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I enjoy speculating a lot. Especially when we still know very little about the thing I’m speculating about. It’s always fun when something I predicted ends up happening. And when it doesn’t, that’s fine too. It’s just fun. Recently in the news, you may have heard that Amazon is creating a Lord of the Rings...
The Beginner’s Guide to the Marvel Multiverse
Marvel has been in the spotlight quite a bit these past few years with its rise of cinematic movies and TV shows.  Heroes like the Avengers, Daredevil, and Spider-Man have gained a lot of attention from both die-hard fans and those casually interested in superheroes. Marvel has also revolutionized superhero movies, and it doesn’t look like...
The Nature of the Multiverse The multiverse is something that has emerged from time to time, though eventually, it has always reverted to the original single timeline. Time is constant, and though it can be fragmented, eventually each separate timeline will re-converge, much like a wound will eventually heal. A multiverse will only begin if...
The 10 Best Thor Comics and Graphic Novels
Who doesn’t love Thor? He’s handsome, crazy powerful, and kind of quirky in his attempts to understand Earth. Even if Thor’s not your favorite Avenger, you can’t help but like him. So, in honor of the latest Thor movie, Thor: Ragnorak, I decided to do an article on the Norse god himself. Thor is a...
The Legend of Drizzt Reading Order
Forgotten Realms Chronological Reading Order
Doctor Who Viewing Order
Doctor Who started small, but has lasted longer than most franchises, and more than any other TV franchise. This timeline deals with just the television show and its spin-offs.
Stranger Things Timeline
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