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What are Stan Lee’s Marvel Cameos?
I won’t start the article by stating who Stan Lee is because at this point everyone knows who he is. Stan was one of the most interesting aspects in the Marvel movies because he used to make some short but memorable appearances and although he made many cameos in series and movies not strictly related...
How Was Captain America Created?
Very few comic book characters in the entire history of the medium can claim to have the degree of influence, impact and symbolism that Captain America has enjoyed throughout so many decades in the industry. Steve Rodgers is not only one of the most important characters of Marvel Comics, but also a symbol of American...
Why did Stan Lee say “Excelsior”?
No one can diminish the importance, influence and timeless relevance that Stan Lee has contributed, not only in the industry of comic books, but also on pop culture as a whole. In his almost one-hundred years of experience, he created some of the most iconic characters in the history of Western civilization and contributed beyond...
Camp Half-Blood Reading Order
Once upon a time, there was Percy Jackson the demigod son of Poseidon who reintroduced audiences around the world to ancient Greek and Roman mythology. But soon he was joined by other heroes in a shared universe of other demigods in separate yet connected series. This is the Camp Half-Blood reading order and timeline. Enjoy!
The Walking Dead Timeline (Comics)
Before the hugely successful television show, there was the hugely successful comic-book series. This Walking Dead timeline brings together that complete comic list and adds other canonical stories within the comics universe, such as the Telltale video games.
Warcraft Timeline and Chronology
Warcraft started as a strategy game and quickly evolved into one of the most expansive and popular gaming franchises of all time, particularly with World of Warcraft, the RPGMMO. This is the Warcraft timeline.
How Was Batman Created?
Batman is not only one of the most popular, influential and relevant characters in the history of the superhero genre, but quite likely the most famous in these modern times. The character has become extremely popular in the last couple of years through multiple successful videogames, movies and a lot more, turning into a pop...
Buffyverse Canon Timeline
Debuting in the ’90s, Buffy became (and still is for many) the poster child for strong, independent kick-a** women.  Though the show has long been off the air, it still lives on through comics and other mediums. This is the Buffverse canon timeline. What’s on the Buffyverse Canon Timeline? There is a large expanded universe...
Dragonlance Chronological Reading Order
Dungeons & Dragons has given us a lot of great story content over the years. One of the greatest of these D&D settings is that of Dragonlance, a world built primarily by authors Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman.
What are the MCU Phases?
When Marvel Studios decided to release a series of movies based on its main characters such as Captain America or Iron-man, they used the term MCU or Marvel Cinematic Universe to refer to this repertoire of productions that take place in the same universe, that is, the characters of these films that seemed independent of...
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