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Health, Diet, and Writing
I have a personal experience I’d like to share. For the past two years I’ve been studying the art of writing and self-publishing, and I’ve been doing my best to establish writing habits. But I struggled a lot to maintain the routines I set up. Sometimes I would just not have the energy, or I’d...
Writing Lessons from Skyrim: Worldbuilding
Skyrim is a video game that came out in 2011, yet 7 years later it still holds up as one of the best fantasy video games of all time. It helps that the game is absolutely massive, and you could put literally thousands of hours into it. And many have. I myself have probably put...
Best Pre-1930s Films
The 1920s saw the emergence of film as a popular medium, and launched the glamor of Hollywood in the public consciousness. Enjoy this timeline of the best pre-1930s films.
Lord of the Rings Timeline
Tolkien is well known as the father of modern fantasy. See his books, their adaptations, and other stories told within Middle-earth.
This is going to be a slightly more personal post, which I don’t plan to be a habit here at The Nerdy Novel. However, it’s a question I think begs an answer,  particularly for those of you who are considering self-publishing your book for the first time.
The Wizarding World (Harry Potter) Timeline
Harry Potter has soared to be one of the most universally loved stories of all time. Almost everyone has read the books, and the series is responsible for many people (including this writer) falling in love with reading and writing. Enjoy this Wizarding World timeline.
X-Men Cinematic Universe Timeline
This is the first major universe created around the X-men, featuring Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. This X-men Cinematic Universe is easily responsible for bringing the X-men to the public consciousness.
Star Wars Legends Timeline
A massive universe with hundreds of stories spread out across thousands of years, this Star Wars Legends timeline attempts to share it all in chronological order.
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