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The origin of the boy who would be King, and other Arthurian tales, retold for modern audiences.

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Featured image that says Arthur's Grave.

If King Arthur was a real person, then it is very likely that he has a burial place somewhere in Britain. But where could that be?

Featured image that says Gae Bolg

The Gáe Bolg is a powerful and extremely dangerous weapon in Irish legend. It features prominently in the Ulster Cycle.

Cú Chulainn featured image

Cú Chulainn is one of the most important figures from Irish and Celtic Mythology. Learn more about his attributes and history here.

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Looking for more authors like Rick Riordan to read? Well, I’ve assembled a list of several authors that are similar. Check them out!

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Were you a fan of Percy Jackson but want something better suited for adults? This article is exactly the list of recommendations you need.

bushmen creation myth featured image

Kaang (also known as Cagn and many other names) is the primary god in the Bushmen creation myth. In this post, we cover his story.

featured image that says the questing beast

The Questing Beast is a bizarre creature that appears in the Arthurian legends. It is pursued by the entire family line of King Pellinore.

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Hello! My name is Jason Hamilton. I am a mythic fiction author, a lover of stories throughout the world, a husband, a father, and a huge nerd. Not necessarily in…

featured image that says percy jackson timeline

The Percy Jackson books exist in the same continuity with multiple other series, but how does it all fit together?

featured image that says books like percy jackson

Percy Jackson is a great series, but what if you’ve finished the series and want more books like it? I’ve got a list of possibilities for you.

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