly Vol. 7 No. 1MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1933-12-01Leo Morey
115Amazing Stories Vol. 8 No. 8MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1933-12-01Leo Morey
116Amazing Stories Vol. 8 No. 9MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1934-01-01Leo Morey
117Amazing Stories Vol. 8 No. 10MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1934-02-01Leo Morey
118Amazing Stories Vol. 8 No. 11MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1934-03-01Leo Morey
119Amazing Stories Vol. 8 No. 12MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1934-04-01Leo Morey
120Amazing Stories Vol. 9 No. 1MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1934-05-01Leo Morey
121Amazing Stories Vol. 9 No. 2MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1934-06-01Leo Morey
122Amazing Stories Vol. 9 No. 3MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1934-07-01Leo Morey
123Amazing Stories Vol. 9 No. 4MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1934-08-01Leo Morey
124Amazing Stories Vol. 9 No. 5MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1934-09-01Leo Morey
125Amazing Stories Vol. 9 No. 6MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1934-10-01Leo Morey
126Amazing Stories Vol. 9 No. 7MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1934-11-01Leo Morey
127Amazing Stories Vol. 9 No. 8MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1934-12-01Leo Morey
128Amazing Stories Vol. 9 No. 9MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1935-01-01Leo Morey
129Amazing Stories Vol. 9 No. 10MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1935-02-01Leo Morey
130Amazing Stories Vol. 9 No. 11MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1935-03-01Leo Morey
131Amazing Stories Vol. 10 No. 1MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1935-04-01Leo Morey
132Amazing Stories Vol. 10 No. 2MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1935-05-01Leo Morey
133Amazing Stories Vol. 10 No. 3MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1935-06-01Leo Morey
134Amazing Stories Vol. 10 No. 4MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1935-07-01Leo Morey
135Amazing Stories Vol. 10 No. 5MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1935-08-01Leo Morey
136Amazing Stories Vol. 10 No. 6MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1935-10-01Leo Morey
137Amazing Stories Vol. 10 No. 7MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1935-12-01Leo Morey
138Amazing Stories Vol. 10 No. 8MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1936-02-01Leo Morey
139Amazing Stories Vol. 10 No. 9MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1936-04-01Leo Morey
140Amazing Stories Vol. 10 No. 10MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1936-06-01Leo Morey
141Amazing Stories Vol. 10 No. 11MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1936-08-01Leo Morey
142Amazing Stories Vol. 10 No. 12MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1936-10-01Leo Morey
143Amazing Stories Vol. 10 No. 13MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1936-12-01Leo Morey
144Amazing Stories Vol. 11 No. 1MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1937-02-01Leo Morey
145Amazing Stories Vol. 11 No. 2MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1937-04-01Leo Morey
146Amazing Stories Vol. 11 No. 3MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1937-06-01Leo Morey
147Amazing Stories Vol. 11 No. 4MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1937-08-01Leo Morey
148Amazing Stories Vol. 11 No. 5MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1937-10-01Leo Morey
149Amazing Stories Vol. 11 No. 6MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1937-12-01Leo Morey
150Amazing Stories Vol. 12 No. 1MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1938-02-01Leo Morey
151Amazing Stories Vol. 12 No. 2MagazineT. O’Conor Sloane1938-04-01Leo Morey
152Amazing Stories Vol. 12 No. 3MagazineB. G. Davis1938-06-01Horace Hime
153Amazing Stories Vol. 12 No. 4MagazineB. G. Davis1938-08-01Henry F. Kroeger Jr.
154Amazing Stories Vol. 12 No. 5MagazineB. G. Davis1938-10-01Robert Fuqua
155Amazing Stories Vol. 12 No. 6MagazineB. G. Davis1938-11-01Robert Fuqua
156Amazing Stories Vol. 12 No. 7MagazineB. G. Davis1938-12-01Robert Fuqua
157Amazing Stories Vol. 13 No. 1MagazineB. G. Davis1939-01-01Robert Fuqua
158Amazing Stories Vol. 13 No. 2MagazineB. G. Davis1939-02-01Robert Fuqua
159Amazing Stories Vol. 13 No. 3MagazineB. G. Davis1939-03-01Robert Fuqua
160Amazing Stories Vol. 13 No. 4MagazineB. G. Davis1939-04-01Robert Fuqua
161Amazing Stories Vol. 13 No. 5MagazineB. G. Davis1939-05-01Robert Fuqua
162Amazing Stories Vol. 13 No. 6MagazineB. G. Davis1939-06-01William Juhre
163Amazing Stories Vol. 13 No. 7MagazineB. G. Davis1939-07-01Robert Fuqua
164Amazing Stories Vol. 13 No. 8MagazineB. G. Davis1939-08-01Robert Fuqua
165Amazing Stories Vol. 13 No. 9MagazineB. G. Davis1939-09-01Robert Fuqua
166Amazing Stories Vol. 13 No. 10MagazineB. G. Davis1939-10-01Robert Fuqua
167Amazing Stories Vol. 13 No. 11MagazineB. G. Davis1939-11-01H. W. McCauley
168Amazing Stories Vol. 13 No. 12MagazineB. G. Davis1939-12-01Julian Krupa
169Amazing Stories Vol. 14 No. 1MagazineB. G. Davis1940-01-01Robert Fuqua
170Amazing Stories Vol. 14 No. 2MagazineB. G. Davis1940-02-01C. L. Hartman
171Amazing Stories Vol. 14 No. 3MagazineB. G. Davis1940-03-01H. W. McCauley
172Amazing Stories Vol. 14 No. 4MagazineB. G. Davis1940-04-01H. R. Hammond
173Amazing Stories Vol. 14 No. 5MagazineB. G. Davis1940-05-01C. L. Hartman
174Amazing Stories Vol. 14 No. 6MagazineB. G. Davis1940-06-01Julian S. Krupa
175Amazing Stories Vol. 14 No. 7MagazineB. G. Davis1940-07-01Robert Fuqua
176Amazing Stories Vol. 14 No. 8MagazineB. G. Davis1940-08-01Julian S. Krupa, Leo Morey
177Amazing Stories Vol. 14 No. 9MagazineB. G. Davis1940-09-01Robert Fuqua
178Amazing Stories Vol. 14 No. 10MagazineB. G. Davis1940-10-01Leo Morey
179Amazing Stories Vol. 14 No. 11MagazineB. G. Davis1940-11-01Robert Fuqua
180Amazing Stories Vol. 14 No. 12MagazineB. G. Davis1940-12-01Robert Fuqua
181Amazing Stories Vol. 15 No. 1MagazineB. G. Davis1941-01-01J. Allen St. John
182Amazing Stories Vol. 15 No. 2MagazineB. G. Davis1941-02-01Leo Morey
183Amazing Stories Vol. 15 No. 3MagazineB. G. Davis1941-03-01J. Allen St. John
184Amazing Stories Vol. 15 No. 4MagazineB. G. Davis1941-04-01J. Allen St. John
185Amazing Stories Vol. 15 No. 5MagazineB. G. Davis1941-05-01J. Allen St. John
186Amazing Stories Vol. 15 No. 6MagazineB. G. Davis1941-06-01J. Allen St. John
187Amazing Stories Vol. 15 No. 7MagazineB. G. Davis1941-07-01Stockton Mulford
188Amazing Stories Vol. 15 No. 8MagazineB. G. Davis1941-08-01J. Allen St. John
189Amazing Stories Vol. 15 No. 9MagazineB. G. Davis1941-09-01Robert Fuqua
190Amazing Stories Vol. 15 No. 10MagazineB. G. Davis1941-10-01J. Allen St. John
191Amazing Stories Vol. 15 No. 11MagazineB. G. Davis1941-11-01Robert Fuqua
192Amazing Stories Vol. 15 No. 12MagazineB. G. Davis1941-12-01Rod Ruth
193Amazing Stories Vol. 16 No. 1MagazineB. G. Davis1942-01-01Malcolm Smith
194Amazing Stories Vol. 16 No. 2MagazineB. G. Davis1942-02-01L. Raymond Jones
195Amazing Stories Vol. 16 No. 3MagazineB. G. Davis1942-03-01Robert Fuqua
196Amazing Stories Vol. 16 No. 4MagazineB. G. Davis1942-04-01Robert Fuqua
197Amazing Stories Vol. 16 No. 5MagazineB. G. Davis1942-05-01H. W. McCauley
198Amazing Stories Vol. 16 No. 6MagazineB. G. Davis1942-06-01Malcolm Smith
199Amazing Stories Vol. 16 No. 7MagazineB. G. Davis1942-07-01J. Allen St. John
200Amazing Stories Vol. 16 No. 8MagazineB. G. Davis1942-08-01H. W. McCauley
201Amazing Stories Vol. 16 No. 9MagazineB. G. Davis1942-09-01James B. Settles
202Amazing Stories Vol. 16 No. 10MagazineB. G. Davis1942-10-01Malcolm Smith
203Amazing Stories Vol. 16 No. 11MagazineB. G. Davis1942-11-01Robert Gibson Jones
204Amazing Stories Vol. 16 No. 12MagazineB. G. Davis1942-12-01J. Allen St. John
205Amazing Stories Vol. 17 No. 1MagazineB. G. Davis1943-01-01J. Allen St. John
206Amazing Stories Vol. 17 No. 2MagazineB. G. Davis1943-02-01J. Allen St. John
207Amazing Stories Vol. 17 No. 3MagazineB. G. Davis1943-03-01Robert Fuqua
208Amazing Stories Vol. 17 No. 4MagazineB. G. Davis1943-04-01Robert Fuqua
209Amazing Stories Vol. 17 No. 5MagazineB. G. Davis1943-05-01H. W. McCauley
210Amazing Stories Vol. 17 No. 6MagazineB. G. Davis1943-06-01Hadden
211Amazing Stories Vol. 17 No. 7MagazineB. G. Davis1943-07-01H. W. McCauley
212Amazing Stories Vol. 17 No. 8MagazineB. G. Davis1943-08-01Robert Fuqua
213Amazing Stories Vol. 17 No. 9MagazineB. G. Davis1943-09-01Robert Gibson Jones
214Amazing Stories Vol. 17 No. 10MagazineB. G. Davis1943-11-01Robert Gibson Jones
215Amazing Stories Vol. 18 No. 1MagazineB. G. Davis1944-01-01Robert Fuqua
216Amazing Stories Vol. 18 No. 2MagazineB. G. Davis1944-03-01J. Allen St. John
217Amazing Stories Vol. 18 No. 3MagazineB. G. Davis1944-05-01Malcolm Smith
218Amazing Stories Vol. 18 No. 4MagazineB. G. Davis1944-09-01Julian S. Krupa
219Amazing Stories Vol. 18 No. 5MagazineB. G. Davis1944-12-01James B. Settles
220Amazing Stories Vol. 19 No. 1MagazineB. G. Davis1945-03-01Robert Gibson Jones
221Amazing Stories Vol. 19 No. 2MagazineB. G. Davis1945-06-01Robert Gibson Jones
222Amazing Stories Vol. 19 No. 3MagazineB. G. Davis1945-09-01Robert Gibson Jones
223Amazing Stories Vol. 19 No. 4MagazineB. G. Davis1945-12-01Robert Gibson Jones
224Amazing Stories Vol. 20 No. 1MagazineB. G. Davis1946-02-01Malcolm Smith
225Amazing Stories Vol. 20 No. 2MagazineB. G. Davis1946-05-01Arnold Kohn
226Amazing Stories Vol. 20 No. 3MagazineB. G. Davis1946-06-01Arnold Kohn
227Amazing Stories Vol. 20 No. 4MagazineB. G. Davis1946-07-01Walter Parke
228Amazing Stories Vol. 20 No. 5MagazineB. G. Davis1946-08-01H. W. McCauley
229Amazing Stories Vol. 20 No. 6MagazineB. G. Davis1946-09-01Robert Gibson Jones
230Amazing Stories Vol. 20 No. 7MagazineB. G. Davis1946-10-01Robert Gibson Jones
231Amazing Stories Vol. 20 No. 8MagazineB. G. Davis1946-11-01Arnold Kohn
232Amazing Stories Vol. 20 No. 9MagazineB. G. Davis1946-12-01Bob Hilbreth
233Amazing Stories Vol. 21 No. 1MagazineB. G. Davis1947-01-01H. W. McCauley
234Amazing Stories Vol. 21 No. 2MagazineB. G. Davis1947-02-01Robert Gibson Jones
235Amazing Stories Vol. 21 No. 3MagazineRaymond A. Palmer1947-03-01Robert Gibson Jones
236Amazing Stories Vol. 21 No. 4MagazineRaymond A. Palmer1947-04-01Julian S. Krupa
237Amazing Stories Vol. 21 No. 5MagazineRaymond A. Palmer1947-05-01James Teason
238Amazing Stories Vol. 21 No. 6MagazineRaymond A. Palmer1947-06-01Robert Gibson Jones
239Amazing Stories Vol. 21 No. 7MagazineRaymond A. Palmer1947-07-01Julian S. Krupa
240Amazing Stories Vol. 21 No. 8MagazineRaymond A. Palmer1947-08-01Arnold Kohn
241Amazing Stories Vol. 21 No. 9MagazineRaymond A. Palmer1947-09-01Malcolm Smith
242Amazing Stories Vol. 21 No. 10MagazineRaymond A. Palmer1947-10-01Robert Gibson Jones
243Amazing Stories Vol. 21 No. 11MagazineRaymond A. Palmer1947-11-01Robert Gibson Jones
244Amazing Stories Vol. 21 No. 12MagazineRaymond A. Palmer1947-12-01Robert Gibson Jones
245Amazing Stories Vol. 22 No. 1MagazineRaymond A. Palmer1948-01-01Ramon Naylor
246Amazing Stories Vol. 22 No. 2MagazineRaymond A. Palmer1948-02-01Malcolm Smith
247Amazing Stories Vol. 22 No. 3MagazineRaymond A. Palmer1948-03-01Robert Gibson Jones
248Amazing Stories Vol. 22 No. 4MagazineRaymond A. Palmer1948-04-01Robert Gibson Jones
249Amazing Stories Vol. 22 No. 5MagazineRaymond A. Palmer1948-05-01Robert Gibson Jones
250Amazing Stories Vol. 22 No. 6MagazineRaymond A. Palmer1948-06-01Robert Gibson Jones
251Amazing Stories Vol. 22 No. 7MagazineRaymond A. Palmer1948-07-01Arnold Kohn
252Amazing Stories Vol. 22 No. 8MagazineRaymond A. Palmer1948-08-01Robert Gibson Jones
253Amazing Stories Vol. 22 No. 9MagazineRaymond A. Palmer1948-09-01Robert Gibson Jones
254Amazing Stories Vol. 22 No. 10MagazineRaymond A. Palmer1948-10-01James B. Settles
255Amazing Stories Vol. 22 No. 11MagazineRaymond A. Palmer1948-11-01Robert Gibson Jones
256Amazing Stories Vol. 22 No. 12MagazineRaymond A. Palmer1948-12-01H. W. McCauley
257Amazing Stories Vol. 23 No. 1MagazineRaymond A. Palmer1949-01-01J. Allen St. John
258Amazing Stories Vol. 23 No. 2MagazineRaymond A. Palmer1949-02-01Robert Gibson Jones
259Amazing Stories Vol. 23 No. 3MagazineRaymond A. Palmer1949-03-01Edmond Swiatek
260Amazing Stories Vol. 23 No. 4MagazineRaymond A. Palmer1949-04-01Arnold Kohn
261Amazing Stories Vol. 23 No. 5MagazineRaymond A. Palmer1949-05-01H. W. McCauley
262Amazing Stories Vol. 23 No. 6MagazineRaymond A. Palmer1949-06-01Arnold Kohn
263Amazing Stories Vol. 23 No. 7MagazineRaymond A. Palmer1949-07-01Robert Gibson Jones
264Amazing Stories Vol. 23 No. 8MagazineRaymond A. Palmer1949-08-01Arnold Kohn
265Amazing Stories Vol. 23 No. 9MagazineRaymond A. Palmer1949-09-01Richard Loehle
266Amazing Stories Vol. 23 No. 10MagazineRaymond A. Palmer1949-10-01H. W. McCauley
267Amazing Stories Vol. 23 No. 11MagazineRaymond A. Palmer1949-11-01Arnold Kohn
268Amazing Stories Vol. 23 No. 12MagazineRaymond A. Palmer1949-12-01Robert Gibson Jones
269Amazing Stories Vol. 24 No. 1MagazineHoward Browne1950-01-01Arnold Kohn
270Amazing Stories Vol. 24 No. 2MagazineHoward Browne1950-02-01Robert Gibson Jones
271Amazing Stories Vol. 24 No. 3MagazineHoward Browne1950-03-01Robert Gibson Jones
272Amazing Stories Vol. 24 No. 4MagazineHoward Browne1950-04-01Robert Gibson Jones
273Amazing Stories Vol. 24 No. 5MagazineHoward Browne1950-05-01Arnold Kohn
274Amazing Stories Vol. 24 No. 6MagazineHoward Browne1950-06-01Robert Gibson Jones
275Amazing Stories Vol. 24 No. 7MagazineHoward Browne1950-07-01Robert Gibson Jones
276Amazing Stories Vol. 24 No. 8MagazineHoward Browne1950-08-01Robert Gibson Jones
277Amazing Stories Vol. 24 No. 9MagazineHoward Browne1950-09-01Robert Gibson Jones
278Amazing Stories Vol. 24 No. 10MagazineHoward Browne1950-10-01Robert Gibson Jones
279Amazing Stories Vol. 24 No. 11MagazineHoward Browne1950-11-01Arnold Kohn
280Amazing Stories Vol. 24 No. 12MagazineHoward Browne1950-12-01James B. Settles
281Amazing Stories Vol. 25 No. 1MagazineHoward Browne1951-01-01Robert Gibson Jones
282Amazing Stories Vol. 25 No. 2MagazineHoward Browne1951-02-01Robert Gibson Jones
283Amazing Stories Vol. 25 No. 3MagazineHoward Browne1951-03-01Robert Gibson Jones
284Amazing Stories Vol. 25 No. 4MagazineHoward Browne1951-04-01Robert Gibson Jones
285Amazing Stories Vol. 25 No. 5MagazineHoward Browne1951-05-01Robert Gibson Jones
286Amazing Stories Vol. 25 No. 6MagazineHoward Browne1951-06-01Robert Gibson Jones
287Amazing Stories Vol. 25 No. 7MagazineHoward Browne1951-07-01Joseph W. Tillotson
288Amazing Stories Vol. 25 No. 8MagazineHoward Browne1951-08-01Robert Gibson Jones
289Amazing Stories Vol. 25 No. 9MagazineHoward Browne1951-09-01Robert Gibson Jones
290Amazing Stories Vol. 25 No. 10MagazineHoward Browne1951-10-01Robert Gibson Jones
291Amazing Stories Vol. 25 No. 11MagazineHoward Browne1951-11-01Julian Krupa, Ed Swiatek
292Amazing Stories Vol. 25 No. 12MagazineHoward Browne1951-12-01Robert Gibson Jones
293Amazing Stories Vol. 26 No. 1MagazineHoward Browne1952-01-01Norman Saunders
294Amazing Stories Vol. 26 No. 2MagazineHoward Browne1952-02-01Lawrence
295Amazing Stories Vol. 26 No. 3MagazineHoward Browne1952-03-01Barye Phillips
296Amazing Stories Vol. 26 No. 4MagazineHoward Browne1952-04-01Barye Phillips
297Amazing Stories Vol. 26 No. 5MagazineHoward Browne1952-05-01Lawrence
298Amazing Stories Vol. 26 No. 6MagazineHoward Browne1952-06-01Walter Popp
299Amazing Stories Vol. 26 No. 7MagazineHoward Browne1952-07-01Lawrence
300Amazing Stories Vol. 26 No. 8MagazineHoward Browne1952-08-01Walter Popp
301Amazing Stories Vol. 26 No. 9MagazineHoward Browne1952-09-01Walter Popp
302Amazing Stories Vol. 26 No. 10MagazineHoward Browne1952-10-01Walter Popp
303Amazing Stories Vol. 26 No. 11MagazineHoward Browne1952-11-01Walter Popp
304Amazing Stories Vol. 26 No. 12MagazineHoward Browne1952-12-01Leo R. Summers
305Amazing Stories Vol. 27 No. 1MagazineHoward Browne1953-01-01Arnold Kohn
306Amazing Stories Vol. 27 No. 2MagazineHoward Browne1953-02-01Robert Frank
307Amazing Stories Vol. 27 No. 3MagazineHoward Browne1953-03-01Harris Levey
308Amazing Stories Vol. 27 No. 4MagazineHoward Browne1953-04-01Barye Phillips
309Amazing Stories Vol. 27 No. 5MagazineHoward Browne1953-06-01Barye Phillips
310Amazing Stories Vol. 27 No. 6MagazineHoward Browne1953-08-01Gaylord Welker
311Amazing Stories Vol. 27 No. 7MagazineHoward Browne1953-10-01Arthur T. Sussman
312Amazing Stories Vol. 27 No. 8MagazineHoward Browne1953-12-01Mel Hunter
313Amazing Stories Vol. 28 No. 1MagazineHoward Browne1954-03-01Clarence Doore
314Amazing Stories Vol. 28 No. 2MagazineHoward Browne1954-05-01Mel Hunter
315Amazing Stories Vol. 28 No. 3MagazineHoward Browne1954-07-01Clarence Doore
316Amazing Stories Vol. 28 No. 4MagazineHoward Browne1954-09-01Ralph Castenir
317Amazing Stories Vol. 28 No. 5MagazineHoward Browne1954-11-01William Rembach
318Amazing Stories Vol. 29 No. 1MagazineHoward Browne1955-01-01William Rembach
319Amazing Stories Vol. 29 No. 2MagazineHoward Browne1955-03-01Ed Valigursky
320Amazing Stories Vol. 29 No. 3MagazineHoward Browne1955-05-01Ed Valigursky
321Amazing Stories Vol. 29 No. 4MagazineHoward Browne1955-07-01Ed Valigursky
322Amazing Stories Vol. 29 No. 5MagazineHoward Browne1955-09-01Ed Valigursky
323Amazing Stories Vol. 29 No. 6MagazineHoward Browne1955-11-01Ed Valigursky
324Amazing Stories Vol. 29 No. 7MagazineHoward Browne1955-12-01Ed Valigursky
325Amazing Stories Vol. 30 No. 1MagazineHoward Browne1956-01-01Ed Valigursky
326Amazing Stories Vol. 30 No. 2MagazineHoward Browne1956-02-01Ed Valigursky
327Amazing Stories Vol. 30 No. 3MagazineHoward Browne1956-03-01Ed Valigursky
328Amazing Stories Vol. 30 No. 4MagazineHoward Browne1956-04-01Ed Valigursky
329Amazing Stories Vol. 30 No. 5MagazineHoward Browne1956-05-01Ed Valigursky
330Amazing Stories Vol. 30 No. 6MagazineHoward Browne1956-06-01Ed Valigursky
331Amazing Stories Vol. 30 No. 7MagazineHoward Browne1956-07-01Ed Valigursky
332Amazing Stories Vol. 30 No. 8MagazineHoward Browne1956-08-01Ed Valigursky
333Amazing Stories Vol. 30 No. 9MagazinePaul W. Fairman1956-09-01Ed Valigursky
334Amazing Stories Vol. 30 No. 10MagazinePaul W. Fairman1956-10-01Ed Valigursky
335Amazing Stories Vol. 30 No. 11MagazinePaul W. Fairman1956-11-01Ed Valigursky
336Amazing Stories Vol. 30 No. 12MagazinePaul W. Fairman1956-12-01Ed Valigursky
337Amazing Stories Vol. 31 No. 1MagazinePaul W. Fairman1957-01-01Ed Valigursky
338Amazing Stories Vol. 31 No. 2MagazinePaul W. Fairman1957-02-01Ed Valigursky
339Amazing Stories Vol. 31 No. 3MagazinePaul W. Fairman1957-03-01Ed Valigursky
340Amazing Stories Vol. 31 No. 4MagazinePaul W. Fairman1957-04-01Ed Valigursky
341Amazing Stories Vol. 31 No. 5MagazinePaul W. Fairman1957-05-01Ed Valigursky
342Amazing Stories Vol. 31 No. 6MagazinePaul W. Fairman1957-06-01Ed Valigursky
343Amazing Stories Vol. 31 No. 7MagazinePaul W. Fairman1957-07-01Ed Valigursky
344Amazing Stories Vol. 31 No. 8MagazinePaul W. Fairman1957-08-01Ed Valigursky
345Amazing Stories Vol. 31 No. 9MagazinePaul W. Fairman1957-09-01Ed Valigursky
346Amazing Stories Vol. 31 No. 10MagazinePaul W. Fairman1957-10-01Ed Valigursky
347Amazing Stories Vol. 31 No. 11MagazinePaul W. Fairman1957-11-01Ed Valigursky
348Amazing Stories Vol. 31 No. 12MagazinePaul W. Fairman1957-12-01Virgil Finlay
349Amazing Stories Vol. 32 No. 1MagazinePaul W. Fairman1958-01-01Ed Valigursky
350Amazing Stories Vol. 32 No. 2MagazinePaul W. Fairman1958-02-01Ed Valigursky
351Amazing Stories Vol. 32 No. 3MagazinePaul W. Fairman1958-03-01Ed Valigursky
352Amazing Stories Vol. 32 No. 4MagazinePaul W. Fairman1958-04-01Ed Valigursky
353Amazing Stories Vol. 32 No. 5MagazinePaul W. Fairman1958-05-01Ed Valigursky
354Amazing Stories Vol. 32 No. 6MagazinePaul W. Fairman1958-06-01Ed Valigursky
355Amazing Stories Vol. 32 No. 7MagazinePaul W. Fairman1958-07-01Ed Valigursky
356Amazing Stories Vol. 32 No. 8MagazinePaul W. Fairman1958-08-01Ed Valigursky
357Amazing Stories Vol. 32 No. 9MagazinePaul W. Fairman1958-09-01Ed Valigursky
358Amazing Stories Vol. 32 No. 10MagazinePaul W. Fairman1958-10-01Ed Valigursky
359Amazing Stories Vol. 32 No. 11MagazinePaul W. Fairman1958-11-01Ed Valigursky
360Amazing Stories Vol. 32 No. 12MagazineCele Goldsmith1958-12-01Ed Valigursky
361Amazing Stories Vol. 33 No. 1MagazineCele Goldsmith1959-01-01Gabe Keith
362Amazing Stories Vol. 33 No. 2MagazineCele Goldsmith1959-02-01Phil Berry
363Amazing Stories Vol. 33 No. 3MagazineCele Goldsmith1959-03-01Albert A. Nuetzell
364Amazing Stories Vol. 33 No. 4MagazineCele Goldsmith1959-04-01Ed Valigursky
365Amazing Stories Vol. 33 No. 5MagazineCele Goldsmith1959-05-01Ed Valigursky
366Amazing Stories Vol. 33 No. 6MagazineCele Goldsmith1959-06-01Taylor Oughton
367Amazing Stories Vol. 33 No. 7MagazineCele Goldsmith1959-07-01Albert A. Nuetzell
368Amazing Stories Vol. 33 No. 8MagazineCele Goldsmith1959-08-01Leo R. Summers
369Amazing Stories Vol. 33 No. 9MagazineCele Goldsmith1959-09-01Albert A. Nuetzell
370Amazing Stories Vol. 33 No. 10MagazineCele Goldsmith1959-10-01Leo R. Summers
371Amazing Stories Vol. 33 No. 11MagazineCele Goldsmith1959-11-01Leo R. Summers
372Amazing Stories Vol. 33 No. 12MagazineCele Goldsmith1959-12-01Leo R. Summers
373Amazing Stories Vol. 34 No. 1MagazineCele Goldsmith1960-01-01Ed Valigursky
374Amazing Stories Vol. 34 No. 2MagazineCele Goldsmith1960-02-01Ed Valigursky
375Amazing Stories Vol. 34 No. 3MagazineCele Goldsmith1960-03-01Albert A. Nuetzell
376Amazing Stories Vol. 34 No. 4MagazineCele Goldsmith1960-04-01Albert A. Nuetzell
377Amazing Stories Vol. 34 No. 5MagazineCele Goldsmith1960-05-01Ed Valigursky
378Amazing Stories Vol. 34 No. 6MagazineCele Goldsmith1960-06-01Leo R. Summers
379Amazing Stories Vol. 34 No. 7MagazineCele Goldsmith1960-07-01Harrel Gray
380Amazing Stories Vol. 34 No. 8MagazineCele Goldsmith1960-08-01Leo R. Summers
381Amazing Stories Vol. 34 No. 9MagazineCele Goldsmith1960-09-01Albert A. Nuetzell
382Amazing Stories Vol. 34 No. 10MagazineCele Goldsmith1960-10-01Alex Schomburg
383Amazing Stories Vol. 34 No. 11MagazineCele Goldsmith1960-11-01Ed Emshwiller
384Amazing Stories Vol. 34 No. 12MagazineCele Goldsmith1960-12-01Alex Schomburg
385Amazing Stories Vol. 35 No. 1MagazineCele Goldsmith1961-01-01Ed Valigursky
386Amazing Stories Vol. 35 No. 2MagazineCele Goldsmith1961-02-01Alex Schomburg
387Amazing Stories Vol. 35 No. 3MagazineCele Goldsmith1961-03-01Leo R. Summers
388Amazing Stories Vol. 35 No. 4MagazineCele Goldsmith1961-04-01Frank R. Paul
389Amazing Stories Vol. 35 No. 5MagazineCele Goldsmith1961-05-01Alex Schomburg
390Amazing Stories Vol. 35 No. 6MagazineCele Goldsmith1961-06-01Stan Mott
391Amazing Stories Vol. 35 No. 7MagazineCele Goldsmith1961-07-01Albert A. Nuetzell
392Amazing Stories Vol. 35 No. 8MagazineCele Goldsmith1961-08-01Emsh
393Amazing Stories Vol. 35 No. 9MagazineCele Goldsmith1961-09-01Alex Schomburg
394Amazing Stories Vol. 35 No. 10MagazineCele Goldsmith1961-10-01Alex Schomburg
395Amazing Stories Vol. 35 No. 11MagazineCele Goldsmith1961-11-01Alex Schomburg
396Amazing Stories Vol. 35 No. 12MagazineCele Goldsmith1961-12-01Lloyd Birmingham
397Amazing Stories Vol. 36 No. 1MagazineCele Goldsmith1962-01-01Ed Emshwiller
398Amazing Stories Vol. 36 No. 2MagazineCele Goldsmith1962-02-01Alex Schomburg
399Amazing Stories Vol. 36 No. 3MagazineCele Goldsmith1962-03-01Lloyd Birmingham
400Amazing Stories Vol. 36 No. 4MagazineCele Goldsmith1962-04-01Lloyd Birmingham
401Amazing Stories Vol. 36 No. 5MagazineCele Goldsmith1962-05-01George L. Schelling
402Amazing Stories Vol. 36 No. 6MagazineCele Goldsmith1962-06-01Alex Schomburg
403Amazing Stories Vol. 36 No. 7MagazineCele Goldsmith1962-07-01Lloyd Birmingham
404Amazing Stories Vol. 36 No. 8MagazineCele Goldsmith1962-08-01Alex Schomburg
405Amazing Stories Vol. 36 No. 9MagazineCele Goldsmith1962-09-01Lloyd Birmingham
406Amazing Stories Vol. 36 No. 10MagazineCele Goldsmith1962-10-01Bill Conlan
407Amazing Stories Vol. 36 No. 11MagazineCele Goldsmith1962-11-01George L. Schelling
408Amazing Stories Vol. 36 No. 12MagazineCele Goldsmith1962-12-01Alex Schomburg
409Amazing Stories Vol. 37 No. 1MagazineCele Goldsmith1963-01-01Lloyd Birmingham
410Amazing Stories Vol. 37 No. 2MagazineCele Goldsmith1963-02-01Vernon Kramer
411Amazing Stories Vol. 37 No. 3MagazineCele Goldsmith1963-03-01Lloyd Birmingham
412Amazing Stories Vol. 37 No. 4MagazineCele Goldsmith1963-04-01Virgil Finlay
413Amazing Stories Vol. 37 No. 5MagazineCele Goldsmith1963-05-01Ray Kalfus
414Amazing Stories Vol. 37 No. 6MagazineCele Goldsmith1963-06-01Emsh
415Amazing Stories Vol. 37 No. 7MagazineCele Goldsmith1963-07-01Emsh
416Amazing Stories Vol. 37 No. 8MagazineCele Goldsmith1963-08-01Lloyd Birmingham
417Amazing Stories Vol. 37 No. 9MagazineCele Goldsmith1963-09-01Lloyd Birmingham
418Amazing Stories Vol. 37 No. 10MagazineCele Goldsmith1963-10-01Lloyd Birmingham
419Amazing Stories Vol. 37 No. 11MagazineCele Goldsmith1963-11-01Alex Schomburg
420Amazing Stories Vol. 37 No. 12MagazineCele Goldsmith1963-12-01Emsh
421Amazing Stories Vol. 38 No. 1MagazineCele Goldsmith1964-01-01Alex Schomburg
422Amazing Stories Vol. 38 No. 2MagazineCele Goldsmith1964-02-01Alex Schomburg
423Amazing Stories Vol. 38 No. 3MagazineCele Goldsmith1964-03-01Emsh
424Amazing Stories Vol. 38 No. 4MagazineCele Goldsmith1964-04-01Alex Schomburg
425Amazing Stories Vol. 38 No. 5MagazineCele Goldsmith1964-05-01Emsh
426Amazing Stories Vol. 38 No. 6MagazineCele Goldsmith1964-06-01Alex Schomburg
427Amazing Stories Vol. 38 No. 7MagazineCele Goldsmith1964-07-01Emsh
428Amazing Stories Vol. 38 No. 8MagazineCele Goldsmith1964-08-01Richard McKenna
429Amazing Stories Vol. 38 No. 9MagazineCele Goldsmith1964-09-01Robert Adragna
430Amazing Stories Vol. 38 No. 10MagazineCele Goldsmith1964-10-01Emsh
431Amazing Stories Vol. 38 No. 11MagazineCele Goldsmith1964-11-01Alex Schomburg
432Amazing Stories Vol. 38 No. 12MagazineCele Goldsmith1964-12-01Robert Adragna
433Amazing Stories Vol. 39 No. 1MagazineCele Goldsmith1965-01-01Michael Arndt
434Amazing Stories Vol. 39 No. 2MagazineCele Goldsmith1965-02-01Paula McLane
435Amazing Stories Vol. 39 No. 3MagazineCele Goldsmith1965-03-01Gray Morrow
436Amazing Stories Vol. 39 No. 4MagazineCele Goldsmith1965-04-01Paula McLane
437Amazing Stories Vol. 39 No. 5MagazineCele Goldsmith1965-05-01Gray Morrow
438Amazing Stories Vol. 39 No. 6MagazineCele Goldsmith1965-06-01Gray Morrow
439Amazing Stories Vol. 40 No. 1MagazineSol Cohen1965-08-01Alex Schomburg
440Amazing Stories Vol. 40 No. 2MagazineSol Cohen1965-10-01Frank Freas
441Amazing Stories Vol. 40 No. 3MagazineSol Cohen1965-12-01Hector Castellon
442Amazing Stories Vol. 40 No. 4MagazineSol Cohen1966-02-01Frank R. Paul
443Amazing Stories Vol. 40 No. 5MagazineSol Cohen1966-04-01Frank R. Paul, Fuqua, Wesso
444Amazing Stories Vol. 40 No. 6MagazineSol Cohen1966-06-01James B. Settles
445Amazing Stories Vol. 40 No. 7MagazineSol Cohen1966-08-01James B. Settles
446Amazing Stories Vol. 40 No. 8MagazineSol Cohen1966-10-01Frank R. Paul
447Amazing Stories Vol. 40 No. 9MagazineSol Cohen1966-12-01Frank R. Paul
448Amazing Stories Vol. 40 No. 10MagazineSol Cohen1967-02-01Arnold Kohn
449Amazing Stories Vol. 41 No. 1MagazineSol Cohen1967-04-01Frank R. Paul
450Amazing Stories Vol. 41 No. 2MagazineSol Cohen1967-06-01Johnny Bruck
451Amazing Stories Vol. 41 No. 3MagazineSol Cohen1967-08-01Frank R. Paul
452Amazing Stories Vol. 41 No. 4MagazineSol Cohen1967-10-01Johnny Bruck
453Amazing Stories Vol. 41 No. 5MagazineHarry Harrison1967-12-01Johnny Bruck
454Amazing Stories Vol. 41 No. 6MagazineHarry Harrison1968-02-01Johnny Bruck
455Amazing Stories Vol. 42 No. 1MagazineHarry Harrison1968-04-01Johnny Bruck
456Amazing Stories Vol. 42 No. 2MagazineHarry Harrison1968-07-01Johnny Bruck
457Amazing Stories Vol. 42 No. 3MagazineHarry Harrison1968-09-01Frank R. Paul
458Amazing Stories Vol. 42 No. 4MagazineBarry N. Malzberg1968-11-01Johnny Bruck
459Amazing Stories Vol. 42 No. 5MagazineBarry N. Malzberg1969-01-01Johnny Bruck
460Amazing Stories Vol. 42 No. 6MagazineSol Cohen1969-03-01Johnny Bruck
461Amazing Stories Vol. 43 No. 1MagazineSol Cohen1969-05-01Johnny Bruck
462Amazing Stories Vol. 43 No. 2MagazineSol Cohen1969-07-01Johnny Bruck
463Amazing Stories Vol. 43 No. 3MagazineSol Cohen1969-09-01Johnny Bruck
464Amazing Stories Vol. 43 No. 4MagazineSol Cohen1969-11-01Johnny Bruck
465Amazing Stories Vol. 43 No. 5MagazineTed White1970-01-01Johnny Bruck
466Amazing Stories Vol. 43 No. 6MagazineTed White1970-03-01Johnny Bruck
467Amazing Stories Vol. 44 No. 1MagazineTed White1970-05-01John Pederson Jr.
468Amazing Stories Vol. 44 No. 2MagazineTed White1970-07-01John Pederson Jr.
469Amazing Stories Vol. 44 No. 3MagazineTed White1970-09-01Jeff Jones
470Amazing Stories Vol. 44 No. 4MagazineTed White1970-11-01Michael Hinge
471Amazing Stories Vol. 44 No. 5MagazineTed White1971-01-01Jeff Jones
472Amazing Stories Vol. 44 No. 6MagazineTed White1971-03-01John Pederson Jr.
473Amazing Stories Vol. 45 No. 1MagazineTed White1971-05-01Jeff Jones
474Amazing Stories Vol. 45 No. 2MagazineTed White1971-07-01Dan Adkins
475Amazing Stories Vol. 45 No. 3MagazineTed White1971-09-01Dan Adkins
476Amazing Stories Vol. 45 No. 4MagazineTed White1971-11-01Mike Hinge
477Amazing Stories Vol. 45 No. 5MagazineTed White1972-01-01John Pederson Jr.
478Amazing Stories Vol. 45 No. 6MagazineTed White1972-03-01Larry Todd, Vaughn Bodé
479Amazing Stories Vol. 46 No. 1MagazineTed White1972-05-01Mike Hinge
480Amazing Stories Vol. 46 No. 2MagazineTed White1972-07-01Larry Todd, Vaughn Bodé
481Amazing Stories Vol. 46 No. 3MagazineTed White1972-09-01Don Davis
482Amazing Stories Vol. 46 No. 4MagazineTed White1972-11-01Don Davis
483Amazing Stories Vol. 46 No. 5MagazineTed White1973-01-01Mike Hinge
484Amazing Stories Vol. 46 No. 6MagazineTed White1973-03-01Mike Hinge
485Amazing Stories Vol. 47 No. 1MagazineTed White1973-06-01John Pederson Jr.
486Amazing Stories Vol. 47 No. 2MagazineTed White1973-08-01Mike Hinge
487Amazing Stories Vol. 47 No. 3MagazineTed White1973-10-01Jeff Jones
488Amazing Stories Vol. 47 No. 4MagazineTed White1973-12-01Don Davis
489Amazing Stories Vol. 47 No. 5MagazineTed White1974-02-01Jeff Jones
490Amazing Stories Vol. 47 No. 6MagazineTed White1974-04-01Ron Miller
491Amazing Stories Vol. 48 No. 1MagazineTed White1974-06-01David A. Hardy
492Amazing Stories Vol. 48 No. 2MagazineTed White1974-08-01Larry Todd, Vaughn Bodé
493Amazing Stories Vol. 48 No. 3MagazineTed White1974-10-01Jack C. Haldeman II
494Amazing Stories Vol. 48 No. 4MagazineTed White1974-12-01Mike Hinge
495Amazing Stories Vol. 48 No. 5MagazineTed White1975-03-01Denise Watt
496Amazing Stories Vol. 48 No. 6MagazineTed White1975-05-01Stephen E. Fabian
497Amazing Stories Vol. 49 No. 1MagazineTed White1975-07-01Stephen E. Fabian
498Amazing Stories Vol. 49 No. 2MagazineTed White1975-09-01Mike Hinge
499Amazing Stories Vol. 49 No. 3MagazineTed White1975-11-01Ken Kelly
500Amazing Stories Vol. 49 No. 4MagazineTed White1976-01-01Stephen E. Fabian
501Amazing Stories Vol. 49 No. 5MagazineTed White1976-03-01Tom Barber
502Amazing Stories Vol. 50 No. 1MagazineTed White1976-06-01Stephen E. Fabian
503Amazing Stories Vol. 50 No. 2MagazineTed White1976-09-01Douglas Beekman
504Amazing Stories Vol. 50 No. 3MagazineTed White1976-12-01Tom Barber
505Amazing Stories Vol. 50 No. 4MagazineTed White1977-03-01Steve Hickman
506Amazing Stories Vol. 50 No. 5MagazineTed White1977-07-01Stephen E. Fabian
507Amazing Stories Vol. 51 No. 1MagazineTed White1977-10-01Stephen E. Fabian
508Amazing Stories Vol. 51 No. 2MagazineTed White1978-01-01Stephen E. Fabian
509Amazing Stories Vol. 51 No. 3MagazineTed White1978-05-01Stephen E. Fabian
510Amazing Stories Vol. 51 No. 4MagazineTed White1978-08-01Stephen E. Fabian
511Amazing Stories Vol. 52 No. 1MagazineTed White1978-11-01Tom Barber
512Amazing Stories Vol. 52 No. 2MagazineTed White1979-02-01Tom Barber
513Amazing Stories Vol. 52 No. 3MagazineOmar Gohagen1979-05-01
514Amazing Stories Vol. 52 No. 4MagazineOmar Gohagen1979-08-01Elinor Mavor
515Amazing Stories Vol. 27 No. 5MagazineOmar Gohagen1979-11-01Elinor Mavor
516Amazing Stories Vol. 27 No. 6MagazineOmar Gohagen1980-02-01Wilson McLean
517Amazing Stories Vol. 27 No. 7MagazineOmar Gohagen1980-05-01David Mattingly
518Amazing Stories Vol. 27 No. 8MagazineOmar Gohagen1980-08-01Chris Foss
519Amazing Stories Vol. 27 No. 9MagazineElinor Mavor1980-11-01Dean Ellis
520Amazing Stories Vol. 27 No. 10MagazineElinor Mavor1981-01-01Melvyn Grant
521Amazing Stories Vol. 27 No. 11MagazineElinor Mavor1981-03-01David B. Mattingly
522Amazing Stories Vol. 27 No. 12MagazineElinor Mavor1981-05-01Kent Bash
523Amazing Stories Vol. 28 No. 1MagazineElinor Mavor1981-07-01Vincent DiFate
524Amazing Stories Vol. 28 No. 2MagazineElinor Mavor1981-09-01Ian Miller
525Amazing Stories Vol. 28 No. 3MagazineElinor Mavor1981-11-01Rowena Morrill
526Amazing Stories Vol. 28 No. 4MagazineElinor Mavor1982-01-01Robert Petillo
527Amazing Stories Vol. 28 No. 5MagazineElinor Mavor1982-03-01Stephen E. Fabian
528Amazing Stories Vol. 28 No. 6MagazineElinor Mavor1982-06-01Ian Miller
529Amazing Stories Vol. 28 No. 7MagazineElinor Mavor1982-09-01Dell Harris
530Amazing Stories Vol. 28 No. 8MagazineGeorge H. Scithers1982-11-01Michael R. Whelan
531Amazing Stories Vol. 28 No. 9MagazineGeorge H. Scithers1983-01-01Frank Kelly Freas
532Amazing Stories No. 507MagazineGeorge H. Scithers1983-03-01Jack Gaughan
533Amazing Stories No. 508MagazineGeorge H. Scithers1983-05-01Frank Kelly Freas
534Amazing Stories No. 509MagazineGeorge H. Scithers1983-07-01Thomas Kidd
535Amazing Stories No. 512MagazineGeorge H. Scithers1983-09-01John Lakey, Val Lakey, Artifact
536Amazing Stories No. 513MagazineGeorge H. Scithers1983-11-01George Barr
537Amazing Stories No. 514MagazineGeorge H. Scithers1984-01-01Jack Gaughan
538Amazing Stories No. 515MagazineGeorge H. Scithers1984-03-01Richard Loehle
539Amazing Stories No. 516MagazineGeorge H. Scithers1984-05-01Doug Chaffee
540Amazing Stories No. 517MagazineGeorge H. Scithers1984-07-01Jeff Easley
541Amazing Stories No. 518MagazineGeorge H. Scithers1984-09-01Keith Parkinson
542Amazing Stories No. 519MagazineGeorge H. Scithers1984-11-01Alex Schomburg
543Amazing Stories No. 520MagazineGeorge H. Scithers1985-01-01Alex Schomburg
544Amazing Stories No. 521MagazineGeorge H. Scithers1985-03-01Larry Elmore
545Amazing Stories No. 522MagazineGeorge H. Scithers1985-05-01Keith Parkinson
546Amazing Stories No. 523MagazineGeorge H. Scithers1985-07-01Roger Raupp
547Amazing Stories No. 524MagazineGeorge H. Scithers1985-09-01George Barr
548Amazing Stories No. 525MagazineGeorge H. Scithers1985-11-01Hank Jankus
549Amazing Stories No. 526MagazineGeorge H. Scithers1986-01-01Jeff Easley
550Amazing Stories No. 527MagazineGeorge H. Scithers1986-03-01Hank Jankus
551Amazing Stories No. 528MagazineGeorge H. Scithers1986-05-01Larry Elmore
552Amazing Stories No. 529MagazineGeorge H. Scithers1986-07-01Vincent Di Fate
553Amazing Stories No. 530MagazinePatrick Lucien Price1986-09-01George Barr
554Amazing Stories No. 531MagazinePatrick Lucien Price1986-11-01Keith Parkinson
555Amazing Stories No. 532MagazinePatrick Lucien Price1987-01-01Janet Aulisio
556Amazing Stories No. 533MagazinePatrick Lucien Price1987-03-01Stephen E. Fabian
557Amazing Stories No. 534MagazinePatrick Lucien Price1987-05-01Hank Jankus
558Amazing Stories No. 535MagazinePatrick Lucien Price1987-07-01John Lakey
559Amazing Stories No. 536MagazinePatrick Lucien Price1987-09-01Bob Eggleton
560Amazing Stories No. 537MagazinePatrick Lucien Price1987-11-01Peter Botsis
561Amazing Stories No. 538MagazinePatrick Lucien Price1988-01-01Terry Lee
562Amazing Stories No. 539MagazinePatrick Lucien Price1988-03-01Paul Jaquays
563Amazing Stories No. 540MagazinePatrick Lucien Price1988-05-01Roger Raupp
564Amazing Stories No. 541MagazinePatrick Lucien Price1988-07-01Janet Aulisio
565Amazing Stories No. 542MagazinePatrick Lucien Price1988-09-01Bob Eggleton
566Amazing Stories No. 543MagazinePatrick Lucien Price1988-11-01Robert J. Pasternak
567Amazing Stories No. 544MagazinePatrick Lucien Price1989-01-01Daniel R. Horne
568Amazing Stories No. 545MagazinePatrick Lucien Price1989-03-01Bob Eggleton
569Amazing Stories No. 546MagazinePatrick Lucien Price1989-05-01George Barr
570Amazing Stories No. 547MagazinePatrick Lucien Price1989-07-01John Lakey
571Amazing Stories No. 548MagazinePatrick Lucien Price1989-09-01Terry Lee
572Amazing Stories No. 549MagazinePatrick Lucien Price1989-11-01Janet Aulisio
573Amazing Stories No. 550MagazinePatrick Lucien Price1990-01-01Martin Springett
574Amazing Stories No. 551MagazinePatrick Lucien Price1990-03-01Jean Elizabeth Martin
575Amazing Stories No. 552MagazinePatrick Lucien Price1990-05-01Daniel R. Horne
576Amazing Stories No. 553MagazinePatrick Lucien Price1990-07-01George Barr
577Amazing Stories No. 554MagazinePatrick Lucien Price1990-09-01Janet Aulisio
578Amazing Stories No. 555MagazinePatrick Lucien Price1990-11-01G. Howl
579Amazing Stories No. 556MagazinePatrick Lucien Price1991-01-01Bob Eggleton
580Amazing Stories No. 557MagazinePatrick Lucien Price1991-03-01Janet Aulisio
581Amazing Stories No. 558MagazineKim Mohan1991-05-01Tim Hildebrandt
582Amazing Stories No. 559MagazineKim Mohan1991-06-01Jack Pennington
583Amazing Stories No. 560MagazineKim Mohan1991-07-01David Cherry
584Amazing Stories No. 561MagazineKim Mohan1991-08-01Frank Kelly Freas
585Amazing Stories No. 562MagazineKim Mohan1991-09-01David B. Mattingly
586Amazing Stories No. 563MagazineKim Mohan1991-10-01David Martin
587Amazing Stories No. 564MagazineKim Mohan1991-11-01Ron Walotsky
588Amazing Stories No. 565MagazineKim Mohan1991-12-01Nicholas Jainschigg
589Amazing Stories No. 566MagazineKim Mohan1992-01-01Tim Hildebrandt
590Amazing Stories No. 567MagazineKim Mohan1992-02-01David Mattingly
591Amazing Stories No. 568MagazineKim Mohan1992-03-01Bob Eggleton
592Amazing Stories No. 569MagazineKim Mohan1992-04-01Walter Velez
593Amazing Stories No. 570MagazineKim Mohan1992-05-01Frank Kelly Freas
594Amazing Stories No. 571MagazineKim Mohan1992-06-01Kent Bash
595Amazing Stories No. 572MagazineKim Mohan1992-07-01Mark Skullerud
596Amazing Stories No. 573MagazineKim Mohan1992-08-01Jill Bauman
597Amazing Stories No. 574MagazineKim Mohan1992-09-01Jon Weiman
598Amazing Stories No. 575MagazineKim Mohan1992-10-01Doug Chaffee
599Amazing Stories No. 576MagazineKim Mohan1992-11-01Rick Berry
600Amazing Stories No. 577MagazineKim Mohan1992-12-01Carol Heyer
601Amazing Stories No. 578MagazineKim Mohan1993-01-01Alan Gutierrez
602Amazing Stories No. 579MagazineKim Mohan1993-02-01Laura Lakey, John Lakey
603Amazing Stories No. 580MagazineKim Mohan1993-03-01Frank Kelly Freas
604Amazing Stories No. 581MagazineKim Mohan1993-04-01Tim Hildebrandt
605Amazing Stories No. 582MagazineKim Mohan1993-05-01Robert Pasternak
606Amazing Stories No. 583MagazineKim Mohan1993-06-01Bob Eggleton
607Amazing Stories No. 584MagazineKim Mohan1993-07-01Kent Bash
608Amazing Stories No. 585MagazineKim Mohan1993-08-01David Martin
609Amazing Stories No. 586MagazineKim Mohan1993-09-01Mike Hinge
610Amazing Stories No. 587MagazineKim Mohan1993-10-01Barclay Shaw
611Amazing Stories No. 588MagazineKim Mohan1993-11-01Frank Kelly Freas
612Amazing Stories No. 589MagazineKim Mohan1994-01-01Bob Eggleton
613Amazing Stories No. 590MagazineKim Mohan1994-04-01Carol Heyer
614Amazing Stories No. 591MagazineKim Mohan1994-08-01Mark A. Skullerud
615Amazing Stories No. 592MagazineKim Mohan1995-01-01Ciruelo Cabral
616Amazing Stories No. 593MagazineKim Mohan1998-06-01Bob Eggleton
617Amazing Stories No. 594MagazineKim Mohan1998-09-01Mark Zug
618Amazing Stories No. 595MagazineKim Mohan1999-01-01Joe DeVito
619Amazing Stories No. 596MagazineKim Mohan1999-03-01Samwise Didier
620Amazing Stories No. 597MagazineKim Mohan1999-06-01Cliff Nielsen
621Amazing Stories No. 598MagazineKim Mohan1999-09-01
622Amazing Stories No. 599MagazineKim Mohan2000-01-01Cliff Nielsen
623Amazing Stories No. 600MagazineKim Mohan2000-02-01Christopher Moeller
624Amazing Stories No. 601MagazineKim Mohan2000-03-01
625Amazing Stories No. 602MagazineKim Mohan2000-06-01Cliff Nielsen
626Amazing Stories No. 603MagazineDave Gross2004-09-01
627Amazing Stories No. 604MagazineDave Gross2004-10-01
628Amazing Stories No. 605MagazineDave Gross2004-11-01
629Amazing Stories No. 606MagazineDave Gross2004-12-01
630Amazing Stories No. 607MagazineJeff Berkwits2005-01-01
631Amazing Stories No. 608MagazineJeff Berkwits2005-02-01
632Amazing Stories No. 609MagazineJeff Berkwits2005-03-01
633Amazing Stories Vol. 0 No. 1MagazineJeff Berkwits2012-06-01
634Amazing Stories Vol. 0 No. 2MagazineJeff Berkwits2012-08-01David A. Hardy
635Amazing Stories No. 610MagazineJeff Berkwits2014-04-01Frank Wu
636Amazing Stories No. 611MagazineJeff Berkwits2016-01-01
637Amazing Stories Vol. 76 No. 1MagazineJeff Berkwits2018-09-01Tony Sart
638Amazing Stories Vol. 76 No. 2MagazineJeff Berkwits2018-12-01M. D. Jackson
639Amazing Stories Vol. 76 No. 3MagazineJeff Berkwits2019-03-01Tom Barber
640Amazing Stories Vol. 76 No. 4MagazineJeff Berkwits2019-06-01Yoko Matsuoka

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