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Sword of Truth Reading Order
The Sword of Truth series can easily stand alongside the Wheel of Time or Game of Thrones as one of the most in-depth, immersive sags in fantasy history. With over a dozen books, and two seasons of a television show, it’s one of the best reads for epic fantasy fanatics.
Elenium and Tamuli Reading Order
Yet another great fantasy series from author, David Eddings. Get ready to immerse yourself into the twin series, the Elenium and the Tamuli.
Ender’s Game Timeline and Reading Order
Wherever you see lists of the top science fiction books of all time, Ender’s Game inevitably makes the top three. The book spawned a maxi-series known as the Enderverse, which is one of the best military and hard science fiction series of all time. This is the Ender’s Game Reading Order.
Best 1950s Films
The 1950s brought us the baby boom, post-war prosperity, Rock and Roll, and a lot of good movies, including Ben-Hur, Cinderella, Rear Window, On the Waterfront and Many more. This is our selection of the best 1950s films of all time!
The Culture Reading Order
The Culture is a series of books by Iain M. Banks, all of which take place in the same universe, but also stand-alone, sometimes spanning hundreds of years. It’s a unique take on a shared universe and a sci-fi series. We hope you enjoy!
Dagger and the Coin Reading Order
A more recent fantasy, the Dagger and Coin series takes much of what we love about fantasy and gives us a fresh take on it. If you’re looking for your next epic fantasy read, look no further.
Red Rising Reading Order
Though the Red Rising series is a more recent addition to science fiction literature, it has already proven itself to be one of the best, combining science fiction with dystopian fiction on a galactic scale. This is the Red Rising reading order.
Chronicles of Prydain Reading Order
Besides Tolkien’s Middle-earth, few 20th century fantasy series have been around as long as the Chronicles of Prydain. Though a smaller series, it has stuck around since the sixties, even inspiring the Disney film, The Black Cauldron. Check it out!
Black Company Reading Order
The Black Company fantasy series could well be called the defining dark fantasy series. It paved the way for many other such dark fantasies. This is the Black Company reading order. Enjoy!
Bioshock Timeline
Though the amount of media related to Bioshock is small, the franchise still remains one of the most visionary and innovative in the gaming industry. And there are other pieces of media besides the games. This is the Bioshock timeline.
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