Ahsoka Canon Timeline

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Perhaps the most popular Star Wars character that doesn’t appear in the films, Ahsoka has become an essential part of the Star Wars universe.

What’s on the Ahsoka Canon Timeline?

This timeline includes all of the major stories that include the character of Ahsoka. Ahsoka started out as an apprentice to Anakin during the Clone Wars. While many hated her character at first, that changed as she evolved. Now she’s become an integral of the overall Star Wars story.

This timeline does not include every appearance of Ahsoka in every form. Instead, it provides the episodes and other stories that most advanced her character and story. This started with The Clone Wars film in 2008, and her story has yet to end.

We hope you enjoy this Ahsoka canon timeline. And don’t forget to visit all of our other Star Wars timelines on our Star Wars hub page. As always, if you see anything that needs changing, letco us know.

1BuyThe Clone WarsFilmDave Filoni2008-08-1522 BBY
2BuyThe Clone Wars 1.02: Rising MalevolenceTV EpisodeDave Filoni2008-10-0322 BBY
3BuyThe Clone Wars 1.03: Shadow of MalevolenceTV EpisodeBrian Kalin O'Connell2008-10-1022 BBY
4BuyThe Clone Wars 1.04: Destroy MalevolenceTV EpisodeBrian Kalin O'Connell2008-10-1722 BBY
5BuyThe Clone Wars 1.09: Cloak of DarknessTV EpisodeDave Filoni2008-12-0522 BBY
6BuyThe Clone Wars 1.19: Storm Over RylothTV EpisodeBrian Kalin O'Connell2009-02-2722 BBY
7BuyThe Clone Wars 2.01: Holocron HeistTV EpisodeJustin Ridge2009-10-0222 BBY
8BuyThe Clone Wars 2.02: Cargo of DoomTV EpisodeRob Coleman2009-10-0222 BBY
9BuyThe Clone Wars 2.03: Children of the ForceTV EpisodeBrian Kalin O'Connell2009-10-0922 BBY
10BuyThe Clone Wars 2.17: Bounty HuntersTV EpisodeSteward Lee2010-03-2722 BBY
11BuyThe Clone Wars 2.05: Landing at Point RainTV EpisodeBrian Kalin O'Connell2009-11-0622 BBY
12BuyThe Clone Wars 2.06: Weapons FactoryTV EpisodeGiancarlo Volpe2009-11-1322 BBY
13BuyThe Clone Wars 2.07: Legacy of TerrorTV EpisodeSteward Lee2009-11-2022 BBY
14BuyThe Clone Wars 2.08: Brain InvadersTV EpisodeSteward Lee2009-12-0422 BBY
15BuyThe Clone Wars 2.11: Lightsaber LostTV EpisodeGiancarlo Volpe2010-01-2222 BBY
16BuyThe Clone Wars 3.07: AssassinTV EpisodeKyle Dunlevy2010-10-2222 BBY
17Forces of Destiny: The Padawan PathShort FilmBrad Rau2017-07-0621 BBY
18Forces of Destiny: Teach You I WillShort FilmBrad Rau2017-10-0121 BBY
19Forces of Destiny: The Imposter InsideShort FilmBrad Rau2017-07-0821 BBY
20Forces of Destiny: The Starfighter StuntShort FilmBrad Rau2017-10-0121 BBY
21BuyThe Clone Wars 3.10: Heroes on Both SidesTV EpisodeKyle Dunlevy2010-11-1920 BBY
22BuyThe Clone Wars 3.15: OverlordsTV EpisodeSteward Lee2011-01-2820 BBY
23BuyThe Clone Wars 3.16: Altar of MortisTV EpisodeBrian Kalin O'Connell2011-02-0420 BBY
24BuyThe Clone Wars 3.17: Ghosts of MortisTV EpisodeSteward Lee2011-02-1120 BBY
25BuyThe Clone Wars 3.18: The CitadelTV EpisodeKyle Dunlevy2011-02-1820 BBY
26BuyThe Clone Wars 3.19: CounterattackTV EpisodeBrian Kalin O'Connell2011-03-0420 BBY
27BuyThe Clone Wars 3.20: Citadel RescueTV EpisodeSteward Lee2011-03-1120 BBY
28BuyThe Clone Wars 3.21: Padawan LostTV EpisodeDave Filoni2011-03-1920 BBY
29BuyThe Clone Wars 3.22: Wookiee HuntTV EpisodeDave Filoni2011-03-2620 BBY
30BuyThe Clone Wars 4.11: KidnappedTV EpisodeKyle Dunlevy2011-11-2520 BBY
31BuyThe Clone Wars 4.12: Slaves of the RepublicTV EpisodeBrian Kalin O'Connell2011-12-0220 BBY
32BuyThe Clone Wars 4.13: Escape from KadavoTV EpisodeDanny Keller2012-01-0620 BBY
33BuyThe Clone Wars 4.14: A Friend in NeedTV EpisodeDave Filoni2012-01-1320 BBY
34BuyThe Clone Wars 5.02: A War on Two FrontsTV EpisodeDave Filoni2012-10-0620 BBY
35BuyThe Clone Wars 5.03: Front RunnersTV EpisodeSteward Lee2012-10-1320 BBY
36BuyThe Clone Wars 5.04: The Soft WarTV EpisodeKyle Dunlevy2012-10-2020 BBY
37BuyThe Clone Wars 5.05: Tipping PointsTV EpisodeBosco Ng2012-10-2720 BBY
38BuyThe Clone Wars 5.06: The GatheringTV EpisodeKyle Dunlevy2012-11-0320 BBY
39BuyThe Clone Wars 5.07: A Test of StrengthTV EpisodeBosco Ng2012-11-1020 BBY
40BuyThe Clone Wars 5.08: Bound for RescueTV EpisodeBrian Kalin O'Connell2012-11-1720 BBY
41BuyThe Clone Wars 5.09: A Necessary BondTV EpisodeDanny Keller2012-11-2420 BBY
42BuyThe Clone Wars 5.17: SabotageTV EpisodeBrian Kalin O'Connell2013-02-0920 BBY
43BuyThe Clone Wars 5.18: The Jedi Who Knew Too MuchTV EpisodeDanny Keller2013-02-1620 BBY
44BuyThe Clone Wars 5.19: To Catch a JediTV EpisodeKyle Dunlevy2013-02-2320 BBY
45BuyThe Clone Wars 5.20: The Wrong JediTV EpisodeDave Filoni2013-03-0220 BBY
46The Clone Wars 7.05: Gone with a TraceTV EpisodeSaul Ruiz, Kyle Dunlevy2020-03-2019 BBY
47The Clone Wars 7.06: Deal No DealTV EpisodeNathaniel Villanueva, Steward Lee2020-03-2719 BBY
48The Clone Wars 7.07: Dangerous DebtTV EpisodeSaul Ruiz, Bosco Ng2020-04-0319 BBY
49The Clone Wars 7.08: Together AgainTV EpisodeNathaniel Villanueva2020-04-1019 BBY
50The Clone Wars 7.09: Old Friends Not ForgottenTV EpisodeSaul Ruiz2020-04-1719 BBY
51The Clone Wars 7.10: The Phantom ApprenticeTV EpisodeNathaniel Villanueva2020-04-2419 BBY
52The Clone Wars 7.11: ShatteredTV EpisodeSaul Ruiz2020-05-0119 BBY
53The Clone Wars 7.12: Victory and DeathTV EpisodeNathaniel Villanueva2020-05-0419 BBY
54BuyAhsokaYA NovelE. K. Johnston2016-10-1118 BBY
55BuyStar Wars Rebels 1.13: Fire Across the GalaxyTV EpisodeDave Filoni2015-03-024 BBY
56BuyStar Wars Rebels 2.00: The Siege of LothalTV EpisodeBosco Ng, Brad Rau2015-06-203 BBY
57BuyStar Wars Rebels 2.01: The Lost CommandersTV EpisodeDave Filoni, Sergio Paez2015-10-143 BBY
58BuyStar Wars Rebels 2.02: Relics of the Old RepublicTV EpisodeBosco Ng2015-10-213 BBY
59BuyStar Wars Rebels 2.08: The Future of the ForceTV EpisodeSaul Ruiz2015-12-023 BBY
60BuyStar Wars Rebels 2.16: Shroud of DarknessTV EpisodeSaul Ruiz2016-03-023 BBY
61BuyStar Wars Rebels 2.18: The Mystery of Chopper BaseTV EpisodeBosco Ng2016-03-233 BBY
62Forces of Destiny: A Disarming LessonShort FilmBrad Rau2018-05-043 BBY
63BuyStar Wars Rebels 2.19: Twilight of the Apprentice, Part 1TV EpisodeDave Filoni2016-03-303 BBY
64BuyStar Wars Rebels 2.20: Twilight of the Apprentice, Part 2TV EpisodeDave Filoni2016-03-303 BBY
65BuyStar Wars Rebels 4.13: A World Between WorldsTV EpisodeDave Filoni, Steward Lee2018-02-261 BBY
66BuyStar Wars Rebels 4.16: Family Reunion and Farewell, Part 2TV EpisodeDave Filoni, Bosco Ng, Sergio Paez2018-03-051 BBY
67The Mandalorian 2.05: Chapter 13: The JediTV EpisodeDave Filoni2020-11-2710 ABY

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