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Magic is part of our world in many areas. However, there are some areas of Earth that seem to attract magic and fantasy more than others. One of these areas is known in modern days as Great Britain. The United States has similar qualities but to a lesser degree. It would increase in importance in...
The Lord of the Rings and Escapism
Note: This is a paper I did for a British literature class. The paper covers escapism found in modern fantasy literature and using The Lord of the Rings as my primary example. I think it’s one of my best papers so far. In an academic setting, if you ever mention Twilight, or Harry Potter, or...
Myths are one popular form of fantasy and/or science fiction with many variations and explanations. The popularity of these myths is proof that there is some truth to them. This post explains how all of the different myths fit together, especially the nature of mythological “gods” and how they fit into the fandom timeline.
Why all Storytellers and Businesses Should Consider Cross-platform Storytelling
This is something I think every storyteller and entertainment business should learn, that creating a multi-platform story can only help the success of that story. Generally speaking, in any entertainment franchise, there is a particular medium that is the “core” of the story. For Star Wars it’s film, for Harry Potter it’s books, for Halo...
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