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An Exercise in Writing a YA Fantasy Book Blurb
Whenever I’m getting ready to release a new book, I like to perform a “blurb analysis” of several books in the same genre in order to craft my own blurb that will appeal to the same group of people. Today, I thought I’d document that process for you.
Earlier this year, Captain Marvel came out. I saw several reviews for it and, discounting the trolls who universally claim to hate the movie, the response I’ve seen has been mixed to positive. Most, in all fairness, are positive reviews (I also enjoyed it, though my review is not the content of this post), but...
Ultimate Guide to DC Universe Streaming Platform in 2019
Back in April of 2017, DC Comics announced that they would be releasing a new streaming service exclusively for DC Comics use, and not including other intellectual properties owned by Warner Brothers. It wasn’t until much later that we learned it wasn’t just a streaming service of DC video content, or just a competitor to...
Lost Timeline and Episode Order
Lost started a worldwide phenomenon when it debuted in 2004. Since then it went on to be the talk of television, until it ended in 2010 (somewhat controversially). Now it’s still being talked about. This is the Lost timeline.
Landover Reading Order
Terry Brooks is best known for his Shannara novels. But the Landover series is a smaller, lesser known work that is great for a light fantasy read (compared to other fantasy series that is). This is the Landover reading order.
Jurassic Park Timeline
Michael Crichton has written a lot of books over the years, but two of those have taken the world by storm, and spawned a franchise that continues to this day (for better or worse). This is the Jurassic Park timeline.
The Elder Scrolls Timeline
A series that has never shied away from ambition, the Elder Scrolls games have taken the immersion of Dungeons and Dragons, and combined it with video gaming, in some of the most massive games yet. This is the Elder Scrolls timeline.
The Dreamers Reading Order
David Eddings is known for many fantasy series, most notably the Belgariad series, but the Dreamers is another, lesser-known batch of books that will also capture your imagination. This is the Dreamers reading order.
The Dark Universe Timeline
The Dark Universe is the perfect example of a studio going all in on the shared universe trend…and failing miserably. Is it dead or not? Only time will tell. This is the Dark Universe timeline.
The Dark is Rising Reading Order
The Dark is Rising series has won numerous awards, and has become one of the first fantasy book series to appeal to a middle-grade audience, yet still remain entertaining for adults as well! This is the Dark is Rising reading order. Enjoy!
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