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Hello all,

If you’re a regular of the site, you will notice a few things have changed, not the least of which has been the name.

Years ago now I started putting together the timelines that would eventually find me my first success online. I originally had them published as simple lists (no tables or any of the bells and whistles we have now) on a website I used to have called Story Hobby (now defunct). When I noticed that those timelines were having some success and people were liking them, I decided to spin them off into their own website, While at that domain the site blossomed, and was shared all over social media and even on sites like LifeHacker and ScreenRant.

Over the past year or so, however, I’ve been feeling very stagnant about it, and it hasn’t continued to grow as it did in the beginning. For months now I’ve been considering what the next step should be.

Introducing: MythBank. This site is meant to keep within the theme of the timelines, but also open it up for a few other things as well. It’s main purpose is now not only to provide you with timelines and reading orders, but is not a bit more broad. My purpose with this site is to document and collect information on stories of all types.

You see, I’ve always been a bit of a collector, not of things but of information. I’ve always had a particular interest in stories. It is my goal to one day become the foremost authority on storytelling. To that end, I’ve spent the bulk of my free time in the last few years focusing on writing books, but now I’m incorporating this site into my routine in a big way.

In addition to the timeline (which will, of course, continue), I am going to be releasing new content that helps us document and make sense of good stories, storytelling, and storytellers. I intend for this to be the one-stop shop for the study of the myths and legends that make up our culture, not just those of the past, but those of our present as well. Hence the name: Myth…Bank.

I hope you will join my on this journey. I am truly excited to be doing more of this with.

Your aspiring storyteller of the millennium,


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